このプラグインの公開は2020年4月28日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 この公開停止は永久的なものです。 理由: 作者からのリクエスト。


Even though the "community" may have voted for rich text and visual editing support on the text widget, it should have been made optional or allowed overrides for stripping out valid HTML. The developers really dropped the ball on this one. Making changes, such as this, without fully testing is just bad form. Breaking a site with no recourse is simply unacceptable! Even worse is that they just defend their decision, without giving any way around it. Shame! Shame! Shame! At least Alan took the time to figure out how to undo their changes and give us back the control. Thanks, Alan! I sent you a donation for your troubles, sir! 🙂 Ciao! Brandon
I don't know why they took this option away and make it by default paragraphing the text. In my case, I do not want the paragraph, this plugin saved my site! I am glad I found this plugin!


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