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Custom Product Builder – Designer and Order Customized

Custom Product Builder – Designer and Order Customized


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Going through the video will help you setting up the Custom Product Builder for WooCommerce.

Product Designer Can be Used

Since it has so many possibilities to be used, but some of them are:

  • Tshirt designer or customizer
  • Pouch designer or customizer
  • Cover designer or customizer
  • Pent designer or customizer
  • Mug designer or customizer
  • Cup designer or customizer
  • and Much More

This visual builder will help user to design what actually he wants to order.

At a glance, this free Custom Product Builder for WooCommerce adds the following:

  • Admin can make one product as a designer product.
  • Admin can upload Pictures works as canvas (Like shirts/ Mobile Covers/ Meal).
  • Admin can upload clipart or images which will help user to build product or Customize Product, User can place cliparts any where with using amazing drag and drop and image resizing feature.
  • User can design product and order it.
  • Buyer can order Customized T-Shirt.
  • Buyer can order Customized Dresses.
  • Buyer can order Customized Mobile Covers.
  • Buyer can order Customized Cups/ Mugs.
  • Buyer can order Customized anything.

Our Pro Plugin Includes:
* Unlimited designable Products support.
* Visitor/ Buyer can also upload images for order.
* Visitor/ Buyer can use Pen tool to draw.
* Visitor/ Buyer can write using text field and can also control font size, font, font color.
* Visitor/ Buyer can download image on a single click.
* Admin can see all the designer orders on a specific page.
* Visitor/ Buyer can Order Customize Product.

Boost your sales by providing buyer unique experience of ordering Customized Product using Custom Product Builder for WooCommerce.

For Custom Product Builder for WooCommerce Pro Version Contact: coderpress.io@gmail.com



2023年3月15日 1 reply
Everything works as it should,fantastic support.Requests and plugin customization fulfilled in a few moments.


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1.0.6 Apr 07, 2024

  • TWEAK✨ – Added documentation URL in plugin for users’ ease.

1.0.5 July 21, 2023

  • Updated SDK to latest version

1.0.2 Oct 01, 2022

Images were stratched when designing

1.0.1 July 30, 2022

Freemius Integration to collect feedbacks and improve plugin

= 1.0 Feb 04, 2022=
Initial release.