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Fed up with being overwhelmed with wp comment spam?.

This WordPress anti spam plugin detects automated comment spam to save you the constant nuisance. It does it without asking your users annoying questions, quizes or reCAPTCHA.

Simply install the plugin to start blocking spam.

This plugin is free for commercial and business sites as well as personal blogs. No API key required.

Check the reviews, we are sure that spam comments on your blog post will be decimated. Look no further if you are looking for a free anti spam solution that simply works.

Whether you’re just tired of comment spam or looking for a spam protection solution that truly stops spam, Fullworks is the perfect solution.

Anti Spam Protection Free Features

  • prevents automated WordPress comment spam
  • stores the spam comments for review in the spam tab
  • removes the spam comments from WordPress after a defined number of days
  • also deals with comments through the wpDiscuz plugin
  • option not to remove comment spam automatically if desired
  • can be used alongside other security plugins and spam protection plugins
  • if you have built up thousands of spam comments, the auto remove function will work on previous spam, so will clear down historic comment spam automatically.

It is FREE

Free for any use, personal, commercial, and business sites with no API key required.

It Works

Check out our reviews, and you’ll find that Fullworks Anti Spam is widely recognized as an anti-spam solution that truly stops spam comments on your blog posts.

It is good for SEO

How can an anti spam plugin improve SEO? Well they can’t but they can damage SEO by damaging performance. Other well known anti spam plugins make calls to the cloud to analyse
comments and this can slow down your site. This plugin is fast and lightweight and so by using this plugin, over some others, you can be avoiding damaging your SEO.

It is easy to use

The plugin is designed to be ‘set and forget’. Once installed it will start protecting you from spam. You can review the spam comments if you wish, but you don’t have to.

It is safe

The plugin does not send any data to any third party. It does not use cookies. It does not track users. It does not collect any personal data.

Go Pro

Upgrade to ‘Pro’ from within your WordPress dashboard to get these further pro anti spam features

  • Protect from Comments and Form entries from blacklisted IP
  • Protect against Pingback and Trackback spam
  • Protect against human entered spam, using a machine learning anti spam server
  • Protect your Contact Forms, including JetPack contact form, Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7 ( CF7 ), WP Forms, Caldera Forms, Quick Contact Form and Quick Event Manager
  • Stops fake user registration in WordPress
  • Stops fake WooCommerce Account Registrations from bots
  • Unlimited number of entries checked via the anti spam server
  • Automatically block and discard the worst spam
  • Automatic spam statistics reporting
  • Control spam retention

Free trial, sign up directly from the plugin settings page.

Or visit the Pro product page

Privacy and GDPR

This free plugin does not collect, process or send any website visitor personal data anywhere

PHP 8.1

Tested against PHP 8.1


Through Dashboard

  1. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Type find the plugin using the search box
  3. Then click on Install Now and after that Activate the plugin.
  4. You do not have to Opt In that is optional, you may skip
  5. The plugin is set up and protecting you from automated comment spam

Installing Via FTP

  1. Download the plugin to your hardisk.
  2. Unzip.
  3. Upload the plugin folder into your plugins directory.
  4. Log in to your WordPress admin panel and click the Plugins menu.
  5. Then activate the plugin.
  6. You do not have to Opt In that is optional, you may skip
  7. The plugin is set up and protecting you from automated comment spam


Why use this plugin and not one of the others?

A great question. The most popular anti-spam plugin for WordPress is Akismet. Akismet is shipped wil the initial install of WordPress giving the impression that it is the most appropriate
plugin for comment spam. It is not until you try and use Akismet that you find out that that you have to sign up for an API Key, and then discover that for the vast majority of websites Akismet
is not a free anti-spam plugin. Akismet is not free for any website that has any commercial purpose, that means if you hav ean affiliate link or a single advert or sell something or advertise something for sale, or just simply use your website as a brochure for your business
you have to pay Akismet a fee. And it not cheap. They also say that they monitor and check for licence abuse.

