BC Custom Thank You Page Builder For WooCommerce


Create custom thank you page with your page builder using shortcodes.
According to some, this is the best WooCommerce thank you page plugins.
Enjoy it!

How to add cart icon in just a few minutes

Why do you need custom thank you pages for WooCommerce?

After purchasing product from your shop, your customers will be served the order received/thank you page. While many people think this page is for showing the order details only, pro marketers know that this page is a great chance to present more products to the customers.

Since the customers has already purchased your products, they are more likely to buy others from you.

This plugin allows you to create custom thank you page using any page builders you like. That said you can use:
* Elementor
* Visual composer
* Beaver
* Divi
* WP Lead Plus X
To build your custom thank you page for your products.

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Extract the zip file and just drop the contents in the wp-content/plugins/ directory of your WordPress installation and then activate the Plugin from Plugins page.


Cart is not emptied when using this plugin. Reported to support 3 weeks ago and not even a reply. Don't even bother with this
The output can be customized with a lot of shortcodes and it works on all of the popular page builders
I had been previously using a competing plugin that was far more convoluted and clunky, and because it was overly complicated, it broke and stopped being able to save changes to the custom thank you pages. This plugin is FAR simpler and, because of that, less error prone. It is also far more customizable, and the premium version is priced very fairly. I bought the premium version immediately and could not be more pleased. I hope everyone who was using the "other" plugin moves to this one and supports the plugin author. Great work!
According to my experience, the plugin doesn't work as to how its working process is explained in the article which is published by the author. Since I'm taking Elementor as the main tool to customise WordPress pages, a solution that is compatible with these page builders will be the one I was looking for. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it work as fine as the above article, nor any of the shortcodes provided by the author. It may be caused by the plugin conflicts, but I'd rather invest time in finding other available options instead.


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