forms for sparkloop (Sendgrid Version)


forms for sparkloop: The easiest way to integrate Sparkloop (Sendgrid Version)

Why use this plugin?

You will need to do a few things to set up the plugin; however it does not require that you purchase a license for form builders like Gravity Forms or WPForms. It also doesn’t require any additional plugins that build the integration with various email platforms – which also usually cost money. Again, you won’t need to unnecessarily use up any Zaps as a Zapier integration is also not needed.

Instead this is the only WordPress plugin you will need to start seeing metrics in your Sparkloop dashboard.

Use [ffsl_sparkloop_form] anywhere on your site, and it will generate a newsletter subscription form.

Third Party Services & Disclosures

In addition to Sparkloop, this plugin uses several third party services.


  • Easily integrate Sparkloop’s script
  • Stops spam with Google reCAPTCHA v3
  • Use multiple shortcodes on the same page
  • Sync with a Sendgrid contact list
  • Use shortcode [ffsl_sparkloop_form]


  • Google v3 reCAPTCHA Google v3 reCAPTCHA Site Key – For stopping spam. Only the key is needed
  • Sendgrid API key – The key must have full access to all scopes. Only the key is needed.
  • Sendgrid Contact List ID – Create a contact list and obtain the ID from the URL.




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