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With our free plugin Canvasio3D Light can you show your own 3D Models in your WordPress website.

Upload your 3D-Models easily as zip-file with Canvasio3D on your website in the 3D file format: .obj & .mtl, .stl, .glTF and .glb for 3D printing, engineering, or simple your designs as interactive 3D-Models.

Insert a little Short-Code in a single page, refresh the page and show your Models with 360° rotation and Zooming. Canvasio3D Light use the 3D-Engine “three.js” for WebGL.

More infos and help can you found in the documentaion

If you looking for more functions to show your 3D-Models, visit our page at Canvasio3D Plus


Installing the plugin takes less than one minute.

  1. Download “” and install the plugin

  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in WordPress

  3. Now should you see “Canvasio3D Options” below on every edit page

More help can you found in the documentaion

Info for Update from 1.4.6 to the new 2.0 Version:
The good news: it’s much easer, faster, with better graphic quality and camera functions as the old one – The bad news is: it is not more compatible to the last plugin version below version 2.0!

So, please delete all short-code entries of old Canvasio3D Light in all pages. (In the Canvasio3D 2.0 can you see the little new short-code for “copy & paste” to insert in your page)


Visit us on Canvasio3D for support and more


2020-05-25 This is by far very simple to implement than V 1.4.6, Great! Go bottom page in the “Canvasio3d Options”, then: 1. Click on "New scene" 2. Click on "Model setting" 3. Upload a model as zip file or select an uploaded 3D model 4. Go back and save the scene in text box add: Text Box Text Box Text Box [Canvasio3D Scene=1] [Canvasio3D Scene=2] [Canvasio3D Scene=3] That's all...
Great plugin, works perfectly. Look for the documentation to apply different setups. You can even show more than one STL file per page. Thanks, great work!
I was looking a long time for a tool like this. I have tested it and now I have switched to the PRO version. I'm very satisfied. Also the support is amazing.


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  • New Light
  • Brightness Slider


  • Overlay glitch removed


  • Better Progress Bar


  • Some little glitches removed


  • Complete overhaul