Events Calendar for Google


Events Calendar for Google – Lists all events from public google calender to your wordpress website. It helps you provide your user best visual experience while listing your programs.
Useful to list music concerts, education fairs, Health awareness programs ,Social media live streaming And many more which suits your Buissness needs.

Why to use Google calendar

Google calendar is widely used to book appointments , Setting Events and their notification, Adding guests ,Sending reminders etc. Every Buissness owners use it as per their needs . For a website
it is a plus factor to have your announcements, events or programs listed so users can willingly take part or contribute . By Default , you can embed an iframe to list your calender on any website.
This plugin extends the visual apperance of calender which is easy to use , more connective and many more customized options.

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  • List all events from a public google calender
  • 3 Inbuilt Layouts List, grid , google calender
  • Customized style option for buttons , headers colors and many more
  • Show and hide options for every section
  • Pagination for longer events
  • Shortcode based implementation
  • Mobile Responsive

What’s New in Pro Version

  • 4 exclusive Layouts Launched in Pro
  • List Your upcoming events In sidebar
  • Date Format revised option
  • Random and custom color scheme
  • Customized links For anchor and buttons styles


  • List View
  • Grid view
  • Calender View
  • settings panel


  1. Install and activate “Events Calendar for Google” from wordpress directory.
  2. Go to plugin settings and submit google api key and calender id.
  3. Save your settings .
  4. Now implement shortcode [ECFG_calender_events] anywhere in your Website.

Please read the documentation for any other details.


Would be greater if you can choose the calendar language in the shortcode options.
Love the simple plugin. Had some issues and the developers responded super quick and got them fixed. Wish I had a few more design choices allowed, but over all great and simple plugin.
This is one of the best calendar plugin I have used. They are branded to suit my WordPress website and it's so easy to integrate too. Definitely recommend!


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Version 1.8.0| 23 June 2022

 Improvement: Recurring events issue sorted.
 Improvement: Current date filter to list events  .

Version 1.7.0| 17 June 2022

 Improvement: Version compatibility.
 Improvement: Notification updated  .

Version 1.6.0| 06 June 2022

 Improvement: Version compatibility.
 Improvement: Rating and Review widget added .
 Improvement: Added translations for spanish ,chinese and french .
 Improvement: Activation error “headers already sent” removed .
 Improvement: Removes cmb2/languages folder .
 Improvement: Removed activation and deactivation files .

Version 1.5.0| 20 Apr 2022

 Improvement: Version compatibility.
 Improvement: events status confirmed condition added .

Version 1.4.0| 17 Mar 2022

 Improvement: Added show/hide timezome section.
 Improvement: Removed :seconds from time .
 Improvement: View On map if location is given .
 Improvement: Header tag customization for seo  .
 Improvement: Css Tweaks  .
 Improvement: Ajax Pagination added  .
 Improvement: Updated Cmb Library to remove deprecated function .

Version 1.3.0| 30 Jan 2022

 Improvement: h4 tag captilize.
 Improvement: Title sanitization issue removed.

Version 1.2.0| 10 Jan 2022

 Improvement: Time is shown based on events selected time zone.
 Improvement: Timezone section is added.
  Improvement: Font icons issues resolved.

Version 1.0.0| 08 NOV 2021

 Improvement: Title , Descrption and Read More Button Listing.
 Improvement: Events sorted according to date.

First Release