WordPress Form Builder Plugin – Gutenberg Forms


WordPress Form Builder Plugin – Gutenberg Forms

Existing form plugins do not allow you to build your forms within Gutenberg Editor. They offer mostly custom made form builder which was a great feature earlier. But with the Gutenberg editor, you should be able to build your forms directly in the Gutenberg editor.

That’s why we built Gutenberg Forms.This is the next generation WordPress form builder plugin. You can easily build your forms by adding form fields as gutenberg blocks within the Gutenberg Editor. You do not need to leave the editor to build your forms using some other drag & drop form builder. Now you can build your form within Gutenberg editor using Gutenberg Forms.

Gutenberg Forms adds a Form Block in Gutenberg and all the form fields are child blocks which you can add within the Form Block, nice and easy. You can add multiple contact forms, and you can customize the form within the Gutenberg Editor. Google reCAPTCHA integration added for spam filtering.

Feature Highlights

The following are some of the main features, but there’s more which you need to checkout by installing the plugin.

  • No Bulky Form Builder – Build Forms Directly in Gutenberg Editor.
  • Easy Form Layouts using builtin Form Columns Block.
  • Create Multi-Step / Multi-Page Forms Easily.
  • Conditional Logic – Show/hide fields conditionally.
  • Form Entries – Form Entries are recorded in the database and accessible via WordPress admin.
  • Use Forms Anywhere – You can create standalone forms using Gutenberg and use it anywhere using a shortcode. That Gutenberg Forms compatible with any WordPress page builder.
  • Form Templates – We have started creating useful form templates to let you get started building your desired form faster.
  • Calculator Forms – Create basic or complex calculations.
  • Dynamically populate field values via URL parameters.
  • Hidden field type with dynamic value tags.
  • Spam Protection – Google reCaptcha & Akismet Integration.
  • Email Notification Builder – Create a custom email notification content.
  • Form Styles – Form & Field blocks come with different styles. (you can add yours as well).
  • Responsive Forms – The forms you create are fully responsive.
  • Import/Export Forms – Do it the same way you do with any Gutenberg block.
  • More features you will find out while using the plugin.


Please read the docs before creating a support ticket here.

Add-ons & Integrations

MailPoet Add-on
Our first add-on has been released. It is for MailPoet plugin that lets you connect Gutenberg Forms with MailPoet to send leads to your MailPoet list.

Read More & Install it, it’s FREE.

Mailchimp Add-on
Mailchimp integration is ready as an add-on. Mailchimp add-on lets you connect your Mailchimp account with Gutenberg Forms to send leads to your selected list.

Read More & Install it, it’s FREE.

Akismet Add-on
Akismet integration is ready as an add-on. It let’s you secure your forms from spammers. Akismet checks your contact form submissions against their global database of spam.

Read More & Install it, it’s FREE.

Share Your Feedback & Suggestions 👏

Your feedback, ideas and suggestions would be really helpful in adding & improving the features that you need. We have set up a tool to collect your feedback and prioritize the features based on votes.


Get involved with the Development

This is a new plugin and I am committed to making it one of the best Form Builder plugin for WordPress. But, for that, I need your support to test & contribute. I just want you to test out the plugin and report any bugs you found and suggest features you wish to be added to it. And, if you are a coder and wish to contribute to this Opensource Form Builder you are welcome to get involved via Github.



  • WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Gutenberg Forms
  • Adding New Field
  • Rearrange Form Fields via Drag & Drop or Up & Down buttons.
  • Form Settings
  • Email Builder
  • Form Styles



  • WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Gutenberg Forms
  • WordPress Form Builder Plugin - Gutenberg Forms


  1. Upload the entire plugin folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.

Once Activated, you will find the ‘Gutenberg Forms’ block in the Gutenberg editor.

For basic usage, you can also have a look at the plugin website Gutenberg Forms.

You may also get involved with the development via Github:



At the time of writing, Jan 2021, this plugin was able to fully do the job that I needed it to do and I'm grateful for it, just see it as a work in progress and be prepared to accept rough edges. You can manually build forms and they work as advertized. The plugin comes with a number of templates, but at the time of writing most of the templates are not updated to work with the current Gutenberg and will display errors when inserted, you'll have to build them manually which is not hard. The documentation is comprehensive. Thanks to the author for some solid work.
This plugin is much better than any other forms plugin. Most of it is free, whereas others constantly want to plug their PRO versions. It comes with a full-fledged back end database solution. With Contact Form 7 I need to go through hoops to get that.
I can see a lot of work has gone into this plugin because to design & code something as complex as a Gutenberg forms plugin is no small feat. Congratulations on what you've achieved here and I after only half an hour, I can already see it has more functionality than some "old style" commercial plugins. I'm experiencing some minor issues like not being able to insert a form from one of the many existing templates the plugin includes but I put that down to the "dynamic" nature of the Gutenberg codebase rather than the plugin itself.
I have setup the form and connected with MailPoet, it works really well 🙂 The only issues I had were to change the styling of required fields and how to setup a form with multiple columns. For both issues the dev replied very fast and provided the appropriate docs.
This plugin works out of the box perfect! Convenient, simple, got everything I need. No plus-version required. Amazing!


