D3 Data Fields


D3 Data Fields allows you to create WordPress data fields and access them using shortcodes.
It’s the perfect companion for D3 Suites themes and plugins.

Data fields and shortcodes:
– Brand Name [brand_name]
– Business/Company Name [business_company_name]
– First Name [first_name]
– Last Name [last_name]
– Tax Code [tax_code]
– Vat Number [vat_number]
– PEC [pec]
– SDI [sdi]
– Business Register [business_register]
– REA [rea]
– Address [address]
– ZIP [zip]
– City [city]
– Province/Canton/State [province_canton_state]
– Country [country]
– Phone Primary [phone_primary]
– Phone Secondary [phone_secondary]
– Technical Office Phone [technical_office_phone]
– Commercial Office Phone [commercial_office_phone]
– Accounting Office Phone [accounting_office_phone]
– HR Office Phone [human_resources_office_phone]
– Warehouse Phone [warehouse_phone]
– Email Primary [email_primary]
– Email Secondary [email_secondary]
– Website Primary [website_primary]
– Website Secondary [website_secondary]
– Headquarters Map [headquarters_iframe_map]
– Resellers Map [resellers_iframe_map]
– Facebook [facebook]
– Instagram [instagram]
– WhatsApp [whatsapp]
– LinkedIn [linkedin]
– YouTube
– TikTok [tiktok]
– Behance [behance]
– Pinterest [pinterest]
– Tumblr [tumblr]
– Telegram [telegram]
– Twitter [twitter]
– Google [google]
– Snapchat [snapchat]
– Dribbble [dribbble]
– Yahoo [yahoo]
– Reddit [reddit]
– GitHub [github]
– Vimeo
– Vine [vine]
– Foursquare [foursquare]
– Flickr [flickr]
– Rss [rss]
– 500px [500px]
– WordPress [wordpress]
– Spotify [spotify]
– Skype [skype]


Do I need something else to use Data Fields?

No you don’t, the plugin is ready-to-go. Install it, activate it and you are ready for D3 Data Fields.

Is it compatible with every theme?

Theoretically yes, but it is demanded by your theme implementation.




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開発に興味がありますか ?

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First stable version.