Another popular WordPress anti spam plugin, Clean Talk, is not free at all, for anything. You need to sign up to a plan.

After that, there are loads of anti spam plugins that have been around a while. Because they have been around awhile they have built up a high number of users, but a high number of users for an anti spam plugin doesn’t necessarily mean it is effective.
Many of these established plugin are free and have not sustainable revenue stream to pay for developments and improvements in the fight against WordPress spam.

And then there are security plugins, that also do anti-spam. There are many good security plugins, but there strength is security, not necessarily anti spam.

In conclusion, Fullworks Anti Spam is a relatively new entrant (2019) to an area with lots of competition. Competion is healthy. What Fullworks Anti Spam has going for it is it is free for Comment spam and it is new so uses the latest techniques. Also with a pro offering, it has funding to keep
developing in the ver ending fight against spammers.

How does it work?

The plugin uses techniques to detect automated spam (bots). Bot have certain characteristics that can be detected by our software. When a comment is submitted by a bot it is marked as spam and appears in your comment list under a separate tab as spam.
The comment is there for you to review. The plugin also cleans up after a certain number of days, that you set in settings. After a while, once you are convinced all the comments are really spam
( we are confident, but we understand you may want to check things out ) you can set the time to zero days and then never see automated spam again. This is why we call it Stop WordPress Spam.

Where are the settings?

As a ‘set and forget’ plugin the settings a under Dashboard>Settings>Anti Spam

There is only one setting, enable or disable blocking of bot (automated) comment spam, by default this is on.

It only handles automated spam, what about human spam?

Our statistic shows that automated comment spam makes up 99.5% of spam comments, that means that in a typical unprotected blog that gets 600 spam comments you have 3 humans spam comments to deal with.
I’m sure that is manageable, but of course if you want to eliminate those you can always upgrade to Pro

Why is form protection only in Pro, can’t it be in free?

It is important for plugins to be commercially viable. If they are not, they wither and die. You see so many abandoned free plugins. Isn’t that just annoying when you find after a couple of years
you need to find an alternative? We have chosen to put contact form anti spam and registration form anti spam in the Pro version so we can have a revenue stream to keep developing anti spam protection.
Contact form spam is the higher volume issue, and most websites with contact forms or WooCommerce registration forms are business websites that should easily be able to afford our modest fees
for the Pro version. It is surprisingly small investment – why not upgrade? Upgrade to Pro

What happens to the spam comments?

Each spam comment is stored under the comments>spam tab for your review and deletion as required

Does it work on contact or registration forms?

The free plugin is built to protect WordPress comments from spam bots which is 99% of the issue. The Pro version has more sophisticated spam detection techiques including
machine learning to prevent human spam and integration to most forms packages. As most sites that have forms are commercial in some form we feel that
it is only right that they pay a small amount towards the cost of software and hardware required to provide these features.
You can upgrade to a free trial of pro directly from your WordPress plugins page.

Do I have to Opt In or use and API key?

Whilst there is an Opt In form, if you skip it the free plugin works exactly the same.


2022年12月7日 1 reply
Not bloated with features. But it seems to have everything that one needs for an antispam plugin. Very simple to install and to use. Affordable too. And support answers questions in a prompt and friendly way. Just make sure to use a contact form that is compatible with Fullworks Anti Spam, in order for the plugin to cover your site against spam fully (including human spam and not only bots). In case your contact form is not on the list, ask support – in some cases, they can find a solution.
2022年2月5日 2 replies
Works with latest release and I think this is the only plugin that works with AJAX lazy loaded comments. Developer fixed issue that evening. Wow!
2021年1月21日 1 reply
I has suffered from lots of spam from my website and after installing this plugin it has nearly ceased, I might get one or two a month, compared to 10 or 15 a day. Easy to use and starts to work from the word go. Don’t bother with anything else just get this, it works!
2019年12月19日 1 reply
I recommend this plugin. Thank you so much Fullworks ! I needed a good plugin to block spams in the comments. Alan at Fullworks provides great support. Thanks


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