このプラグインの公開は2019年3月22日に停止されており、ダウンロードできません。 理由: ガイドライン違反


I noticed this plugin caused longer loading times on my site. According to pingdom tools, FB Messenger created 33 more requests and my front page size increased by 500kb. I don't need the plugin functionalities enough to compensate for this increase in loading times. Furthermore the plugin hasn't been updated and it forces users to leave the website in order to continue chatting.
Forces end user to leave your website and go to messenger to continue chat... defeats the entire purpose. - also icon appears in weird place and doesn't seem to be a configurable way to fix. - Good potential here, but basically useless in current state.
doesnt work, it force you to open the facebook to continue the conversation, i mean, its pretty useless, also doesnt work well if you have adguard extension installed, pretty much limited and uselesss, it works, but doesnt fulfill the expectation, thats the problem.
This is my favourite plugin to use for FB Messenger / Live Chat. Simple to integrate for clients, no need for app ID or user login, just use their Page Name. Easily customisable / replacement button using own HTML/CSS. Easy to launch the modal window from links anywhere on the page. If the plugin is not working for you, check your AdBlock / Content Blockers, as this is the only thing I have found stopping it from working.
This addon does not currently integrate with Facebook even with the twenty-fifteen theme. If you are logged into Facebook and have chat messaging enabled, you will be prompted to login over and over again. The icon is incredibly small and you cannot move it anywhere you want. It doesn't look like this addon has been updated to be compatible with 4.8 as it's showing me it's outdated. This addon may have potential one day, but for now I would not recommend using it.


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