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Google Drive Embedder

Browse for Google Drive documents and embed directly in your posts/pages. Extends Google Apps Login plugin so no extra user auth required.

Google Drive Embedder gives authors easy access to their Google Drive in a popup box, where they can select documents to embed directly into their post or page. Just as easily as picking a photo from the WordPress media gallery.

Documents can be embedded in-line, using Google's read-only interactive viewer for your audience to read them. Documents can also be placed in your site as links to open up editable files (either in the same or a new browser tab), or downloaded straight to the computer.

You will need to set document sharing settings to ensure your website viewers have access to view your documents (e.g. at least 'anyone with the link can view' to be visible to all visitors).

This plugin requires that you also install the free (or premium) version of the popular Google Apps Login plugin

Displays many file types such as PDF, Word DOC, ZIP etc plus native Google docs (Spreadsheet, Drawing, etc). Step through a list of your Drive files or search to find the one you're looking for.

Choose from:

  • Viewer file link - full page Google viewer and editor
  • Download file link - directly download file to your computer (disabled for native Google doc formats)
  • Embed document - display most file types inline in your posts or pages (non-Google file types need sharing settings at least 'anyone with the link can view')

Useful for public websites or private intranets (all visitors should be able to view files as long as sharing settings are 'anyone with the link can view' or higher in Google Drive). Works on all WordPress installations including multisite networks.

Please note that to embed folders, forms, images, and videos you will require the Premium or Enterprise version of this plugin.

Paid versions and Support

You can also purchase the premium or enterprise versions of Google Drive Embedder, including support.

The Premium version contains some important extra features:

  • Browse My Drive, Recent Files, Starred, and Shared With Me tabs to locate Drive files the way you're used to.
  • Embed Folders: simply keep your Google Drive folder up-to-date with your files, and your staff or website visitors will always be able to view a list of the latest documents.
  • Embed Images, Videos, and Forms: serve them directly from Google Drive, respecting your Google sharing settings.
  • Google Calendars: pick from your Google Calendars and provide download links to ICAL or XML, or embed them directly in your site.
  • Google Docs export: provide links to downloadable versions of Google Docs, e.g. Spreadsheets exported as PDF or Excel.
  • Support and updates for one year.

Premium - See details and purchase

The Enterprise version integrates Google Drive much more closely with your WordPress intranet, essentially allowing each page or post on your intranet to host its own file attachments, completely backed by Drive.

This means you no longer need to manage Drive and your Intranet as two completely separate document sharing systems!

It also introduces advanced interactive embedded folders, where users can preview files and drill-down into subfolders all without leaving your site.

It also contains all the features of the basic and premium versions.

Enterprise - Find out more


Google Drive document embedding and one-click login will work for the following domains and user accounts:

  • G Suite Basic (Google Apps for Work)
  • G Suite Business (Google Apps Unlimited for Work)
  • G Suite for Education (Google Apps for Education)
  • G Suite for Non-profits (Google Apps for Non-profits)
  • G Suite for Government (Google Apps for Government)
  • Personal gmail.com and googlemail.com emails

Google Apps Login plugin setup requires you to have admin access to any G Suite domain (formerly Google Apps), or a regular Gmail account, to register and obtain two simple codes from Google.

Google Apps Login

The Google Apps Login plugin (which you must also install) allows existing WordPress user accounts to login to the website using Google to securely authenticate their account. This means that if they are already logged into Gmail for example, they can simply click their way through the WordPress login screen - no username or password is explicitly required!

Full support and premium features are also available for purchase:

Eliminate the need for G Suite / Google Apps domain admins to separately manage WordPress user accounts, and get peace of mind that only authorized employees have access to the organizations's websites and intranet.

See http://wp-glogin.com/

Requires: 3.5 or higher
Compatible up to: 4.7.3
最終更新: 2か月 ago
有効化済みインストール: 9,000+


4.3 (5点満点中)


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