Custom Field For WP Job Manager


Extra Field For WP Job Manager allows you to quickly and easily add custom fields to the admin and frontend of WP Job Manager pages. All you need do is add the field name you want in WP Job Manager via our initiative admin page.

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Ex. if you need to add salary field WP Job Manger, addition job field you can add in Custom field WP Job Manager.

WP job manager add new fields plugin giving you easy way to setup field in backend side as well frontend both site you can use plugin to config in your website. it also work as wp job manager field editor.

WP Job Manager field editor can be add on field to action field name and placeholder in Custom Field For WP Job Manager.

wp job manager add new fields Normally by code you can add custom but by Extra Field WP Job Manager using mostly for this plugin.

You can be Editing Job Submission Fields in Wp job manager for WP Job Manager Field Editor


✅ One Click installation
✅ Text, Date, File, Textarea, WPEditor Fields Type support in WP Job Manager
✅ Job Submission Fields Support in add field
✅ Job Admin Fields in edit and update field
✅ Option with want to keep required or not
✅ Easy To use
✅ Auto Show Field on Single job page
✅ Support Shotcode [cm_fieldshow key=’_field_cfwjm13′ job_id=’15’]


✅ Select, Multi Select, Radio, Checkbox Also Avaible
✅ Can be Make requied field

How To use Shortcode Custom Field For WP Job Manager

[cm_fieldshow key=’_field_cfwjm13′ job_id=’15’] in that key is mandatory and if you not add job_id than take default job post id.

How To use Custom Field For WP Job Manager

Go to admin in Custom Field For WP Job Manager > Add New Field there just you need to add field name and text field will be show automatically in WP Job Manager field in fronted and backend both side Adding Custom Field on Job List.



The idea of this plugin is good, but it is unfortunately rather limited. It is for instance not possible to add text with a clickable hyperlink in it. It will just show the raw HTML code, which is not helpful. WP Job Manager Field Editor is a better option in this case.


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