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Braintree Payments For WordPress – Accept Payments WP

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Braintree Payments For WordPress – Accept Payments WP


Looking to integrate Braintree Payments on your WordPress website but can’t find how? Your search is over!

What is Accept Payments WP?

It is a plugin that allows you to accept Credit Card & PayPal payments without setting a shopping cart or coding. It utilises Braintree Payments Drop-In UI to create a seamless checkout experience that converts like crazy.

Braintree Payments Drop-In UI is continually optimised by some of the top software engineers in the world – and carefully vetted by the most experienced marketing professionals. The result is beautiful & optimised payment forms that beat everything else on the market

And if you were struggling to find a payment processor that works in your country – chances are the search is over! Braintree Payments is available for merchants in over 44 countries worldwide… And can be used to accept payments from almost all over the world!

Plugin Features

  • Accept one time payments
  • Accepts all major credit cards (and PayPal if you upgrade to Accept Payments WP Pro)
  • Super Quick installation and set-up
  • Unlimited payment forms
  • Embed payment forms as a copy-able shortcode anywhere on your website.
  • Automatically mobile responsive & mobile friendly
  • You can specify payment success/failure pages.
  • Ideal for selling digital products, online courses, files or downloads.
  • The plugin is really lightweight and will keep your side fast. We do not load any unnecessary files.
  • 100% Free – we do not charge your processing payments. Only the standard Braintree fee’s apply.

And if you are looking for recurring payments and more…

Check Out Accept Payments WP Pro

  • Accept both, one time and recurring payments
  • Accept Credit Card and PayPal payments on the same payment form -> drive your conversions (and revenue) through the roof!
  • Create custom fields to capture additional data
  • Integrate with MailChimp
  • Priority email support with a 24-hour response time


This plugin is as easy to install:

  1. Navigate to the plugins directory within your WordPress admin dashboard.
  2. Type in Accept Payments WP and locate this plugin between the retrieved results.
  3. Install & activate plugin as you normally would!


If you are using or want to use Braintree as your payment gateway this is a really good plugin. Love the UI and how simple to set everything up is guys. I need to accept recurring payments so I will get the pro version too! Highly recommend!


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  • Created a test mode setting
  • Some bug fixes


  • Added contact page for support
  • Some bug fixes


  • Initial plugin version with the most important features all well functioning.