Bit Integrations – Automate 170+ platforms and Contact form 7,Elementor Form,WooCommerce,Google Sheet,WPForms, Forminator,Fluent,BuddyBoss,LearnDash,Hubspot,Mail poet,MailChimp,Webhook,ACF,Zapier


Bit Integrations is a plugin that automates various tasks in WooCommerce, page builders, form builders, CRM, LMS, booking systems, spreadsheets, sales funnels, webhook, social media, and email marketing. It is designed to be user-friendly and requires no prior technical knowledge, allowing users to manage and control their processes without having to read extensive documentation.

Bit Integrations only wordpress plugin that connects 170+ popular platform with your WordPress site.

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You can see below what WPTuts say about Bit Integrations

Some use case below for more understand about this plugin

  1. When users submit form like Bit Form, Contact Form 7, Elementor Form, Ninja Form, Forminator, WSForms, etc. then you can send data to your CRM, Email Marketing Software, Spreadsheets and Other WordPress plugins.

  2. When a user WooCommerce order a product then you can send data to your CRM, Email Marketing Software, Spreadsheets and Other WordPress plugins.

  3. When a user enroll a course in LearnDash LMS, LifterLms, Tutor LMS, etc. then you can send data to your CRM, Email Marketing Software, Spreadsheets and Other WordPress plugins.

  4. When a user register in your site then you can send data to your CRM, Email Marketing Software, Spreadsheets and Other WordPress plugins.

  5. When a user Donate in GiveWp then you can send data to your CRM, Email Marketing Software, Spreadsheets and Other WordPress plugins.

  6. User can receive data via incoming webhook from other platforms and send also data to other platform via outgoing webhook as well.

♻ How does this plugin work?

This plugin works as a medium between two platforms. Bit Integrations have 2 things, Trigger and Action.
Trigger is from where the data will come.
Action is where data will be sent .
For example a contact form (Bit Form, WP Forms etc)
is submitted and you want to send data in your CRM, Email Marketing Software, Project Management Tools, Data collection Tools, and Other WordPress plugins.

⭐ WooCommerce integrations :

integrated with wooCommerce popular addon like wooCommerce booking, wooCommerce subscriptions,
25+ type option available for wooCommerce trigger and action.
Users can send data when like customer create/update/delete,product create/update/delete,
order create/update/delete, order specific product , order specific category , booking create and lot’s more.

⭐ Page/Theme Builder :

6+ page builder like Elementor, Divi, Brizy, Breakdance, Bricks, Beaver Builder. User can integrations Elementor forms with 100+ platforms.

⭐ Form Builder :

22+ form builder data send to 100+ platforms when form submit.
Most popular form are Bit Form, Contact Form 7, Forminator form, WPForms, Fluent Form , Ninja Form, WSForms, Gravity Form and lot’s more.

⭐ Customer Relation Management ( CRM ) :

Integrations with most popular 11+ crm like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, Agile CRM, CapsuleCRM, Fluent CRM, Keap, PipeDrive, Integrately,Insightly, Autonami CRM and lot’s more.

⭐ Learning Management System ( LMS ) :

4+ LMS like LearnDash LMS, LifterLms, Tutor LMS, WP Courseware and lot’s more.
Users can send data when like course create/update/delete, lesson create/update/delete, quiz create/update/delete, topic create/update/delete, student enroll/unEnroll, student complete course and lot’s more.

⭐ Email Marketing :

You can send data 35+ popular email marketing software like
ActiveCampaign, Acumbamail, Benchmark, ConvertKit, DirectIQ, ElasticEmail, Encharge, EmailOctopus, Fluent CRM, Freshsales, Getgist, Groundhogg, GetResponse, Klaviyo, Kirim Email, MailBluster, Mailrelay, MailerLite, Mail Chimp, Mail Poet, MailJet, Mautic, Moosend, Mailercloud, Mailup, OmniSend, pCloud, PipeDrive, Rapidmail, SalesPlus, Salesforce, SendinBlue, Sendy, SendFox, Selzy, Smaily, SendGrid, SureCart, SendPulse, Vbout .

