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I lost a few hours of my life that I won’t get back trying out Product Options plugins, until I got to this one. Does what it says on the box and works (even with custom templates), unobtrusive admin. Thank you very much.
2023年9月4日 3 replies
After spending a lot of time on this, it simply doesn’t work. Admin looks okay but I wonder what gives. Perhaps this is to difficult of a plugin for the “developer(s)”. On product page, select the option and the info below showing the prices is wrong. The option price does not show up. It shows as $0.00!AND, the subtotal is missing.AND, there is a bizarre number showing up that is not even entered for the product or any options. In the cart, The product NAME shows the name of the option, not the product. AND, the price shown is just the product, not the option. AND, the price shown is the product price — the option price is not added.AND, there is a bizarre number showing up that is not even entered for the product or any options. This number is different than the bizarre number showing up on the product page after checking the item. I haven’t gotten to the checkout page because this is simply.not.working.
2023年8月8日 1 reply
I made a couple of good suggestions for this plugin as it required more control. the developer stated that they had corrected the issue but it didnt work. i gave admin access to my site for the correction yet still they could not correct it. i have given up with them now as they do not communicate. the plugin could be great if they were to resolve the ‘very simple’ update/correction and actually correspond to the users of the plugin. its such a shame!
2022年2月2日 1 reply
I don’t like giving out 1 star rating however after 3 days of work and numerous support inquires that go unanswered I have no option but to advise against using this add-on in its current state. I am a web developer with over 2 decades experience in eCommerce development. My client is looking to sell car products both here in Australia and overseas. This means that the product need to be able to be sold as parts or fitted. The ideal was to use this add-on to include the fitting and tune as separate options. Here is a list of issues with it currently. 1. If you are using the currency convertor add-on for international clients this add-on shows the extra product options in the currency the client selects however on page when selected the totals are in the default currency. 2. If you use radio buttons as an option with a choice, this add-on add the selected option to the totals, however if the users changes the option it then adds the new amount to the totals without removing the previous option value. As you can image after changing a number of times the amount keeps increasing. 3. If you turn Woocommerce tax on, the subtotals shown are all wrong and the amount in the basket are incorrect. It would appear that the app developer failed to consider that the majority of clients may have to add tax to the listed amount. 4. If your added extra product option doesn’t include tax, this is not taken into consideration when calculating totals. I would love to support this developer with this well needed add-on and would be happy to pay for it, however this plugin needs work.
I needed to add some additional woocommerce product pricing options like “installation” to each of our products, and this plugin did exactly what we needed it to. It’s relatively simple to implement. Some formatting options would have been nice, but hey, it’s free! Will definitely be upgrading to the premium version if needed. I hope to see many more installs and reviews soon, as it’s major “competitor” only allows additional product pricing options in its premium version.


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