Frontend Dashboard Extra



This is an Add-on plugin of Frontend Dashboard, So please install Frontend Dashboard to use this plugin

Frontend Dashboard Extra WordPress plugin is a supportive plugin for Frontend Dashboard with supportive additional features likes extra Calendar for selecting date and time, Colors and File Upload for images.

Date and Time Calendar

Shows Date and Time Calendar with high customizations like changing the date format, selecting date range and multiple selection and time with 12 and 24 hours


Choosing color by variety of hexadecimal codes

File Upload

Image files can be uploaded for the registered users in the Frontend Dashboard.


  • Date and Time
  • Color
  • File


  1. Upload the “frontend-dashboard-extra” directory to the plugins directory.
  2. Go to the plugins setting page and activate “Frontend Dashboard Extra”
  3. Go to Frontend Dashboard and add the Date, Color and File input fields
  4. Do save.




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1.6 [27-Feb-2024]

  • Table field added (new)

1.5.10 [17-July-2020]

  • Bug fixes

1.5.8 [18-Jun-2020]

  • Features : Added new Label form field

1.5.5 [19-Apr-2019]

  • Bug fixes

1.5.1 [12-Oct-2019]

  • Support WP Editor (Beta)

1.5 [12-Oct-2019]

  • Support Frontend Dashboard 1.5

v 1.3.3 [10-Jan-2018]

  • Bug: Date Time – Time not showing.

v1.3.2 [03-Oct-2018]

  • Bug fixes

v1.3.1 [24-January-2018]

  • Bug fixes

v1.3 [20-December-2017]

  • Bug: Uploading documents causing preview not found

v1.2.1 [14-December-2017]

  • Not able to add the field due to nonce field

v1.2 [06-December-2017]

  • Bug fixes

v1.1 [25-November-2017]

  • Bug fixed

v1.0 [19-October-2017]

  • Public release