unable to change confirmation status unable see all subscribers unable to show all unconfirmed subscribers very unfrendly UI, especially huge menu removed...
It didn't work. After updated the latest version this email newsletter didn't work on WP 4.7.2. I had to uninstall it. Free plugins aren't the better option sometimes. I bought an alternative to this email marketing newsletter plugin ($22 only). If you are interested, it's called Newsletterfy - Newsletter Email Marketing Sales Conversion Plugin for WordPress. The best newsletter plugin for WordPress that I tried.
Same problem as MartinDBaker... I've used this plugin for a long time, but today was the last straw -- the first link was corrupted with spaces and exclamation marks causing a 404 error when the link in the newsletter was clicked. Also, have to spend at least an hour rearranging the posts and sending test emails 20 times before final publication because this plugin messes with the HTML when it inserts the posts into the newsletter, causing it to show HTML in the newsletter, break images, and misalign the content. LOVE the fact that you can create custom templates, hence 2 stars and not 1. Would have loved to keep using this plugin, but have to find something less quirky.
Before wasting your time with this plug-in you need to check with your hosting company to find out the limit on the number of emails your hosting will allow to be sent out per day and month. Most if not all hosting companies now limit the amount of emails to 250. In some cases even lower. This plug-in does not have a feature for allowing you to break up the emails into 250 packets and send them per day. There is no indication that the emails do not go out except when your subscibers start complaining that they never received the email. So this plug-in is fine if you only have a few emails to go out per month. But if you have a great many emails you should look for a service that provides bulk emails such as Constant Contact or GoDaddy.
I installed this and couldn't get it working 100%. Individuals could subscribe, but it wouldn't send email notifications when new posts were published. WORSE, is the fact that my IT guys tested the site and found this plugin is susceptible to a SQL injection attack and SHOULD NOT BE USED As of the time of this post, I have still not found a good subscription plugin.


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