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I recommended Bullseye Locations WordPress plugin to one of my manufacturing clients and the results have been amazing for managing their various locations, especially with creating unique location landing pages that are optimized for organic search, and come up in search results for related terms. My client has since also added the Bullseye lead generator, promotions and events modules to their store locator, which has helped them improve traffic and convert leads to customers across their various locations.
Note- you have to have a Bullseye account to use this. At the time of writing this, they have a free tier available but I believe you need a paid account to use the WordPress embed. Just put in your Bullseye account details, and put the shortcode where you want it to show up. That's about it. I installed the plugin for a customer who had signed up for the Bullseye service. It was not working correctly, so I put in a support request and in a little over a week, an updated version was released, which worked just fine. Note-- if you prefer not to use the plugin, you can also do the integration yourself without too much sweat (which I did while waiting for the update), but the plugin does do some nice things (e.g. resizing the iframe so that the footer moves down when your search results come in). Overall, the result is pretty good for an iframe, and it even behaves acceptably on mobile.


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