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Brave Popup Builder is the most powerful and intuitive Popup builder for WordPress. With it’s unique Canva/Photoshop like design interface, you can visually create popups, modals, lightboxes in minutes and convert your visitors like there’s no tomorrow.

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Drag and Drop Popup Builder

Brave’s Intuitive drag and drop Popup editor lets you create unique popups within minutes. The free comes with 9 elements(text, button, image, form and more) that you can drag and drop into your popups and customize theme anyway you want.

Create Any kind of Popup Imaginable

Easily create newsletter opt-in popups, contact form popups, announcements, Modals, Lightboxes, EU cookie notices, slide-ins, & more.

All Features

  • Intuitive Visual Editor – Drag and drop popup builder that let’s you create popups without any kind of coding.
  • 9 Beutifully Designed Elements – Create any type of popups with drag and drop elements: Text, Image, Shape, Button, Form, List, WordPress Post, Woocommere Products, Code.
  • Advanced Forms – Create Newsletter opt-in forms, Feedback forms, Contact forms within minutes.
  • Create Any kind of Popup – Create sticky header popup, opt-in popups, slide-in popups, sidebar panels, lightbox, modals, dialogue boxes, notification boxes and a lot more.
  • Easy Targeting – Easily Set who will see the Popup, where and when.
  • Custom Goal – Set the popup goal by setting what action will complete the popup’s goal and get instant notification.
  • Customize Display Frequency – Avoid annoying visitors by displaying the same popup again and again by customizing the Frequency settings.
  • Design Desktop/Mobile Popup Separately – On Mobile devices you can display the autoscaled version of the Popup or create a Mobile version of the Popup.
  • Animate Popups – Add Animations to your Popups from list of ready-made animation list.
  • Insert Custom Code – You can display your favorite plugin’s content by adding shortcodes or Custom Codes inside a Code element.
  • 15 Started Presets – The free version comes with 15 free presets that you can import and customize to build popups within seconds.
  • 10 Newsletter Service Integrations – Creating eye-catching optin-forms by connecting your Forms with Mailchimp Mailjet, SendGrid, SendinBlue, Hubspot, Active Campaign, ConvertKit, Constant Contact, GetResponse and AWeber.
  • Great Performance – Unlike other popup’s Brave does not load bunch of scripts to your site. It was built with Performance in mind. Brave Popups are very lightweight and only loads assets after the page is fully loaded.
  • Analytics – Easily find out which popups are bringing in the most conversions. Brave tracks how many times a Popup is viewed and how many times the Popup is clicked or Form is submitted.

Premium Features

Create Multi-step Popup (PRO)
The PRO version lets you create unlimited steps that you can link to each other and
– Display Custom Thank you step
– Display different forms based on user’s selection
– Display unobtrusive ribbons that shows “Contact Us”, “Subscribe” and on click, opens the Popup.

Advanced Forms Settings (PRO)
* Unlimited Form Fields – No more form field limits. Add Unlimited Fields to your Popup.
* Multi-step Forms – The Form Element will let you build multistep forms that is great for creating surveys and polls.
* Zapier Integration – Send Form Data to 1500+ apps by integrating Zapier and Integromat.
* Send Automatic Email Reply – Send automated email to the visitor as soon as they submits a form.
* Auto Download File on Submission – Option to download a file/ebook on visitor’s end as soon as they submit the form.

Insert Millions of Free Assets with Just one click
* Insert 1.3 Million Free Images from Pixabay.
* 1 Million Free Animated Stickers from Giphy.
* 30 Thousands Free icons.
* Thousands of Free Videos from Pixabay.

9 More Elements (PRO) – Add 9 More Elements: Videos, Countdown Timer, Animated Stickers, WordPress Posts, Carousel, Woocommerce Single Product and Signup/Login element.
100 Presets to Choose From (PRO) – Create Popups within seconds with 1 click presets.
Import/Export Presets (PRO) – Import and export presets.
Advanced Display Options (PRO) – Display Popups with Exit intent, form submit or on scroll.
Advanced Targeting (PRO) – Target visitors by device, roles, traffic sources
Advanced Animation (PRO) – Add Animation to every single elements separately and Create Advanced Open Animation with Advanced Animation Panel.
Real-time Goal Complete Notification (PRO) – Get real-time email, sms, push notification as visitor completes the popup’s goal.
Track User Clicks/Form Submission with Google Analytics (PRO) – Send tracking event to Google Analytics when a visitor clicks/submits a form.