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For more information, visit Gutenberg Forms.


(9 Dec 2020)
– Fixed: Recaptcha Bug


(5 Oct 2020)
– New: Export Entries Feature
– Fixed: Bugs Reported by users


(31 Aug 2020)
– New: Form Summary Screen (Beta)
– Fixed: Bugs
– Improved: Code


(11 Aug 2020)
– Improved: Form Entries Screen
– New: Chart Added for Form Entries
– Fixed: Email Incoding issue for Message field type
– Fixed: Bugs


(25 July 2020)
– New: Akismet Addon Released
– Added: Prefix & Suffix Options for fields
– Added: Option to add Set Spam & Error Message
– Fixed: Bugs


(15 July 2020)
– Added: Mailchimp Integration
– Added: Option to adjust width in Form Columns
– Improved: Dashboard & Add-on Management
– Fixed: Bugs


(04 July 2020)
– Improved: Multi step form creation
– Added: Progress Bar for multi step form
– Fixed: Bugs


(23 June 2020)
– Added: Dynamically populate field values
– Added: Server side preview for saved forms
– Added: Hidden field with merge tag inserter (UNDER-PROGRESS)
– Fixed: Bugs


(03 June 2020)
– Added: Mailpoet Integration ( Separate addon )
– Fixed: Bugs
– Improved: Code


(28 Apr 2020)
– Improved: Email Notification Builder is moved in the sidebar
– Added: Admin Page Using Gutenberg Components
– Improved: Google ReCaptcha settings added in admin page
– Added: Default validation Messages in admin page
– Added: From Field in the Email Notification Builder
– Added: All Data tag in the Email Notification Builder
– Fixed: File Upload Bugs
– Added: Form Actions – Now you can enable/disable any action like form entries, email notification etc


(11 Apr 2020)
– New: Now form entries are recorded in database
– New: forms CPT – Create forms and use anywhere using shortcode
– New: Templates Library – Start creating forms quickly with ready to use templates
– Added: Bulk Add Option for select, radio and checkbox fields
– Fixed: Bugs
– Improved: Code


(28 Mar 2020)
– Added: Multi Step feature
– Added: File Upload Field
– Fixed: Bugs
– Improved: Code
– Added: Min / Max Length for Text and Message Fields
– Added: Option To Hide Form On Success
– Improved: Button Block
– Improved: Group Block

Thanks to All the Contributors: https://github.com/munirkamal/gutenberg-forms/graphs/contributors


(21 Mar 2020)
– Fixed: Bugs
– Improved: Code


(7 Mar 2020)
– Fixed: Bugs
– Improved: UI and organized options
– Added: New style for radio and checkbox fields


(28 Feb 2020)
– Added: Form Theme Options
– Improved: form columns can now be changed after selection
– Improved: Better organized options for form
– Improved: Number field

1.0.6 (22 Feb 2020)

  • Added: Custom Pattern Option for Messages,Text,Phone,Name fields
  • Added: Option to define Custom validation Messages for All fields
  • Added: Option to define default validation Messages in the main form block
  • Added: Basic Conditional Logic to All fields
  • Added: Form Button Block with actions Submit/Reset
  • Added: Option to disable default Submit Button
  • Added: Calculation Block
  • Fixed: Bug fixes

1.0.5 (15 Feb 2020)

  • Fixed: Frontend Styling
  • Added: Inline field Styling
  • Improved: Sanitization
  • Added: Image Select for Checkbox, Radio
  • Improved: Options UI for Checkbox,Radio,Select
  • Improved: Form Markup
  • Added: Form Group Block
  • Added: Yes/No Field
  • Added: Required Text Option

1.0.4 (04 Feb 2020)

  • Re-done the entire plugin from scratch to work with the latest Gutenberg APIs.
  • Added: Email Notification Builder
  • Added: Form Columns Block
  • Added: Transform Fields to Another functionality

1.0.1 (18 Oct 2018)

  • Fixed: Minor issues.

1.0.0 (16 Oct 2018)

  • Initial release with the basic functionality and fields added.