⭐ Incoming and Outgoing Webhook :

You can send data via outgoing Webhook and receive data via incoming Webhook.

⭐ Google Products:

integration with Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Contacts.

⭐ Zoho Product :

Zoho Bigin, Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns, Zoho Sheet,Zoho Desk, Zoho Flow, Zoho Marketing Hub, Zoho Recruit,
Zoom Meeting, Zoom Webinar.

⭐ MemberShip :

4+ membership plugin like Memberpress, Paid MemberShip Pro, Restrict Content, and ARMember.
User can send data when like user Purchase membership, user cancel membership, user renew membership, user update membership, user delete membership and lot’s more.

⭐ Affiliate :

3+ affiliate plugin like AffiliateWp, Solid Affiliate, and SliceWp Affiliate . User can send data when like affiliate create, affiliate referral , affiliate referral conversion and lot’s more.

⭐ Sales Funnels:

3+ sales funnels like SureCart, CartFlows, WP funnels.

⭐ Social Media :

When any trigger is fired then you can send data to 3+ social media like WhatsApp, Slack, and Telegram.

⭐ Task Management :

3+ task management like Airtable, Notion, and Trello.

⭐ Others :

user can get and send data to , GiveWp,OneDrive, JetEngine, Fluent support, Fluent Desk , RafflePress, GamiPress and lot’s more.

✔ Available Triggers are:

  1. Bit Form
  2. Amelia
  3. AffiliateWp
  4. ARForms
  5. ARMember
  6. Bit Assist
  7. Breaver Builder
  8. Bricks
  9. BuddyBoss
  10. Brizy
  11. Breakdance
  12. Custom Trigger
  13. Contact Form 7
  14. CartFlows
  15. Divi
  16. Everest Form
  17. Elementor
  18. Easy Digital Downloads
  19. eForm
  20. Fluent Forms
  21. Fluent CRM
  22. Fluent Support
  23. Formidable
  24. Forminator
  25. FormCraft
  26. Gravity Forms
  27. GamiPress
  28. GiveWp
  29. Happy Forms
  30. JetForm Builder
  31. JetEngine
  32. Kali Forms
  33. Kadence Blocks Form
  34. LearnDash LMS
  35. LifterLms
  36. MasterStudyLms
  37. MB Fronted Submission
  38. Met Form
  39. Memberpress
  40. Ninja Forms
  41. Piotnet Forms
  42. Paid MemberShip Pro
  43. Piotnet Addons For Elementor(PAFE)
  44. Restrict Content
  45. RafflePress
  46. User Registration
  47. Ultimate Member
  48. StudioCart
  49. SliceWp Affiliate
  50. Solid Affiliate
  51. SureCart
  52. Tripetto Form
  53. Tutor LMS
  54. ThriveApprentice
  55. WeForms
  56. WP Post
  57. WooCommerce
  58. WP Courseware
  59. WP Forms
  60. WP Funnels
  61. WS Form
  62. Webhook.

✔ Available Actions are:

