EventsFrame Connector


EventsFrame connector plugin let’s you connect your EventsFrame account and have your Event’s landing page exist also on your WordPress site as a regular page.

If you don’t have an EventsFrame account you can sign up for a free trial at

You’ll need to add your API key from your EventsFrame account. Follow the instructions inside the plugin’s settings once plugin is installed.


  • Plugin Settings - Here you can add your EventsFrame API key.
  • Custom Post Type Event - You can add your events to WordPress as a page.
  • Select Your Event From Dropdown - Pick from your published events.


  1. Install EventsFrame connector plugin
  2. Navigate to WordPress Settings > EventsFrame
  3. Follow the link: Reveal my Plugin API Key
  4. Make sure you are logged in to your EventsFrame account
  5. Add the API Key into your plugin
  6. Create new \”custom post type\” EventsFrame Event and pick from a drop-down one of your existing events
  7. Publish it on your WP site!


How Do I Get My Api Key?

Follow the link in the plugin settings to open a page with your API Key. You must be logged in your EventsFrame account.




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1.04 Improved guidance for non-shown events
1.03 Fix of some typos
1.02 First release version
1.01 First version of the plugin