bbp user ranking


This Plugin lets you add ranking elements to topics, replies and profiles in bbPress

These appear after the author details on each post and can show any or all of the following in ANY order

Total Topics eg ‘Topics : 78’ – you can set the wording and syntax
Total Replies eg ‘Replies : 157’ – you can set the wording and syntax
Total Count eg ‘Total posts : 135’ – you can set the wording and syntax
Your name for that level – eg ‘ace contributer’
Some stars for that level – in the colour of your choice
An image for that level – you can specify the size.

You can also style and add badges to users, such as ‘Key contributor’


  • A sample forum entry showing ranks
  • A sample forum entry showing badges


To install this plugin :

  1. Go to Dashboard>plugins>add new
  2. Search for ‘bbp user ranking’
  3. Click install
  4. and then activate
  5. go into settings and set up as required.



10月 12, 2018
Hello, first of all my congratulations to the developer of excellent plugin, I recommend it widely, it will make life easier I assure you. If you are looking for a plugin to show ranking in your bbpress forums this is the best try it you will not regret it !!!
8月 19, 2018
Works great, I suggested two ideas to support and they like them added them quickly and works perfect! RALLInspired.
10月 23, 2016
I was looking for a way to have cute titles for bbpress users, and stars. I tried other complicated rating systems like BadgeOS and myCred which have a learning curve and too many bells and whistles I didn't need. This plugin is very quick to understand and implement. THANK YOU for this, I will be donating! 🙂
9月 3, 2016
I've got a membership site of music teachers and I'd been searching FOR AGES regarding how to give people 'rank' based on their contributions. This plugin was incredibly easy to install and use and I didn't need to do any coding. I didn't need to muck around with WP user roles either - these sit alongside really nicely which means that you can still move people into moderator roles separately to this system (it doesn't affect their access roles in the forum). Definitely get this if you want to increase engagement in your forum!!


bbp user ranking はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。

“bbp user ranking” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


  • 3.4 update compatibility for wordpress 5.x
  • 3.3 allow badges to display horizontally
  • 3.2 fix rank settings width parameter
  • 3.1 fix empty counts to 0 to allow for php version 7.x in settings, revise bur_display_counts_reply to prevent plugin conflict
  • 3.0 set empty counts to 0 to allow for php version 7.x
  • 2.9 stars added to force user level
  • 2.8 ability to override rank for individual users added
  • 2.7 shortcode [rank_display] added
  • 2.6 Tooltip text added
  • 2.5 ability for admins to edit their ranks and badges added
  • 2.4 User Management infomation added
  • 2.3 classes added to allow styling
  • 2.2 minor correction to put back styling for stars
  • 2.1 improvement to star display for multiple stars
  • 2.0 correction to generate custom_css
  • 1.9 profile exceptions added
  • 1.8 color picker added to display.php, indivuual and bbpress role rank exceptions added
  • 1.7 minor corrections to display
  • 1.6 color picker added
  • 1.5 bp profile added
  • 1.4 bug fix for badge display
  • 1.3 Add badge functionality and styling for ranks
  • 1.2 Amended function names
  • 1.1 Amended to allow for unlimted ranks
  • 1.0 Version 1