  1. Bit Form
  2. ActiveCampaign
  3. Autonami
  4. Acumbamail
  5. Ant Apps
  6. Agile CRM
  7. Airtable
  8. Asana
  9. BuddyBoss
  10. Benchmark
  11. Constant Contact
  12. Custom Action
  13. Custom Api
  14. ConvertKit
  15. CapsuleCRM
  16. ClinchPad
  17. Clickup
  18. Dropbox
  19. DirectIQ
  20. ElasticEmail
  21. Encharge
  22. EmailOctopus
  23. Fluent CRM
  24. Fluent Support
  25. Fresh Desk
  26. Freshsales
  27. Getgist
  28. Google Sheet
  29. Google Calendar
  30. Google Drive
  31. Google Contacts
  32. GamiPress
  33. Groundhogg
  34. GetResponse
  35. GiveWp
  36. Hubspot
  37. Integrately
  38. Integromat
  39. IFTTT
  40. Insightly
  41. Keep (infutionSoft)
  42. Klaviyo
  43. KonnectzITit
  44. Kirim Email
  45. LearnDash LMS
  46. LifterLms
  47. Mail
  48. MasterStudyLms
  49. MailBluster
  50. Mailrelay
  51. MailerLite
  52. Mail Chimp
  53. Mail Poet
  54. MailJet
  55. Mautic
  56. Moosend
  57. Mailercloud
  58. Memberpress
  59. Mailup
  60. Mail Mint
  61. Notion
  62. N8N
  63. OneDrive
  64. OmniSend
  65. Pabbly
  66. Paid MemberShip Pro
  67. Pods
  68. Post Creation
  69. pCloud
  70. Propovoice CRM
  71. PipeDrive
  72. Rapidmail
  73. Registration
  74. Restrict Content
  75. SalesPlus
  76. Salesforce
  77. SliceWp Affiliate
  78. SendinBlue
  79. Sendy
  80. Senfox
  81. SyncSpider
  82. Slack
  83. Selzy
  84. Smaily
  85. SendGrid
  86. SureCart
  87. SendPulse
  88. Telegram
  89. Tutor LMS
  90. Trello
  91. Twilio
  92. Vbout
  93. Web Hooks
  94. WhatsApp
  95. WooCommerce
  96. WP Courseware
  97. WishList
  98. Zapier
  99. Zoho Bigin
  100. Zoho CRM
  101. Zoho Campaigns
  102. Zoho Sheet
  103. Zoho Desk
  104. Zoho Flow
  105. Zoho Marketing Hub
  106. Zoho Recruit
  107. Zoom Meeting
  108. Zoom Webinar
  109. Zendesk

Mak says about Bit Integrations in his youtube channel

⚡ Key Features:

  1. Easy integration set up with a few clicks. Don’t require any coding skills.

  2. You can create multiple integrations with a variety of applications under one form.

  3. Map necessary form fields with application fields under any module.

  4. Set conditional logic to trigger action.

  5. Record all the data submission under log.

🎉 Key Benefits of Plugin :

Using the Bit Integrations plugin, you can control & manage your website data in different levels like- lead collection, create product/customer for WooCommerce, CRM, Email marketing & so on actions. You can select your desired plugins & create actions to send data which will help you to reduce redundant work. Under one plugin you can build several integrations. In a nutshell, it allows you to multitasking.

Bit Integrations Pro Version Features :

Free version allows you to use all available actions and triggers,
but you are limited to one active integration.
With the pro version, you have the ability to create Unlimited active integrations, Please check Bit Integrations Pro.

Bit Integrations review in SaaS Master youtube channel

💥 Don’t worry, we give you some video tutorials with usecase to help you get started with the plugin.

🔅 Send data Google Sheet when WooCommerce customer create

🔅 Connect WooCommerce with Google Sheet and send data when WooCommerce product create

🔅 Integration for Elementor Form with Encharge Email

🔅 Automation Divi page builder form with Getgist

🔅 Automator of MailChimp with WP Gravity Form

🔅 Integration for Contact Form 7 Google Sheet

🔅 Automate Elementor form with Encharge

🔅 Automation WSForm with Zoho CRM

🔅 Automate Forminator Form with Google Sheet

🔅 Integration for Formidable Forms with Google Sheet

🔅 Integration for WPForms Google Sheet

🔅 Integration for HappyForms Google Sheet

🔅 Automation NinjaForm Google Sheet

🔅 Connect Fluent Form with Google Sheet

🔅 Integration for Divi page builder form Getgist

🔅 Send data to Google Sheet when wordpress user create

🔅 Recive data using incoming webhook and send Google Sheet

🔅 Send file image Gravit Forms to Dropbox

🔅 Automation ActiveCampaign with Gravity Forms

🔅 Automator of Acumbamail and Gravity Forms

🔅 Automation Autonami CRM with Gravity Forms

🔅 Send data Elastic Email when Forms submit

🔅 WP Gravity Forms MailerLite

🔅 WordPress user create and store info in Google Sheet

🔅 Automate Beaver Builder form with Google Sheet

❣ What our customer say about Bit Integrations :