Why Choose Brave over other Popup Plugins?

  • Create Unlimited Popups – No Restriction on how many Popups you can create or how many you want to display on a page.
  • Serve Unlimited Popoups – No Restriction on how many times the popup is served .
  • Create Popups with Visual Editor – No more sifting through hundreds of plugin options just to create a simple popup.
  • Create Any kind of Popup Imaginable – Seen a Popup somewhere that you liked? Build it with the visual Editor within minutes.
  • Built-in Advanced Forms – No need to install Form plugins. Brave already comes with powerful Form Builder.
  • Unique Popups everytime – Most Popup plugins give you premade Popups that you can edit few settings to change their look which still makes them very generic. Not with Brave, as you can create Popups from scratch.
  • Display other plugin’s content within the Popup – With Brave’s “Code” Element, displaying a certain element from other plugins with shortcodes is just a copy/paste away.
  • Incredible Performance – Unlike other popups, Brave does not load huge amount of assets on frontend. The Popups load very minimum assets which keeps your site fast.
  • No Credit Links Anywhere – Unlike lots of other Popup services, Brave does not include any “powered by” or “created with” credit links anywhere in your Popup.


  • Create Popups within a few minutes with Visual Editor.
  • 15 Free Presets Popups that you can import with 1 click.
  • Create Newsletter Popups.
  • Create Topbar Sticky Popups.
  • Insert Any kind of Forms with Advanced Form Elemnent
  • Create Modals.
  • Create Notifications.
  • Set who sees the Popup with each Popup's Visibility Settings.
  • Create New Popups with Ease.
  • Integrate Newsletter Services like, Mailchimp, aWeber, Convertkit, Hubspot with just 1 click.


Automatic installation

  1. Search for Brave Popup Builder through ‘Plugins > Add New’ interface.
  2. Find the plugin box of Brave Popup Builder and click on the ‘Install Now’ button.
  3. Then activate the Brave Popup Builder plugin.
  4. Create a new Popup: After installing the plugin, a new menu called “Popups” will appear. Visit that page and click the + icon to Create New Popup.

Manual installation

  1. Download Brave Popup Builder
  2. Upload the Brave Popup Builder through ‘Plugins > Add New > Upload’ interface or upload bravepopup-free folder to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory.
  3. Activate the Brave Popup Builder plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Create a new Popup: After installing the plugin, a new menu called “Popups” will appear. Visit that page and click the + icon to Create New Popup.


Q. How do I create a Popup ?
A. From your WordPress Dashboard click the Brave Popups Menu and then Click the + icon from top.


I have been searching for weeks for a popup plugin to help my website visitors be more aware of information on my site. Almost every one I tried used the WP Editor to build. I don't know if this is just me, but I have struggled to figure out how to add a button with the WP Editor! Is it even possible? Of course, there is always the option to create a form first and then simply place in on the popup with the editor. Forms have buttons, right? But, what if the popup being built only consists of a picture and a button? That's not a form. I read about Brave Popup Builder, and decided to try it. Oh sigh...I have finally found the perfect popup plugin! Brave Popup Builder comes with its own builder. It is very easy to add text, pictures, buttons, or even shapes! With the Brave builder, forms can be built without the need for an additional form building plugin! If you haven't found a popup plugin that you are satisfied with, you really should give Brave Popups a try. YOU'LL BE SO GLAD YOU DID!
This plugin has not yet received the attention, it deserves. Very complete popup or slide-in tool with a fantastic UI.


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0.0.4 – 16 December 2019.

  • Fixed: Moving elements also moved the scrollbar
  • Fixed: Not all posts were being fetched in Popup Settings page
  • Fixed: Could not write special characters in Button Elements
  • Fixed: minor style issues
  • Added: Ability to Display Popups Custom Post types
  • Added: Documentation in admin bar

0.0.3 – 3 December 2019.

  • Fixed previewing popups added to their view count
  • When the Popup is set to visitor only mode, preview was not working

0.0.2 – 2 December 2019.

  • Fixed the Popup Background Image Overlay issue.
  • Developer update: Made the Popup rendere function overridable.
  • Added proper screenshot descriptions.

0.0.1 – 30 November 2019.

  • Initial Release