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Easy Poll – Best WordPress Poll System & Survey Plugin

このプラグインは WordPress の最新3回のメジャーリリースに対してテストされていません。もうメンテナンスやサポートがされていないかもしれず、最新バージョンの WordPress で使用した場合は互換性の問題が発生する可能性があります。

Easy Poll – Best WordPress Poll System & Survey Plugin


Easy Poll is a multi-purpose poll system maker plugin. Through this plugin, you can create as many polls, surveys or client feedback forms as you want.

Easy poll support 4 different types of questions. These are:

1) Single Choice (where the user can choose only one answer)
2) Multiple Choice (where user can choose multiple answers)
3) Input Field (where user can fill input field to answer)
4) Textarea (where user can input larger text)

On each poll, you can create as many questions as you need with a combination of different question types.

How to create poll

After installing the plugin you should see the Easy Poll admin menu on the WP admin dashboard. Click on the menu you will be led to the poll page. There you can see add new button for adding a new poll. On the add new page, there is a meta box called create a poll for creating questions.

You can fill title, content & thumbnail image if you need.

Submission Lists

Once users submit polls you will be able to see a list of submission details from the Report sub-menu.

Short Code

On the polls page there you can see short code, that you can use anywhere on the website.


From the Settings sub-menu, you can some settings stuff like whether the guest users can submit polls or not, success message, etc.


  • Polls List: Showing available polls listing along with short code & total submission number.
  • Input/Textarea Question: Create Input/Textarea type question.
  • Settings: Available settings for the Poll
  • Frontend: Showing how polls will be appeared to the end users.
  • Single/Multiple Choice: Create Single/Multiple choice question.
  • Report: Submission details.
  • Users submitted poll summary statistics percentage
  • Bar Chart of active polls


Can I create multiple choice poll?

Answer: Yes. Four type of poll can be created these are:
Single Choice
Multiple Choice
Input type ( for tiny text )
Textarea type ( for large text )

How to see submissions list

Answer: From the Report sub-menu of Easy Poll main menu

Can I use Short Code on any posts or pages?

Answer: Yes

Can I create a schedule poll?

Answer: Yes, you can set poll start & expiration date with any specific timezone

Can Users will be able to see the submission summary after submitting the poll?

Answer: Yes, on the poll-builder there is an option to show a poll summary after submitting the poll.

Can Admin will be able to see poll submission statistics?

Answer: Yes, on the report page there are statistics on active polls. You can also see the poll summary of single-type questions.

On the front-end Poll showing 404 not found

Answer: Make your website permalink is set to post name. If not so, set it & update permalink.




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  • Plugin released

1.1.0 – 10 December, 2022

New: Now poll could be created for any specific timezone with start & expire time
New: Poll status & expire column added on the poll list page
New: easy-poll default slug update option added on the settings page
New: Textarea field added to add message that will be visible if user visit before poll start and after expire
Fix: Javascript error showing on the console

1.2.0 – 25 January, 2023

New: Now Admin can see Active poll statistics report on the backend
New: Now Admin can see the poll summary percentage of single-type questions
New: Now Users can see the poll summary percentage of single-type questions after submitting the poll

1.2.1 – 25 January, 2023

Fix: JS error showing on the console of report summary page
Fix: Show poll summary checkbox on the meta box not remaining selected