💠 Zapier like integrations without the fees!
💠 Zapier for WordPress!
💠 Easy Integrations
💠 Easy and complete
💠 Finally a simple integration for all my needs
💠 Pure Automation at Play!
💠 Great connector plugin
💠 Brilliant and Easy to use
💠 Easy But Powerful Plugin
💠 Works like magic
💠 Great support team
💠 Amazing plugin!
💠 Simple and efficient!
💠 Awesome plugin

✨ Overview of other products we are offering :

📝Bit Form: One of our best selling product. Bit Form is an amazing drag & drop form builder that allows you to create custom forms to interact with your visitors. It gives you the freedom to create any form you want, no coding required.

📧 Bit Assist: Connect with your visitor using their favorite Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Tawk to, Telegram, Viber, Slack etc. You can also use custom form, custom link and many more facilities to interact all you users.

📧 Bit File Manager: Most robust and powerful file manager plugin for WordPress. You can upload, delete, copy, move, rename, archive, extract files with the file manager plugin. You don’t need to worry about FTP anymore. It is really simple and easy to use. 100% free file manager for WordPress

📧 Bit SMTP: The ultimate goal of Bit SMTP plugin to make your email deliverability more easy as well as secure.

📧 Test your incoming and outgoing webhook free.

📢 We are open for freelance work/custom development. Connect with us for further information.


  • Home Page
  • All Trigger
  • Select Trigger
  • All Action
  • After Select Action(Webhook)
  • All integration list


  1. Download the plugin.
  2. From the WordPress Admin Panel, click on Plugins => Add New.
  3. Click on Upload, so you can directly upload your plugin zip file.
  4. Use the browse button to select the plugin zip file that was downloaded, and then click on Install Now.
  5. Once installed, click “Activate”.


1. What is Bit Integrations?

Bit Integrations is a wordpress plugin that allows you to connect your WordPress site with over 170 popular platforms, such as CRMs, marketing tools, and more.

2. What kind of tasks does Bit Integrations automate?

Bit Integrations provide automated solutions for form submissions, data transfer between platforms, and more. With the integration of over 170 popular platforms, users can effortlessly manage their connections to their WordPress site in one place.

3. Is Bit integrations easy to use?

Yes, Bit integrations easy to use without require coding knowledge and without read documentation.

4. Bit Integrations support Multisite?

Yes, Bit Integrations support Multisite.

5. Bit Integrations hampare my website speed and performance?

No, Bit Integrations should not hamper your website speed and performance. In fact, our integration solutions are designed to enhance the functionality of your WordPress website without compromising its speed or performance. We use optimized code and best practices to ensure that our integrations seamlessly integrate with your website, resulting in a smooth user experience. Additionally, our support team is always available to help with any technical issues or optimizations that may be needed to further improve your website’s speed and performance.

6. Does automate with Salesforce,Hubspot,Zoho CRM,FluentCRM,Agile CRM?

Yes, Bit Integrations support Salesforce,Hubspot,Zoho CRM,FluentCRM,Agile CRM and lot’s more.

7. Can I autormate BuddyBoss, LearnDash, LifterLMS, TutorLms , WP Courseware ?

Yes, you can send data when user complete course/lesson , create course etc.

8. Can I automate with WooCommerce, WooCommerce subscription, WooCommerce booking, StudioCart and Easy Digital Downloads?

Yes, you can send data when user complete order, create order, create subscription, create booking etc.

9. Do I need coding skills to use Bit Integrations?

No, you don’t need any coding skills to use Bit Integrations. You can easily connect your WordPress site with over 170 popular platforms, such as CRMs, marketing tools, and more.

10. Can I automate with WhatsApp?

Yes, you can automate with WhatsApp.

11. Best WordPress Automation Tools and Plugins Compared (2023)?

Yes, Bit Integrations is one of the best WordPress Automation Tools and Plugins opinion form user.

