Affiliate Booster – Pros & Cons, Notice, and CTA Blocks for Affiliates


Affiliate Booster is a Gutenberg plugin that gives you the functionality to add conversion-optimized elements in your blog posts. Increase your CTR and improve your sales by using this plugin. Professionally designed Pros and Cons block, notice block, notification block, call to action, and buttons with gradients to have more CTR in your affiliate blog posts.

Simply pick pre-designed blocks from the AffiliateBooster that speed up the process of affiliate website building with easy-to-use settings and customizations.

With the AffiliateBooster Blocks, we took the hassle out of the affiliate website building process. It gives you a number of unique and creative blocks for Gutenberg that help you build and design pages or posts without a single line of code.

This plugin provides 7 blocks.

  • AB Button – Add professional looking buttons in your affiliate articles to get more CTR.
  • AB Star Rating – Give star rating to the products you review and help your readers to buy the products.
  • AB Notice Block – Notice block can be used to put any special notices inside the blog post. For any special, discount, deals and promotion. This block can be used at the end of the article to write an awesome conclusion.
  • AB Notification Block – Notification block is a perfect block to give any special notices in your blog posts which brings the quick attention, This block can be used in your articles to make beautiful headlines as well.
  • AB Single Product – This is a perfectly designed block to promote any single product it service in your blog posts. This block will capture the attention so you are going to get more CTR and ultimately more sales.
  • AB Pros & Cons – This well-designed pros and cons block help you add the features and drawbacks of the service/product you are reviewing.
  • AB Call to Action – Add professional “Call to Action Block” in your blog posts to get more attention and clicks. Grab the special attention of users by showing them this attractive CTA box.




  • AB Button
  • AB Star Rating
  • AB Notice Block
  • AB Notification Block
  • AB Single Product
  • AB Pros & Cons
  • AB Call to action


Step 1: Download Affiliate Booster Plugin from your dashboard.
Step 2: Upload in your dashboard.
Step 3: Click Activate


Affiliate Booster plugin adds too little for too much scripts on the site. Just installed it and Wow! The plugin loaded a 894kB CSS on front end without even adding a single block. Next it enqueues several backend Javascripts to front end adding 200-300kB more depending on if or not you are using a performance plugin. Developers should really look into conditional loading. Layouts are cool but the plugin overall isn’t. I recommend GenerateBlocks, use that to create Local Templates like this and add wherever you want.
I used more than 10 Gutenberg block plugins to test for my affiliate blogs. Finally, I decided this is a perfect fit for my affiliate site. The pre-made designs are very attractive to make conversions fastly. The free version is very good for new blogs. Definitely this plugin rocks in the coming days. Wish you all the best Affiliate Booster theme Developers and team.


Affiliate Booster – Pros & Cons, Notice, and CTA Blocks for Affiliates はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。




  • Fixed: List items CSS bug


  • Added: Blocks Content Formatting


  • Added: Optimized code for speed


  • Added: Default “nofollow” tag in all button links


  • Fixed: Removed block_categories deprecated function
  • Fixed: Compressed CSS code


  • Added: New options in all buttons


  • Fixed: Cons icons
  • Added: Call to Action Block


  • Fixed: Notice block default border issue


  • Fixed: Notice block Table of Content conflict fix
  • Fixed: Notice block border color
  • Added: Background color option in single product block
  • Added: Fetch image directly from Amazon with external URL


  • Add : Affiliate Booster Welcome Page
  • Fixed: Border Color Bug


  • Fixed: Button color issue