Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent


Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent includes GDPR, CCPA, DSVGO, AVG and more with a conditional Cookie Notice and customized Cookie Policy based on the results of the built in Cookie Scan. Blocking 3rd Party Cookies from all major 3rd Party services and social services like Google Analytics, Adsense, TagManager, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Vimeo and more. You can configure for US (United States) visitors or European Union (EU) visitors.

IMPORTANT! Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent can help you meet compliance requirements, but you as user must ensure that all requirements are met.


  • Cookie Consent and Conditional Cookie Notice
  • Automatically detects if you need a Cookie Notice.
  • A Cookie Policy; Generated by you, drafted by an IT Law Firm.
  • Periodical Cookie Scan for changes in cookies and social media services.
  • Anonymizes IP-addresses for Google Analytics if needed.
  • Blocks 3rd party cookies like Facebook, Google, Twitter.
  • Blocks iFrames, like YouTube/Vimeo embedded video’s.
  • Detected Cookie Data is prefilled from the shipped Cookie Database, which is continually updated.
  • We closely follow the latest developments in the ePrivacy legislation.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Monsterinsights, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads and other popular plugins
  • Integrated with WordPress Privacy features.
  • Gutenberg blocks enabled
  • ClassicPress compatible
  • !New: Ready for CCPA. (US Privacy Law)

Complianz is on GitHub as well!

Love Complianz?

If you enjoy this plugin and you want your site to have the best compliancy features, consider purchasing the premium version, also available for multisite users.

Premium features

  • The Privacy Suite for WordPress:
  • Select both US and EU as target region with conditional consent and cookie notice.
  • Consent Statistics: see how many visitors accept, decline, or do not need a cookie notice at all.
  • A/B Testing: which cookie banner has the best consent ratio? Run tests and measure what works best for your site.
  • Legal Documents: Customized and legally validated privacy statement, cookie policy, disclaimer, processing agreements, dataleak reporting tools, created by the law firm ICTRecht Groningen.
  • Geo IP Cookie Consent: Cookie Consent is different everywhere. Show the correct banner based on IP location, but only if a banner is needed.
  • CCPA Consent and Policies.
  • COPPA ready with Children’s Privacy Policy.
  • Respects Do Not track settings in users browsers.
  • Multilanguage support for the cookie notice and legal documents.
  • Premium Support.
  • Premium Updates.

Contact us if you have any questions, issues, or suggestions. Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent is developed by Complianz BV.


  • Go to “plugins” in your WordPress Dashboard, and click “add new”.
  • Click “upload”, and select the downloaded zip file.
  • Activate.
  • Navigate to “Complianz”, and follow the instructions.


  • Dashboard for quick overview over your status, and quick access to privacy features.
  • The scan checks the cookies you are using on your website and places these in the cookie policy. You can adjust these afterwards.
  • Wysiwyg cookie banner editor: you can customize the cookie consent banner's style and layout to your liking
  • Script center to add or block scripts depending on users cookie acceptance.
  • General settings page
  • An example of a cookie banner, hovering over the generated cookie policy.



Complianz maintains a continuously growing knowledgebase about GDPR, CCPA and COPPA on

Is my website GDPR, COPPA, CCPA, DSVGO, AVG compliant with this plugin?

We cannot guarantee GDPR/COPPA/CCPA compliancy for your website.

When do I need a Cookie Notice?

Complianz | GDPR Cookie Consent will determine this automatically. Regarding the GDPR, when you are using cookies that store personal data you always have to explicitly ask consent to the user. When you anonymize every single bit of data you don’t have to. Functional cookies don’t require the consent of the user as they are only placed for functional purposes.
Regarding CCPA, you always have to show which cookies you are using but there’s no obligation in asking consent.

Do I always need a consent checkbox on contact forms?

Not always. The Complianz Privacy Suite Premium plugin can determine if you need this, based on your answers. It mainly depends on the type of information you request.

What are functional cookies?

A functional cookie is a cookie which is needed for the technical functioning of the website. Cookies that are used to track if something is placed in the cart, or if a user is logged in are functional cookies. There is no need to request permission for this kind of cookies, nor is there any need to describe them in your cookie policy (although we think that is a good idea).

What are analytical cookies?

Analytical cookies are used to track visitors on the website. How do they browse, how long are they staying, and what are they looking at, e.g. Also demography is part of an analytical cookie. They are essential in measuring the usage of a website and to optimize it. They can be seen as real management instruments.

