Boxtal Connect – Boxtal, shipping for all.


Boxtal is…

An accelerator

Be competitive with your shipping costs: our negotiated rates are accessible without any contract or minimum order quantity! Never miss a sale by giving your customers as much choice as possible and use their preferred delivery methods and carriers.

You want to deliver in pick-up points? Here are our partner carriers for a flexible delivery to your customers, and unbeatable prices for you:
* Mondial Relay
* Relais Colis

Boxtal’s secret weapon: let your customers choose their pick-up point directly in the checkout thanks to our multi-carrier pick-up point map.

You want pick-up in express delivery? You get speed, flexibility and price, it’s the best of both worlds, and here are our partner carriers:
* Chronopost Chrono Relais
* Chronopost Shop2Shop
* UPS Access Point

You want home delivery? This is the most requested delivery method, and here are our partners:
* Colissimo
* LettreSuivie
* HappyPost
* Sodexi
* FedEx

You want home express delivery? This is the new market standard, with our partner carriers:
* Chronopost
* FedEx

A single website

Tired of manual operations to manage your shipments? No more of this with Boxtal, save time every day thanks to our multi-carrier automation and monitoring solution:
* With our shipping rules, automate the selection to a shipping offer according to the needs of your customers
* Generate shipping labels in 1 click
* Track your shipments in real time
* Generate return labels

No more room for human mistakes: your orders are synchronized with the necessary information to ship them. Just one more click and it’s sent!

Autonomous tracking for your customers

Your customers want to know where their package is? Tracking is automatically synchronized with their order and available at any time on your website in “My Account” page. Even more time saved for your Customer Service!
⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢ ⁢⁢⁢⁢⁢

An insurance

What if the carrier loses my shipment? You’re safe with our AXA insurance, you are refunded for the value of the package.
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One contact

You have a question and don’t want to wait on the phone with each carrier?

Here again Boxtal takes care of everything: a single Customer Service for all your shipping questions.

One more thing: you only pay for the shipping labels you use. Boxtal’s app is free, no subscription or other hidden costs!
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Let’s go?


  • Connect your online store in 1 click
  • Save time with an optimized setup
  • Pick your carrier offers
  • Get your shipping labels
  • Keep track of your packages
  • If needed, create a return label


Minimum requirements

  • WooCommerce version: 2.6.14 or greater
  • WordPress version: 4.6 or greater
  • Php version: 5.6.0 or greater

Step by step guide

  • Have a look here:étrage-WooCommerce


2023年9月1日 2 replies
Nous avons constaté que Boxtal ne pouvait faire l'objet d'une installation/desinstallation/re-installation sur un sous site d'une installation multisite de wordpress. A la suite de cette deuxième installation la boutique ne se connecte plus à Boxtal. Nous faisons part à Boxtal du bug retour de Boxtal : "Nous n'avons pas d'environnement de test multi-sites Wordpress, donc nous ne pourrons pas faire le même test que vous." Nous trouvons que cela dénote un manque de professionnalisme et un suivi des correctifs très mauvais de leur part.
2023年4月14日 1 reply
J'ai eu un problème de paramétrage. Le support a tout géré à ma place sur mon tableau de bord et a réglé mes erreurs. Merci !
2022年7月12日 1 reply
Bonjour, j'avais un problème technique avec l'affichage des points de relais. Mme. Otilia m'aidé à resoudre le problème, rapide, efficace, competente, aimable. Je suis très content. Roman
2022年6月21日 1 reply
They react quickly and the answer fixed my bug in one try.


Boxtal Connect – Boxtal, shipping for all. はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“Boxtal Connect – Boxtal, shipping for all.” は2ロケールに翻訳されています。 翻訳者のみなさん、翻訳へのご協力ありがとうございます。

“Boxtal Connect – Boxtal, shipping for all.” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。



  • Fixed uninstall issue for multistores


  • Added HPOS compatibility
  • Fixed Deprecation issues


  • Fixed an error when displaying a warning notice


  • Order notes are now sent private again (changes overwritten by 1.2.15)


  • Fixed an issue when displaying a parcel point address while ordering
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Colissimo plugin
  • Fixed an issue when saving parcel point networks for a shipping order
  • Fixed an issue when synchronizing orders with variable articles
  • Tested plugin with wordpress 6.2.2


  • Order notes are now sent private
  • Tested plugin with wordpress 6.0


  • Fixed an issue when exporting orders with a missing product
  • Tested plugin with wordpress 5.9


  • Fixed an issue to display the map


  • Fixed warnings on wordpress 5.8
  • Fixed an issue causing parcel points to not be displayed correctly
  • Added parcel point and tracking dev hooks
  • Parcel points is now reseted if address changes


  • Updated tests with wordpress 5.7.1


  • Fixed PHP8 warnings
  • Updated readme


  • Tested plugin on woocommerce 4.4.0 and wordpress 5.5.0


  • Added missing translation


  • Removed old translation files


  • Renamed Boxtal Connect rate to Boxtal Connect
  • Improved settings page
  • Improved Boxtal Connect settings page
  • Removed parcel points from local pickup shipping methods
  • Fixed a translation issue on Boxtal Connect settings page
  • Added a configuration endpoint for remote debugging
  • Parcel point scripts are now loaded only on checkout page
  • Fixed a saving issue on Boxtal Connect settings page
  • Fixed a display issue on front order page


  • Updated WordPress compatibility


  • Fixed warnings with PHP7
  • Fixed an issue when saving a shipping method rates
  • Added a get-configuration endpoint for boxtal support


  • Updated WordPress compatibility
  • Fixed a display issue with the parcel point popup on mobile


  • Added missing translation keys on pricing rules page


  • Added selected parcelpoint infos on front and admin order page
  • Fixed an issue causing the plugin to empty all the session instead of only it’s own attributes


  • fixed an issue when exporting orders with articles with variation


  • fixed an issue when exporting orders with articles with variation (invalidated)


  • added a quick installation guide on the settings page
  • fixed an issue when changing pricing rules order


  • corrected bad javascript compression


  • removed limit of manageable weight decimals


  • added order shipped and delivered events
  • added feature to associate an order status to order shipped and delivered events


  • cross browser compatibility


  • additional authenticity check on api requests


  • fix import bug


  • added Boxtal Connect rate


  • improved maps css
  • fix on order modal view tracking


  • small fix on map markers clearing


  • hide fopen error in php library


  • fixed bug on non woocommerce shipping methods display


  • improved fopen healthcheck in php library


  • hide fopen error in php library


  • add curl support for php library


  • fixed ajax functions naming conflicts with other plugins


  • fixed nonce naming conflicts with other plugins
  • improved pairing update process


  • removed default limit for order retrieval


  • improved third party shipping plugins compatibility


  • updated rest api verbs to circumvent server limitations


  • first stable release