Cloudinary – Dynamic Image and Video Management


Cloudinary makes automating your image, video, and rich media workflow easy, offering significant advantages over native WordPress capabilities. From upload to management to manipulation and optimization through delivery, all features are offered from within the plugin.

Optimize your site performance and user experience with faster page load times, advanced auto-responsive delivery, and better visual experience. Automate quality and encoding settings, scale and crop images using AI to focus on the most important region, apply comprehensive transformations and effects, and deliver on any device in any resolution or pixel density.

And with an embedded digital asset management platform offering full DAM capabilities, you won’t need to leave your WordPress environment. Take full advantage of advanced search, AI tagging, automation, collections, structured metadata, and an intuitive UI making it much easier to manage all of your media in WordPress.


  • All you need to get started is to register for a free Cloudinary account to use the plugin and start uploading your media to the cloud.
  • As your site’s media management needs grow, you have the choice to easily upgrade to higher usage plans with practically limitless scale.


  • Automatically optimize and apply specified global transformations to pre-existing media upon plugin installation as well as all future uploads.
  • Search and browse your media with AI-powered tagging and attributes including file type, size, format, and many other parameters all within the media library.
  • Automatic responsive images for delivery on various devices in different resolutions.
  • Taxonomy level transformations allow users to set transformations by “category” or “tag” and apply these in real time.
  • Transcode, AI crop, apply filters, generate thumbnails, and more with our video transformation capabilities.
  • The most comprehensive array of image and video manipulation capabilities, powered by AI.
  • Ability to display videos using Cloudinary’s video player giving additional features such as bitrate limit, analytics, monetization, and more.

Simple Integration

  • Upload and manage your assets with Cloudinary directly from your WordPress interface.
  • Migrate all your locally hosted assets to Cloudinary.
  • Move your existing posts’ images and videos to Cloudinary with a single click.

About Cloudinary

Contributors & Developers

“Cloudinary – Dynamic Image and Video Management” is an open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin:


  • Streamline Your Creative Workflow
  • Media Editor
  • Media Library
  • Easy Generation of Asset Derivatives
  • Automatically Deliver Responsive Images
  • Global Image Transformation Settings
  • Global Video Transformation Settings
  • Folder and Syncing Settings
  • Easily Configure Your Account


Install from within wordpress

  • Visit the plugins page within your dashboard and select Add New.
  • Search for Cloudinary.
  • Select Cloudinary – Dynamic Image and Video Management from the list.
  • Activate Cloudinary from your Plugins page.
  • Go to Setting up below.

Install Cloudinary manually

  • Upload the Cloudinary folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Activate the Cloudinary plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress.
  • Go to Setting up below.

Setting up

  • Once the plugin is activated, go to the Cloudinary settings.
  • You’ll be prompted to “Add your Cloudinary URL”.
  • Enter your “Cloudinary environment variable URL”, the format should be cloudinary://{API_Key}:{API_Secret}@{Cloud_Name} and can be found in the “Account Details” section of the Cloudinary Console Dashboard, then click save.
  • After saving, additional settings tabs will be available.

If you have two factor authentication configured for your account, you will need to open the Cloudinary Console and login before you can use the Cloudinary plugin.
Your site is now setup to start using Cloudinary.


Upgrade from v1

Once installing the new version of the plugin, the plugin will automatically upgrade all of your assets to work with the new plugin.
Upgrade is seamless and requires no action from your side.

Does the plugin sync all of my media to Cloudinary?

The plugin will automatically sync all of your WordPress media to your Cloudinary account and start delivering assets from Cloudinary.

Where can I find more info?

You can read the plugin documentation


I updated the plugin and it uploaded all my images but it isn't applying any transformation and in a few hours my hole credits got used because of the lack of transformations. I have deactivated, cleaned database and instaled again but nothing.
I have installed this plugin on 3 of my sites. Really cool. site loads much faster, Images looks the same with much samller size - wow! I was looking for a long time for a plugin that would shrink my images - great one!
I've been away from WordPress for a very long time. In my earlier experience developing sites for clients, I implemented a lot of plugins that were merely hooks into some type of outside service. Some were great, but the WordPress "plugin" did little more than bake that service into wp-admin with varying levels of actual usability or functionality. Cloudinary has put a bit more effort than the aforementioned many I can now barely recall (all certainly "dead" as recycled electrons now), but I found myself feeling like I'd found "another one" in setting up the plugin and trying to use it for a new site idea. The big downer right away was the 10,000 or so images I'd already uploaded to my Cloudinary account showed no easy way to create a new post or page on my WordPress site... even though I was literally in /wp-admin/admin.php?page=cloudinary-image-management-and-manipulation-in-the-cloud-cdn/library.php I can't imagine there isn't an easy way to do it, but it's not immediately (or at all) obvious, so here I sit at dawn, ranting on my keyboard like an entitled Yelp "elite" kid from 2006! 🙁
The plugin works! It syncs your images on media library. To make the images uploaded in cloudinary, you need to make sure you're viewing the media library in LIST MODE. You will see the cloudinary tab and the bulk upload options. In regards to replacing all URLs in Pages and post. You can always look for plugin that has Find and replace functionality like WP migrate DB if you're too lazy replacing urls one by one.
Removes srcset responsiveness from images Cloudinary optimization has to be manually added to each image Messes with metadata and filenames when migrating back to local images from Cloudinary -- my converted files now all have garbage text appended to the end of their filenames Waste of time for me personally. I think the Cloudinary service might be quite good but it doesn't make sense for WordPress with this plugin right now.


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2.1.2 (09 Jun 2020)

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Fixed cases where the image size were added to the URL.
  • Added support to dashes (‘-‘) in the connection string.
  • Added an option to re-sync a single asset to Cloudinary.

2.1.1 (01 Jun 2020)

New features:

  • We now provide several options for the WPCloudinary sync, allowing you to better control your media:
    • Bulk-sync – Will sync all assets with Cloudinary in a click-of-a-button.
    • Auto-sync – Will sync new uploaded assets in an on-demand manner.
    • Manual – Added a push to Cloudinary button to the Media Library bulk actions that allows syncing selected assets to Cloudinary.
  • Global Transformations are now being applied to Featured Images.
  • Added an Account Status to the dashboard tab, displaying the account usage, quota and metrics.

Fixes and Improvements:

  • Improved the sync mechanism.
  • General bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Improved error handling.

2.0.3 (03 Apr 2020)

  • Fix migration issue

2.0.0 (31 Mar 2020)

  • Release of a new major version of the plugin