Gravity Forms FreshDesk Plugin


This Plugin sends Gravity Form entries into FreshDesk. You can create a Ticket or Contact in FreshDesk from Gravity Forms entry. Learn more at

Need FreshDesk Plugin for Woocommerce or Contact Form 7 ?

Connect FreshDesk

You can connect FreshDesk account to any Form by simply entering FreshDesk API key.

Mapping Ticket Fields

You can easily map Gravity Forms entry fields to any FreshDesk Ticket fields. You can also map custom FreshDesk fields.

Primary Key

Instead of creating new Object(Ticket or Customer) in FresDesk, you can update old object by setting Primary Key field.

Error Reporting

If there is an error while sending form data to Freshdesk, an email containing the error details will be sent to the specified email address.

CRM Logs

Plugin saves a detailed log of each entry sent (or not sent) to Freshdesk. You can easily resend an entry to Freshdesk.

Export Logs

You can easily export Freshdesk Logs as a CSV file for bookkeeping, and accounting purposes.

Full Synchronization

All local entries are fully synchronized with Freshdesk entries. If you update/delete/restore a form entry in Gravity Forms that entry will be updated/deleted/restored in the Freshdesk.

Filter Entries

By default all entries are sent to the Freshdesk, but you can setup rules to limit the entries sent to Freshdesk.

Ticket Notes

You can send one to many fields as a Ticket Note in Freshdesk.

Task Status and Priority

You can choose ticket status and priority for new Tickets in Freshdesk.

Premium Version.

Gravity Forms FreshDesk Plugin has a Premium version which comes with several additional benefits. Upgrade to Pro version

  • Create Contacts and Companies.
  • Ticket tag field.
  • Ticket attachment field.
  • Custom fields field.
  • Phone Number field.
  • Lookup customer’s email using email lookup apis. We support all good email lookup apis.
  • 20+ premium addons

Upgrade to Pro version

Premium Addons

We have 20+ premium addons and new ones being added regularly, it’s likely we have everything you’ll ever need.View All Add-ons

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  • Connect Multiple FreshDesk Accounts.
  • Map FreshDesk Fields to Gravity Forms fields.
  • Create New Entry in FreshDesk or Update Old Entry searched By Primary key.
  • Filter Entries.
  • Entries Sent to FreshDesk.


Where can I get support?

Our team provides free support at


Great plug in and easy to use. Best part was I came across a minor issue and an enhancement request and the support team responded very quickly with an update to fix!
Excellent plugin, it helped a lot in our Freshdesk project. You can add various feeds to a single Form. I also bought the pro version.
Very helpful plugin make our life much easier. This might be the only solution to have integration with Freshdesk and it's oberserver features with full automation. CRMPrk team has the great and lightspeed response support team. The best I met no kidding.


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  • added new line and html support in ticket.


  • fixed all_fields html table.


  • fixed attachments field.


  • added Companies support.


  • options selectbox added in fields settings.


  • removed addons page.
  • fixed custom fields.


  • 500 error on submitting a form fixed


  • Initial release.