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Terrible customer service. Charged my card without permission, wouldn't provide explanation, wouldn't cancel, and threaten to use their lawyer on my because I asked for a refund. Really awful customer service. Badly behaved children in adult bodies I would assume based on their interaction from me. Had to do a chargeback in the end
This plugin is only for people who use Infusionsoft and is the gold standard for anyone who wants to get accurate data into Google Analytics Advanced Ecommerce and sync revenue data with the most common advertising networks. AnalyticsConnect is easy to setup with this plugin, connects to InfusionSoft directly, and the documentation for installation is extremely detailed. I've got several clients who use this plugin to solve our analytics problems and there are hundreds of big infusionsoft clients using it. It's sorta the gold standard and the only way to connect Infusionsoft properly to Google Analytics. If you have problems with the app or this plugin, the owner responds to requests very quickly via Best of luck with your analytics improvements!

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