12. Can I automate with Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Contact?

Yes, you can automate with Google Sheets, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Contact.

13. What users say about Bit Integrations?

Bit Integrations is self hosted Zapier with chepest price. You can automate with over 170 popular platforms, such as CRMs, marketing tools, and more.

14. Can I automate WordPress?

Yes, you can automate WordPress with 60+ trigger and 100+ actions.

15. Can Bit Integrations connect plugins with external services like Zapier, Pabbly, N8N?

Yes, you can connect plugins with external services like Zapier, Pabbly, N8N with webhook.


Bit Integrations is a powerful plugin that makes integrating various tools into WordPress a breeze. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to install and use and delivers on its promise of flawless integrations. Integrating multiple apps with ease is a definite advantage for my business. Great deal!
Everything works great here. No instructions needed - everything is intuitive. And the plugin is getting more and more powerful every day because the developer cares about providing new integrations. I'm impressed. Please keep the high level and consistently develop this great product.
Not only is this plugin extremely useful, but the support team behind the scenes responds very quickly to the needs of the customers. For example, I said via the chat that I couldn't solve something and it was solved within 15 minutes. They took over my screen and I could follow everything live.This purchase is one of the best I've made this year!
This plugin achieved my wishings as i was trying to integrate wpforms with zoho crm ,, there's a free version which can do that job but i wanted the more pro to get GCLID from google ads and refer it in my CRM,, at the beginning i faced a problem with getting that happen but i contacted the support team and they helped me even when it was a weekend holiday and the develeoper " Ovi" helped me by anydesk for more than 2 hours of working and he finalized the issue with his talent. I recommend this plugin for everyone who wants to integrate anything with anything else so i think even if they don't have the integration yet just go to their support and they will help you for sure. thx bitapps thx Ovi
The stock plugin to integrate Gravity Forms and MailPoet broke and is no longer supported. I found Bit Integration and it worked fantastically. I have also integrated Gravity with Google Sheets. I couldn't figure out the configuration and kept getting an error message. Support was able to log into my site and help--but they also set up a screen-sharing session and showed me live how to set it up. I had something messed up in my Google API, but they fixed it on the fly. Support is terrific--but they are 12 hours later than me. They will respond via emails, but it may take a few days to get it resolved with the time going back and forth. But, if you hit them anytime after 9 pm (CST), then it is 9 am there and their support via chat takes minutes to connect. They have not stopped until it was fixed both times. AMAZING support--and they have to support so many different integrations--but seem to know their way around. Kudos... highly recommend and thanks to my support folks (I've spoken with a few).


Bit Integrations – Automate 170+ platforms and Contact form 7,Elementor Form,WooCommerce,Google Sheet,WPForms, Forminator,Fluent,BuddyBoss,LearnDash,Hubspot,Mail poet,MailChimp,Webhook,ACF,Zapier はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。




Release Date – 18 March 2023

  • New Triggers :
    • Ultimate Member
  • New Actions :
    • Propovoice CRM
    • Mail Mint
    • ClinchPad
    • Clickup
  • Fixes :
    • ActiveCampaign issue fixed.
    • Logo not show issue fixed.
    • CapsuleCRM issue fixed.
    • User Registration issue fixed.
    • Smart tag issue fixed.


Release Date – 1 March 2023

  • New Triggers :
    • ThriveApprentice
    • MasterStudyLms
  • New Actions :
    • MasterStudyLms
    • Asana
    • Zendesk
  • Fixes :
    • MailerLite api version version updated.
    • Tripetto issue fixed.


Release Date – 21 February 2023

  • New Triggers :
    • ARMember
  • New Actions :
    • CapsuleCRM
  • Features :
    • HubSpot authorization updated.
    • Breakdance all form integrated.
    • Groundhogg custom field added in meta value.
    • Elementor lending page form added.
    • WooCommerce order create type
      unit pice of product and sku field added.
    • SliceWp, Memberpress, Paid Membership Pro added user id field.
  • Fixes :
    • WooCommerce order specific product issue fixed.
    • WSForm issue fixed.