What are advertising, marketing or tracking cookies?

Advertising, or marketing cookies, are cookies that are being placed for advertising purposes. Advertising cookies can never be placed without consent. These cookies are only being used for advertising purposes.
Our plugin decides whether a cookie consent banner has to be shown. So you shouldn’t need to worry when using our plugin.

What is the GDPR?

The GDPR is a regulation within the EU law on privacy and data protection for any citizen within the EU and European Economic Area. It aims primarily on giving control to individuals over their personal data. The GDPR also addresses the export of personal data outside the EU.

What is the CCPA?

The CCPA (Californian Privacy Act) is a law set up by the Californian government. The law is adjudged to be one of the toughest and farthest-reaching consumer privacy laws in the US. It is mostly focused on giving insights on what personal data business gather and how to protect and control these personal data.

What is COPPA?

The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) is a law designed to protect the online privacy of children under 13. It was set up in the 1990’s and states that website owners have to meet certain requirements regarding visitors with the age under 13.

Can I create a Cookie Wall with this plugin?

With some custom css this is possible, but we do not consider a cookie wall to be GDPR compliant, so it’s not actively supported.


Simple yet efficient

I really appreciated the wizard that helped to setup my cookies policy because was really overwhelming for me to handle the GDPR and I tried many plugins none felt novice friendly. I had a minor issue with the css and the support was really nice to help me out with it. I plan to buy pro version when I will be able to make some money out of my blog! Thank you very much for this plugin.

Super duper

Tried different GDPR plugins, but this one offers the most possibilities and is by far the easiest and most clear one I have used. Good job!


I have tried a lot of different GDPR plugins, but this one absolutely offers the most possibilities and is by far the easiest and most clear one I have used. Great job!

First class plugin

This is my favorite GDPR/Cookie plugin. Nice look. Functionality in the first place. Well done. I'm thrilled with support. Professionalism at every step. What to say except that if you are looking for a quality cookie plugin then you've found it.

Professional plugin

Complete set of function to manage the cookies aspect for GDPR, at level of premium plugins. 5+ stars for us. The only problem that we wish it will be improved is the loading time. Is true what the developer report here . The slow function fire after the page is loaded, and that Pingdom or GTmetrix won’t take that into account. But when a website developer show to his customers his job with these tools, the customer understand that the website is slow.


Fantastic easy to use product with great service. What more could you want.


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  • Fix: extra line break in readme causing readme not to get parsed correctly


  • Fix: changed text domain to make compatible with WordPress. If you have custom translations, please rename the files from ‘complianz-en_US.po’ to ‘complianz-gdpr-en_US.po’
  • Fix: allow reinitialisation of recaptcha v3 in Contact Form 7
  • Tweak: prevent dns prefetch for blocked URL’s
  • Tweak: option to dismiss on scroll or dismiss on timeout
  • Tweak: option to share more details on the automated processing
  • Tweak: added secure flag to cookie set function when url is https


  • Tweak: Gutenberg blocks from Complianz Privacy Suite


  • Tweak: allow users to keep their own, custom statistics tracking
  • Fix: Revoke button text not defined with US only setup
  • Tweak: Do No Track is not used in the percentage calculation anymore
  • Tweak: new modal tooltips
  • Tweak: privacy URL pulled from WordPress privacy page instead of custom link.


  • Tweak: support youtube and vimeo placeholders
  • Tweak: uninstall not removing all data. This can be done explicitly in the settings as of now.
  • Tweak: added new cookies
  • Tweak: declared ClassicPress compatibility


  • Tweak: added some new cookies to the database
  • Tweak: changed site_url into home_url in the documents output
  • Tweak: dropped pattern restriction on phonenumbers, as there are too many local differences.
  • Tweak: add support for blocking of instagram cookies
  • Fix: third party privacy statements not inserted in cookie policy
  • Tweak: less strict policies for websites who do not target California
  • Fix: privacy policy URL’s not showing in cookie policy


  • Tweak: ajax call for user data only on first visit
  • Fix: Cookie blocker inserting class within escaped strings.


