Change Icons in Menu Navigation Block


The “Change Icons in Menu Navigation Block” plugin provides an easy and intuitive way to replace the default open and close menu icons in the WordPress navigation block. With this plugin, you can paste your custom SVG code for the icons directly into the WordPress admin area, offering a seamless way to customize your site’s appearance.

Icon that appears in plugin assets is created by Athok from Noun Project.

How to use

  1. Use the Settings->Change Menu Icons screen to configure the plugin.
  2. Paste the SVG code for Open Icon and/or Close Icon. Note: Leave textarea in blank to keep the default icon.


  • Settings page where you can paste your custom SVG icons.
  • Result for Open Icon SVG code using Athok’s Menu icon from


Can I use any SVG code for the icons?

Yes, you can use any custom SVG code. However, please ensure that the SVG is properly sanitized to avoid security risks. I hardly recommend the noun project library and its search by “menu”

Will this plugin work with any theme?

Yes, the plugin is designed to work with any theme that uses the WordPress Navigation Block.


2024年5月30日 1 reply
This outstanding plugin does what most plugins should do, one feature and do it well. This is what it does, you need to change your WordPress mobile menu icon? This is definitely the plugin for you.
2024年5月30日 1 reply
This plugin is perfect: it does what it says it does and nothing more. It’s great!


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