Release Date – 6 February 2023

  • Note :
    • This notice is informing that starting from February 6, there will be a change in the free version of a service. Specifically, the free version will only allow for one integration, but all previous integrations will continue to work normally.
  • New Triggers :
    • Groundhogg
    • LifterLMS
    • Easy Digital Downloads
    • FormCraft3
  • New Actions :
    • SureCart
    • GiveWp
    • Agiled crm
    • ConvertKit
    • Benchmark
    • Smaily
    • DirectIq
    • Custom Api
    • IFTTT
    • Airtable
    • Zoho Sheet
    • SendPulse
    • Insightly
  • Fixes :
    • WSForm issue fixed.
    • ARForms issue fixed.
  • Features :
    • WooCommerce order product unit price field.
    • Breakdance all form integrated.


Release Date – 16 January 2023

  • New Triggers :
    • SureCart
    • ARForms
    • GiveWp
  • New Actions :
    • SureCart (pro)
    • GiveWp (pro)
    • Agiled crm (pro)
    • ConvertKit (pro)
    • Benchmark (pro)
    • Smaily (pro)
    • DirectIq (pro)
    • Custom Api (pro)
    • IFTTT (pro)
    • Airtable (pro)
    • Zoho Sheet (pro)
    • SendPulse (pro)
  • Features :
    • In custom value field, you can use the form field value as a variable.


Release Date – 10 December 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Custom Trigger
  • New Actions :
    • Custom Action
    • MailJet (pro)
    • SendGrid (pro)
    • pCloud (pro)
    • PipeDrive (pro)
    • EmailOctopus (pro)
  • Fixes :
    • Divi theme builder form duplicate issue fixed.
    • RafflePress trigger does not detect issue fixed.
    • LearnDash authorization issue fixed (free).
    • Fluent form date time format reorganized.
  • Features :
    • integrate with divi template global header, body and footer form.


Release Date – 16 November 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Bit Assist
    • Paid MemberShip Pro
    • SliceWp Affiliate
    • RafflePress
  • New Actions :
    • Paid MemberShip Pro (pro)
    • SliceWp Affiliate (pro)
    • MailBluster (pro)
    • Mailrelay (pro)
    • Constant Contact (pro)
    • Notion (pro)
    • Mailup (pro)
    • OmniSend (pro)
  • Notice :
    • Piotnet Form working in latest way.


Release Date – 1 November 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Memberpress
    • CartFlows
    • Solid Affiliate
  • New Actions :
    • Memberpress (pro)
    • Moosend (pro)
    • Mailercloud (pro)
    • GetResponse (pro)


Release Date – 18 October 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • JetEngine
  • New Actions :
    • Selzy (pro)
  • Features :
    • ActiveCampaign
      • Default 20 field show only,now it will show more than 1000+ field.
  • Fixes :
    • Brizy issue fixed.
  • Note :
    • Zoho all platforms authorization updated according to current auth system.


Release Date – 9 October 2022

  • New Actions :
    • Klaviyo(Pro)
  • Features :
    • WooCommerce
      • Booking create(trigger).
  • Fixes :
    • Sendy issue fixed(Pro).
    • Order status change issue fixed(trigger).


Release Date – 24 September 2022

  • Features :
    • Multisite.
    • WooCommerce
      • Order specific category.
      • Cancel subscription product(Pro).
    • BuddyBoss profile custom field map-able.
    • Elementor Popup form added.
    • Post
      • Post trashed.
      • Comment trashed.
      • Comment updated.
  • Fixes :
    • Twilio issue fixed(pro).
    • WooCommerce ‘Order specific product’ issue fixed.


Release Date – * September 2022

  • New Actions :
    • Salesforce (pro)
  • Features :
    • Able to map password when creating user in User Registration Trigger.
    • able to map user data when complete course and lesson in Tutor LMS Trigger.
  • Fixes :
    • WooCommerce to GoogleSheet order create issue fixed (when line item field mapped).