  • Fix: Tag manager events not firing outside selected regions
  • Tweak: set default region after upgrade from pre-2.0 version
  • Fix: showing empty privacy link in US cookie banner
  • Fix: count nr of forms, when forms option empty throwing an error.
  • Tweak: split checked docs date from edited docs date


Fix: section count missing the “purpose” section


Tweak: first reported cookies added to the cookie database


  • Fix: due to commit issue missing file


  • Tested up to WP 5.0
  • Tweak: updated Geo IP database to latest
  • Tweak: Dropped Youtube “nocookie” support, Youtube places cookies after first interaction, without consent
  • Tweak: feedback on active adblockers or anonymous window during scan
  • Tweak: user locking of the wizard, preventing multiple users from editing the wizard at the same time
  • Tweak: improvements in visual feedback on validation
  • Tweak: user interface design
  • Feature: reporting of unrecognized cookies
  • Feature: CCPA support
  • Feature: Do Not Sell My Personal Information page
  • Feature: Do Not Sell My Personal Information opt out form & dashboard
  • Feature: US dedicated cookie warning


  • Fix: typo in cookie policy: add vs ad


  • Tweak: added monsterinsights integration
  • Tweak: added a hide revoke button option in the settings
  • Tweak: moved statistics script to overridable templates, and included them using action hooks, to make overriding more easy.
  • Fix: cookie policy text was not 100% matched when the categories option was selected for the banner.
  • Fix: tracking of statistics added new user when the status was not changed.
  • Fix: center revoke button not in same style as other revoke buttons
  • Fix: Privacy Policy did not show the correct paragraph on sharing with other parties


  • Fix: revoke button showed too large because of changes for the center template


  • Fix: when no social media was found, this could result in an error on showing the scan results


  • Tweak: show social media and third party services from actual detected list, not from wizard.


  • Fix: deleted cookies were added again on the next scan
  • Tweak: when cookie database is updated, empty fields get populated from the new data
  • Tweak: script center added below menu for fast editing
  • Tweak: Added new banner position: centered
  • Tweak: Added categories in cookies
  • Tweak: Added category/cookie execution management from Tag Manager
  • Tweak: Added new template: minimal


  • Readme.txt adjustment


  • Added extra notice about user responsibility regarding GDPR compliancy


  • Adjusted readme as not to claim GDPR compliancy, as per WordPress regulations.


  • Fix: cookie scan time showed UTC time instead of local time
  • Fix: call to non existing function from cookie config acceptance function
  • Fix: moved cookie policy change date to separate variable
  • Tweak: improved security of cookie enabling script


  • Fix: empty contact key in saving data
  • Tweak: overlay over dashboard when wizard is not completed yet, to force using wizard
  • Tweak: brand color not required anymore
  • Tweak: full integration of Matomo in Complianz GDPR


  • Tweak: directory structure


  • Fix WPML/polylang translation bug


  • Added Google Fonts and ReCaptcha to third party list
  • Tweaked Cookie Policy
  • Added custom CSS option and advanced editing options to cookie banner


  • No + one’s anymore for cookie changes, this will only be shown in the dashboard


  • Fix: complete rework of third party cookie blocker, dropped domDocument in favor of regex


  • Fix: accepting the cookie policy did not properly unblock third party scripts
  • Tweak: use accept text in cookie policy


  • Tweak: added css styles for cookie policy
  • Tweak: added push down style to cookie warning
  • Tweak: added Sumo to third party blocked scripts
  • Fix: some bugfixes


  • Tweak: updates wizard complete texts
  • Fix: youtube nocookie replace


  • new dashboard
  • added check if consent checkbox is needed on forms
  • integrated wp erase personal data and wp export data
  • phone numbers not required anymore
  • added a < PHP 5.6 warning


  • Added < PHP 5.6 warning


  • Fix: output escaping of html strings, causing the html to show in plain text.


  • Fix: cookieblocker removed script in incorrect way, causing a php error

  • 1.0.14

  • Tweak: set page as processed before the request is made during scan
  • Fix: pre 4.9.6 version of wp could not show admin pages due to privacy capability not existing


  • Fix: scan freezing when URL is loaded http over https.


  • Fix: missing file


  • Fix: missing textdomain


  • Fix: bug due to split between premium and free


  • Added WordPress banner and icon assets


  • Tweak: complete block of third party scripts until user as accepted.


  • Tweak: added menu selection as option in the wizard


  • Tweak: Improved plugins privacy policy additions: making it editable
  • Tweak: hide settings popup for cookie warning on mobile, with revoke link in cookie policy
  • Tweak: improved dismiss and revoke functionality
  • Fix: some bugs in dataleak decision tree


  • Added scan for social media widgets and buttons


  • Fix: retention period not correctly shown in privacy statement


  • optimized cookie scan


  • Translation fixes