Fabrica Synced Pattern Instances


同期パターン (WP6.3までは再利用可能ブロックと呼ばれていました) に、基本的かつ重要なインデックス機能を追加します。

  • WordPress のメイン管理メニューにパターンを表示します
  • 同期がサイト全体で表示される回数を示す列をパターンリストに追加します。
  • このカウント数は、ブロックを含むすべてのコンテンツ (投稿、ページ、その他の公開投稿タイプ) のリストにリンクします。

Fabrica ダッシュボードとシームレスに連携するように設計されています: https://wordpress.org/plugins/fabrica-dashboard/


  • メインメニューに同期パターンリンクを表示します
  • インスタンス数を示すすべての同期パターンのリスト
  • 特定のブロックを使用するコンテンツのリスト



  1. プラグインファイルを /wp-content/plugins/fabrica-reusable-block-instances ディレクトリにアップロードするか、WordPress プラグイン画面から直接プラグインをインストールします。
  2. WordPress の「プラグイン」画面からプラグインを有効化します。



サイトのメンテナンス中にこれができずに苦慮していたところに出会った本当に有用なプラグインです。 ありがとうございます。 This is a really useful plugin that I came across when I was struggling to do this while maintaining my site. thank you.
Thank you for this nifty, clean plugin. Only wish I have, is that the “Instances” column could display the linked names of the posts (and pages) that use the reusable block – instead of merely a linked number. It would save me a click + page reload, to be able to see which posts use each block, at a glance. … Exactly like the plugin Reusable Blocks Extended does it. But I prefer your plugin, because it’s cleaner, and RBE doesn’t play nice with some other plugins I use. Thanks for considering it! 🙏💖🙏 Oliver @ WebMatros.com
This plugin has helped me so much and has saved me a lot of work and I really appreciate what it does. I created some custom reusable blocks and saved them offline from the plugin as .json files, and wouldn’t you know it – if I did not have those .json files and this plugin I’d be beating my head against the wall trying to recreate those blocks due to technical problems on our end. Very nice!
Another simple plugin, that displays this content. Probably should be in core. I also love the fact that it tracks where that block has been used.
2019年4月19日 1 reply
This plugin just made it to my MUST USE plugin list… All the advertised features work, but there is one more VERY important feature that I am not sure even the author realizes that this plugin does also. Right now, through this plugin’s screen, or if not using this plugin, in the native Gutenberg’s reusable blocks screen, you can import and export ONE reusable block at a time. That said, if you activate this plugin, you will now have the option to export ALL reusable blocks with one click, which is very useful if you have dozens of reusable blocks. To export all of them in one file, go to Tools->Export, and you will get the option to export all your reusable blocks. Everything that this plugin does, SHOULD be part of the WP core, no excuses, everything this plugin does, is extremely crucial. Some history… The blocks export feature in the Tools->Export screen was available when running WP 4.9x, and using the Gutenberg plugin. The export option from the Tools screen disappeared when Gutenberg was merged in the core. In December 2018, I notified the developers on slack abut this, in their core channel, and I was swiftly told to report it in the Editor channel, which I did immediately. The answer I got there was that this function should be restored, but never did – 3-4 months later. This plugin brings back the ability to export all the reusable blocks with one click, in one file, so I can pack up all my blocks and save them as backup, or simply move them to another website. Thanks for this great plugin, Nick.


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  • Support renamed Synced Patterns in WP 6.3
  • 同期パターンと非同期パターンを区別します


  • Load results asynchronously to avoid timeouts
  • Cache results for better performance
  • Include results for all post types that support blocks


  • Minor bugfixes and improvements


  • Further query performance optimizations
  • Filter by post type


  • Performance optimization and new post type column


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Uses a more efficient query to count instances


  • First version