Delete Post Revisions In WordPress


You must know the fact that on WordPress, each time you update your post, you will see previous post revisions stored there. How many times you revise your post, your each and every revisions of your posts are always stored over there.
So, to make your database small sized and less bulky, it is wise to use this plugin to delete all previous post revisions and make your database clean forever.

Main Tasks Delete Post Revisions In WordPress Plugin does
1) Makes WordPress database of small size.
2) Delete unnecessary post revisions that is stored in your database by post revisions.

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  1. You can download plugin and upload to ‘wp-content/plugins’ directory of your website. It is more easier if you click install button from your admin section.
    Now your plugin starts working. Its really cool and friendly for ever.


How this plugin works?

This plugin named “Delete Post Revisions In WordPress” automatically searches post revisions you made. It lists out all revisions you made. You can delete upon your selection.

Can I contact you if I get any problem?

Yes sure. I am sure that you will not get any problem. This plugin is too small sized, too light and easily can delete post revisions in wordpress in single click.

How to delete post revisions using this plugin?

Go to setting and click Delete Post Revisions and click Process




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