BSK PDF Manager


The plugin help you manage your PDF documents in WordPress. You may upload by categories and display by caregories or show one special PDF document.

It is easy to use. You just need copy the shortcodes into the page/post where you want to show. Then it will show the link in your page/post.

Widget is supported now! You may show PDFs list in a widget area.

Please visit for documentations.

Check demos from:

Pro version available now! You may upgrade to pro version for more features.


  • Admin interface of categories manager
  • Admin interface of PDF documents
  • Admin interface of add PDF document.


Activate the plugin then you can use either a shortcode [bsk-pdfm-pdfs-ul id=”1″] to show the link of a special PDF document of id 1 or [bsk-pdfm-pdfs-ul id=”1,2, 3″] to show several PDF documents.Or use [bsk-pdfm-pdfs-ul id=”ALL”] to show all PDFs

You may use [bsk-pdfm-category-ul id=”1″] to show all PDF documents under the category of id 1 or [bsk-pdfm-category-ul id=”1,2,3″] to show all PDFs under categories of id 1, 2, 3.

The plugin has a very easy admin page that allows you to manage categories and PDF documents.


Please visit for documentations or supporting.


Outstanding support

Big Thank You! to BannerSky for their support today. Issue resolved within one hour.
Great product and great service. Well Done!

Good plugin and helpful support

I use this software for a couple of clients (Parish Councils) and it’s a good piece of software. I had a minor issue with the latest v2.0 but support were quick to respond and help me solve the problem.


Saved us so much pain

We are a development house. We needed a simple solution for brochure management which is easy for the customer to control. 2 of us were searching and searching for a solution and could not find anything. We found this plugin and once installed immediately knew it was going to work.

The addon itself is really easy to use and is not complicated to navigate at all. The price is also a massive bonus. 25 dollars for a multi site licence is great value, especially compared to other addons which were hundreds for 5 sites.

Would be very happy to recommend this to anybody!

This Plugin Made My Life Easier

Assignment: show PDFs of a certain category on a department page – but in a way that clients with department page access could not mangle. I combined BSK PDF Manager with a Pods related field, and just like that, problem solved. Wrote with a question (how to open PDFs in a new window) and got an answer within a half hour (add “target=”_blank” to the shortcode). Nice plugin and support!

Simple and Effective way to upload and display PDF documents by category

I wanted a replacement for wp-filebase. I just needed something to upload PDF documents, assign a category, and then display some or all of the documents in a category on my pages in either alphabetical or date order and this plugin fits the bill perfectly. Looked at various other solutions but found them to be much too complex for my requirements



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  • Support more file types

  • Support order by PDFs id sequence

  • Support show all categories in one shortcode

  • Improve dashboard user interface

  • Remove category password feature from free version as it cannot work on some hosting

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.8

  • Compatible with PHP 5 & PHP 7


  • Ready for version 2.0

  • Fix PHP warnings

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.8

  • Compatible with PHP 5 & PHP 7


  • Add new shortcode parameter of nolist, set to yes will only output html a element.

  • Improve parameters compatibility

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.5


  • Fix small bug in widget

  • Use new singleton design pattern


  • Improve user interface

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.4


  • Add the feature to show all PDFs when use shortcode [bsk-pdf-manager-pdf showall=”yes”]

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.9.2


  • Fixed the bug of unclosed list tag when using widgets that for unordered lists


  • Add show category title option to widget

  • Fixed a small bug


  • Fixed the bug of bulk delete triggered when change category filter drop down


  • Change PDF widget title to use h2 tag.

  • Add open new target parameter to PDF widget.

  • Add PDF Category widget to show all PDF within given category.

  • Compatible with WordPress 4.7.3.


  • Fixed warning message.

  • Improved backend interface.

  • Add search feature on backend PDFs list page.


  • Fixed warning message.


  • Fixed the bug of putting an “/” slash at the end of the unordered list in widget.


  • Change Datepicker to use the latest jQuery UI theme css
  • Security improvement
  • Support show PDF as ordered list


  • Make shortcode support new attributes.
  • Fix the bug that only show one category even there are multiple ids.


  • Fix a small bug.


  • Change PDF file name to XXXX_ID.pdf.


  • Fix two warnings & make users who above Editor can add / edit PDFs.


  • Fix the bug of cannot delete PDF item or category.


  • Fixed a typo.

  • Support out PDFs in a dropdown(select).

  • Make date for category and PDF item editable.

  • Support setting the number of most recent PDFs.


  • Fixed a small bug.


  • Changed order by parameter, now you may include orderby=”title” or orderby=”filename” or orderby=”date” to order all PDF, also can be order by PDFs’ id sequence.


  • Fixed the bug of wrong output when category doesn’t have a PDF.


  • Widget supported now.

  • Support wordPress site with subdirectory installation.

  • Changed special PDF list from <p> tag to <li> tag, only return PDF link is possilbe. Support multiple PDF id and category id, so show all PDFs in one list is possible.

  • Changed backend interface.


  • Support PDF list order by Date, Title and File Name.


  • Fixed several small bug.

  • Support order by in admin dashboard.

  • Hide category title when list PDF.


  • Add option to open PDF document in new window.

  • Show shortcode in Categories page and PDF Documents page. For convenience user just need copy and paste it to where you want to show the PDF documents.

1.0.0 First version.