Elegent Age Verification


Age Verification allow visitor to check first age of vistor. Ex. if you want to enter website in 18+ age visitor than before enter website there will be show popup of age checker after check age than allow to go for visit website.

Age gate wordpress is good one for restic any age of person in WordPress website age checker wordpress.

Age checker for wordpress allow you to setup age gate with visitor age to age verify wordpress.

Easily add a professional looking age verification on your website to deter underage visitors, ensure legal compliance and avoid costly fines age verify wordpress plugin.

How it works Age Verification

Age Verification Features

  • Easy Setup
  • Minumum Age Can be Add
  • Restict for particualar post type
  • Remeber visitor in setup cookie
  • Failures Redirection Allow
  • Verification Method allow three Type of layout
  • Pre define template allow
  • Background custom image, Background color, Background gradient Color allow
  • Upload Custom logo
  • Customize Title and color of title
  • Success and error message color and size setting
  • Mobile friendly





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