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Easy WP LaTeX

Easy WP LaTeX provides a very easy way to display math and equations in your posts using LaTeX. Lets you customize colors and sizes of your equations.

Easy WP LaTeX provides a very easy way to display equations or mathematical formulas (typed in as TeX or LaTeX code) in your posts. It lets you customize colors and sizes of your equations to match your blog theme.


If you would like to see this plugin action, visit this physics post. You can even play with its admin interface at the live demo site.

Most LaTeX/equation plugins I have seen suffer from a few drawbacks.

  1. They require installations of TeX or other packages on your server.
  2. They are fairly inflexible in terms of colors of text and background.
  3. Each time you switch your theme, you have to re-configure your color scheme.
  4. They may not let you choose how to input LaTeX code. ([math]...[/math] or $$...$$) without editing the plugin code.

My plugin aims to be flexible, and easy to install (no geeky code editing etc.). It is now available in your own language using machine translation curtsey of Google and Microsoft.


This release is the freely distributed version of Easy WP LaTeX. It is fully functional. But the プロ版 gives you more features and benefits.

  1. In the Pro version, the plugin caches the formula images so that your pages load faster.
  2. You also get an option to align the formula image with respect to the text around it by tweaking the vertical alignment of your equations.
  3. Option to store the images in the database using WP transients API for potentially faster page loads.

New features and bug fixes will first appear in the Pro version before being ported to this freely distributed edition.


  1. Latex for WordPess by zhiqiang, on which this plugin is based, has caching and JS based image generation. But it lacks intuitive color matching and theme-dependent settings.
  2. JetPack also lets you insert LaTeX formulas, again color matching is not easy.

Requires: 2.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.5.7
最終更新: 11か月 ago
有効化済みインストール: 700+


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