Cyke Logistics


Integrate your WooCommerce shop with Cyke in a few clicks.

When a customer makes a purchase on your shop, your delivery provider will receive a delivery order within seconds. Your customer can choose a delivery timeslot, and you will be able to track the delivery status from your wordpress admin space.


  • Easily configure Cyke as a delivery method.
  • Your customer get confirmation after checking out and can track the delivery on Cyke.


Install and activate the Cyke plugin from WordPress plugins page

Configure your Cyke account

From the Plugins > Installed Plugins page, click on the Settings link within the Cyke list item.

Fill out the form with your Cyke Account information.

Save changes.

Create the Cyke shipping method

Go to the WooCommerce > Settings page and select the Shipping tab.

If you already have a local Shipping Zone configured, you can Edit it; otherwise, add a new one by clicking on Add shipping zone.

On the Shipping Zone form, click on Add shipping method.

Select Bike Delivery with Cyke, and add the shipping zone.

(optional) You can edit the name (displayed to your users) by clicking Edit under your shipping method name.

Save changes.

For each product, fill out dimensions

Go to the product Edit page.

Under the Product Data > Shipping section, fill out the dimensions and the weight of the product.

Save changes.

Cyke plugin is ready !


Why my deliveries are not created on Cyke ?

Make sure you have specified dimensions for your products, otherwise the plugins won’t include packages, and delivery won’t be created.




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