このプラグインの公開は2022年9月19日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 この公開停止は永久的なものです。 理由: 作者からのリクエスト。


Uses Fremius, which performs actions without authorization, redirects you without asking, etc. Every time you activate or deactivate, it blocks the ability to do so in bulk, also it interferes with other premium plugins as Freeius tries to take over core functions. It is didn't have this malware, it would be a good product.
I found this plugin, because I already use a password-protection-plugin from the same author ... and again he created here a smart-intuitive and easy to use plugin which works without any problems in combination with my woocommerce-shop. Simply perfect!
Managing a website with explicit adult content I need a valid and easy to use age verification. Agy perfectly fits my needs and helps me on top to increase my sales for p18-extra-content. I'm completely satisfied with it and when there are problems (e.g. I had some issues with updates) the support is helpoing within several hours. Very nice!
This plugin is superb for age verification issues and on top it keeps an eye on your seo-performance, because crawler are excluded from the age verification and can index the whole website. Support of the plugin is great too!
this plugin is beautiful ... age verification simple and efficient. nothing to add, only a big thank you!
This age protection plugins is fantastic and easy to implement/handle. Especially I like the SEO-friendly feature, so crawlers can bypass the age-gate and read the content pages without any restrictions.


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