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Totally Depend on this plugin

I have been a customer for some time and absolutely depend on this plugin to keep news on my site. Customer support is exceptional and highly recommend their service for a digital signage or mobile apps. They exceeded my expectations in every way.

Great quality plugin and news

Super plugin. We had other news plugins and sources but always found them to be limited. This has everything we need need and more. Support was responsive and helpful. Guiding me through the process to setup and customize this Well worth the money. Helpful tip: Most of the automatic emails from them went to our spam folder. Check there if you don't get any emails.

Works Amazing

This plugin content is great. I have been working with WordPress sites and it's hard pulling in professional news content. This plugin made that simple. News quality is very good.

Worked Great

We were ready to spend a few thousand dollars to get content fully integrated into the WordPress news site we are building. Our WP dev recommended this site. Very happy, it just worked

Nice plugin

Current customer, found the plugin, installed it, configured it, 100% satisfied. Good support as well.


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