Release Date – 21 August 2022

  • Notice :
    • MailChimp contact default email formate not changed.


Release Date – 20 August 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Breakdance
    • GamiPress
  • New Actions :
    • Google contacts (pro)
    • Kirim Email (pro)
    • GamiPress (pro)
  • Features :
    • Trigger
      • Elementor
        • Show inner section form.
  • Fixes :
    • WPForms Name field simple variation support.
    • Post Creation(trigger) issue fixed.


Release Date – 4 August 2022

  • New Trigger :

    • WeForms
    • Piotnet Addon (form)
  • Features :

    • Trigger
      • Bricks
        • Show bricks template form.
      • Elementor
        • Show elementor template form.
      • FluentCRM
        • Added FluentCRM edit option
  • Fixes :
    • Tutor Lms edit option loading issue fixed.
    • BuddyBoss issue fixed.


Release Date – 24 July 2022

  • Features :
    • Trigger
      • WooCommerce
        • User order status change Specific status.
        • User subscribe product.
        • User unsubscribe/cancel product.
        • user subscription product time expire.
        • User subscription product status change.
        • user subscription product trial period end.
      • Post
        • Added post edit option.
      • User Registration
        • User Login.
        • User reset password.
        • User delete account.
  • Fixes :
    • First name and last name are not visible for field map on FluentCRM issue fixed.


Release Date – 5 July 2022

  • New Actions :
    • AffiliateWP(pro)
    • BuddyBoss(18 type actions added)(pro)
  • **Added: New smart tag **
    • WordPress Locale Code
    • Post Publish Date
    • Post Modified Date
    • Current User Role
    • Post Author ID
    • Post Author Display Name
    • Post Author Email
  • Fixes :
    • Amelia data are not fetching .
  • ** Note :**
    • All smart tag available in pro.


Release Date – 28 June 2022

  • Fixes :
    • WooCommerce field are not fetching properly.


Release Date – 26 June 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Restrict Content
    • LearnDash LMS
    • BuddyBoss
    • AffiliateWP


Release Date – 13 June 2022

  • New Actions :
    • Restrict Content (Pro)
    • LearnDash LMS (Pro)


Release Date – 04 June 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • LearnDash LMS
  • Features :
    • Specific a product order in wooCommerce trigger


Release Date – 24 May 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Met Form
    • Kadence Blocks Form
    • N8N
  • Fixes :
    • BitForm edit bug fixed (Action)
    • Conditional logic error status not added timeline issue fixed


Release Date – 14 May 2022

  • Fixes :
    • Webhook data format error issue fixed


Release Date – 30 April 2022

  • Features :
    • Added more theme support for Divi
  • Fixes :
    • Fluent Form container fields not showing in field map fixed


Release Date – 24 April 2022

  • New Actions :
    • Bit Form
    • Webhook
    • Zapier
    • Integromat
    • Integrately
    • Pabbly
    • SyncSpider
    • KonnectzIT
    • Ant Apps
    • Trello
  • New Triggers :
    • WP Post
  • Features :
    • Added search facility for triggers
  • Fixes :
    • WP Courseware bug fixed (Trigger)
    • Mail integration edit bug fixed


Release Date – 4 April 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Divi
    • Bricks
    • Beaver Builder
    • WP Courseware
    • Tutor LMS
    • FluentCRM
    • StudioCart
    • HappyForms
    • Formideble Forms
    • JetForm
    • Amelia
    • KaliForms
    • WPFunnels
  • Fixes :
    • WebHook bug fixed (Trigger)


Release Date – 7 February 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • Everest Forms


Release Date – 2 February 2022

  • New Triggers :
    • WooCommerce
    • Elementor
    • Forminator
    • WS Form
    • Piotnet Forms
    • eForm
    • User Registration
    • Fluent Forms
    • Gravity Forms
    • Ninja Forms
    • WPForms
    • Webhook
  • Fixes :
    • GoogleSheet MultiSelect, Checkbox & Radio field issue fixed
    • MailChimp Date field issue fixed


  • Initial release