Custom Related Posts


Custom Related Posts is a user friendly plugin for manually adding related posts to any of your posts, pages or custom post types. You have full control over those related links, choosing for yourself if they go both ways.

An overview of the features:

  • Set which post types the plugin is active for yourself
  • Easily define relations in one or both ways on the post edit page
  • Display related posts with a shortcode, widget or block
  • Optionally show featured images in any size
  • Import from XML using post IDs
  • Compatible with the Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor

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This plugin is under active development. Any feature requests are welcome!


  • The Custom Related Posts block and plugin sidebar
  • Add relations by searching for posts



Custom Related Posts


  1. Upload the custom-related-posts directory (directory included) to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. WordPress の「プラグイン」メニューからプラグインを有効化してください
  3. Check out our getting started documentation


Do you offer any support?

Yes! We pride ourselves on offering awesome support and almost always answer support questions within 24 hours. Send us an email at whenever you have a question or suggestion!


Works perfectly

This plugin works right out of the box. I got up and running with minimal configuration. I used it to display woocommerce products on a custom port type. Nice work!

Just what I needed for internal links

I wanted to be able to manually choose which pages linked to each other, so selected Custom Related Posts from the reviews comparing alternatives. It does exactly what I wanted and gives the option of one way or both way links. Using the Block function I'm able to place links beneath my content exactly as I had hoped for. Having links within a Block is really helpful, once I finally understood that the option existed, that is, and finally understood how to use them. The support is excellent, I don't know how Brecht ever gets any sleep!!

Awesome plugin!

It's clean, fast, easy to use and has nearly all you need. What I love the most is that you don't need to save the post again after you change some links. Keep up the great work!

Exactly what I was looking for

I wanted to be able to search for an select the posts I wanted, and only on certan posts. A manual process was what I needed – but with about 1,500 posts (we're a news site, primarily), I just didn't have time to exit the post, find the ones I wanted, copy the URL, then go back into the site and paste them in. This plugin lets me do it right within the post editor. For now, I'm using the shortcode in the body of the post. I'm going to take a look at the widget as well. Thank you for this plugin!


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  • Feature: Thumbnails in output are links as well
  • Improvement: Bring back shortcode button for TinyMCE
  • Fix: Class name error for list item title
  • Fix: PHP notice for missing variable


  • Feature: Show featured image for related posts
  • Feature: Setting to disable relation caching
  • Improvement: New settings page
  • Improvement: Filter hook for search arguments
  • Fix: Deleting related post to post type that has been disabled


  • Fix: Relations not loading correctly in Gutenberg


  • Feature: Gutenberg compatibility


  • Fix: PHP 7 Warning


  • Feature: Setting to open links in a new tab
  • Improvement: WordPress 4.8 compatibility
  • Improvement: $relation variable available in plugin hook


  • Improvement: Settings for searching related posts


  • Fix: Firefox compatibility problem


  • Feature: Import relations from XML


  • Very first version of this plugin