AR Subpages Widget


This widget will dynamically list all the subpages. When you are on a page, it will find the parent page and list all the child pages.

It can also include the current page’s subpages in the listing.

Feature List-

  • Add filter for changing section parents
  • Allow $post to be filtered
  • Add unique class to menu items, menu-item-{id}
  • Add hook for adding links to end of subpages listing
  • Update widget formatting in the backend
  • Subpage titles are filterable
  • Support for all hierarchical post types
  • Only output HTML for classes if there are classes
  • Only output subpages ul if there are subpages
  • Allow second level subpages to be nested in li
  • Add class for the first menu item
  • Add filter for widget classes
  • Add filter for widget title
  • Sort by menu order
  • Add a depth parameter to the args filter
  • Allow deeper menu (current page’s subpages)

You can customize the listing with the following filters:
ar_subpages_widget_args – modifies the arguments passed to wp_list_pages
ar_subpages_widget_display_override – determine when the widget is displayed
ar_subpages_widget_override_post – change the current post
ar_subpages_widget_parents – customize the hierarchy used in querying subpages
ar_subpages_widget_title – customize the widget title
ar_subpages_page_title – customize the page title
ar_subpages_widget_class – customize the classes applied to pages



  • Adminpanel Widget form.
  • Widget display on the website.


  1. Upload the plugin zip file to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install AR Subpages Widget through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the AR Subpages Widget through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Navigate to widget menu from appearance menu add AR Subpages Widget to your sidebar and fill-up the form. (see screenshots 1).




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  • Initial release