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Thank you very much for this plugin, I searched for a plugin that can make me upload the font to modify post font, I find many but none of them works with me except a plugin worked just for one font and asked for money, your plugin is perfect and works like a charm without any technical experience. I confirm that it works on WordPress 4.9.8 Thank you again I really appreciate it.
2018年5月7日 1 reply
Google fonts are fine, but what if you want to add a font that's not on Google? Or what if you used Montserrat only to see it change without notice (twice) and totally ruin your look? There are a lot of reasons to host your own fonts, and you can do it in code but this plugin makes it easy. It came to the rescue for my own personal Montserrat disaster recovery program.
2018年5月2日 1 reply
I spent several hours reading different articles about how to upload a custom font to my website only to be incredibly frustrated. As I was about to give up, I stumbled upon this plugin and it made the changes I needed in just a couple minutes. I am very thankful that this type of plugin is out there for noobs like me!
2018年3月2日 1 reply
Excellent plugin, and incredible support. A terrific range of google and other free font options to begin with -- far surpassing others that I've seen. And then once one has brought in fonts, they're available not only for a variety of elements, but can be attached to custom elements of forms and the font options appear in the visual editor when writing blogs or pages! I ran into a short problem, posted a message here for support, and got a quick and helpful response within hours, including evidence that the author had been to my website for close inspection of code! Wow! Couldn't have more respect for a project or the maintainer.
I was having so much trouble trying to work with plugins to change fonts within my blog. This plug in made it SUPER EASY. THANK YOU!!!!!


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