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Groovy Menu is a responsive and free Mega Menu WordPress plugin that will allow you easily to add an awesome menu on your site and improve website navigation. Is an easy to customize, just need to upload your logo and fit your own colors, fonts and sizes.

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  • Mega Menu
  • Vertical menu
  • One-page menu
  • Dropdown menu
  • Submenu
  • Toolbar menu
  • Ajax Cart
  • DIVI Compatible
  • Avada Fusion Builder Compatible
  • Elementor Compatible
  • WooCommerce Mega menu
  • Responsive menu
  • Fullwidth mega menu
  • Mobile menu
  • RTL Support
  • WPML Ready
  • Multi-level menu support
  • Smooth scroll
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Preview mode
  • 2 hover types
  • 1 desktop logo + 1 mobile logo
  • Automatic and manual integration
  • No coding skills needed
  • Easy to customize

Premium Features

  • Megamenu
  • Mega menu blocks – that allow adding rich content into the mega menu. Compatibility with best popular page builders as Elementor,
    Elementor, DIVI, WPBakery
  • Divi Mega menu
  • Divi Fullwidth Module
  • Divi Regular Module
  • Many header layouts
  • Online preset library with pre-made presets
  • Vertical menu
  • Icon menu
  • Sticky menu
  • Fixed menu
  • Off-canvas navigation
  • Hamburger menu
  • Submenu
  • Sidebar menu
  • Custom menu badges (icon, text, image)
  • User roles with user role plugins
  • Set specific menu for the taxonomies
  • Premium Support
  • Theme Developers features
  • Elementor Mega Menu
  • WPBakery Mega Menu
  • Mega menu for Visual Composer
    Get max from your site menu with the Groovy Mega Menu PRO for WP.

Page Builders compatibility

  • Elementor, Elementor Pro
  • DIVI Theme Builder – new
  • Fusion Builder (Avada Theme Builder) new
  • WPBakery (Visual Composer)
  • BeaverBuilder
  • Brizy
  • UX Builder from Flatsome theme new
  • Cornerstone by Themeco authors X theme, Pro theme
  • Gutenberg
  • SiteOrigin Page Builder

Plugin compatibility

WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, Slider Revolution, ConvertPlug, WPML,
Ninja forms, Elementor PRO, Cache plugins such as WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache,
Fastest Cache, Hummingbird, Super Cache, Autoptimize, WP Optimize. Cache Enabler and others.

Additional Info

The source code of the plugin can be found at GitHub


  • Classic dropdown menu.
  • Dashboard.
  • Global settings.
  • Preset options.
  • Mega menu with menu blocks.


  1. Upload \”\” to the \”/wp-content/plugins/\” directory.
  2. Activate the plugin through the \”Plugins\” menu in WordPress.
  3. Enable automatic integration from the WordPress admin page > Groovy menu > Integration


How to integrate?

Groovy menu can be integrated both manually and automatically. The automatic integration is the easiest and in most
cases the working way to implement Groovy Menu on your website. The principle of autointegration is that the Groovy Menu
plugin will be displayed immediately after the opening HTML tag “body”. Read more

How to upload logo?

Please read this article.


Horrible, it is not friendly, tedious, it is not understood, and for a change everything is paid. fatal
I've only tested the sidebar menu version for the moment. It is still limited compared to the horizontal menu, but according to the support, it will get improved soon. I would like to highlight the amazing customer support. No fear in case of bugs, they are there and do even more than necessary!
I would like to thank you for the development of this plugin. The panel is very well organized and easy to configure. The integration options are also available in a very simple way to use. Excellent job!
The best menu, IMHO! A lot of configurable options and the possibility of using a logo, too! Amazing!
Hello! Everything is relative! I did tests with all of most popular mega menus here. And after all my choice is the groovymenu. It has auto integration into headers, many settings, works without bugs. I can recommend this plugin! Get my 5 stars!


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  • Improve: Updated the pool of JavaScript libraries included in the Groovy Menu.
  • Add: Added a new setting in the Global setting: “Disable internal Font”.
  • Add: Added a new setting in the Global settings: “Allow use preloader for internal fonts”. Allows you to speed up the loading of the FontAwesome & Groovy Menu Internal font.
  • Add: Added the ability to display the Groovy Menu using the [groovy_menu] shortcode. This allows you to insert it into almost any widget or Custom HTML block in content editors.
  • Fix: In some rare cases, WP didn’t add IDs for menu items. A fix has been made to add these IDs without fail.
  • Fix: Removed HTML inserts for title & description from the global config. In some rare cases on the server side, reading such a config led to bugs with caching the HTML output.
  • Fix: Fixed a compatibility issue when editing Menu Block with Cornerstone builder (X Theme, Pro theme).
  • Fix: Additional check after AJAX to update the number of products in the Woocommerce mini-cart mobile version.
  • Fix: Now are correct working custom empty links in the top level menu toghether with enabled setting opening the sub-menu on mouse click.
  • Fix: Fixed working with the Iconpack at loading and uninstalling the icon font pack in Global settings.
  • Fix: The initialization of the main Groovy Menu modules has been moved to the ‘init’ action. This avoids conflicts with some third-party plugins, and also allows you to dynamically add new integration capabilities with some themes. (include Zephyr 7.x).


  • Add: New type of mobile menu with slide effect.
  • Add: An additional option for “Mobile navigation drawer width” is “Dynamic minimum size”
  • Add: Added “Enable mobile menu scrollbar” setting. Is enabled by default.
  • Add: New option for mobile menu type “Slider mobile submenu opening style” – “Mobile submenu title height”.
  • Add: New option for mobile menu type “Slider mobile submenu opening style” – “Mobile submenu title background color”.
  • Add: Added the ability to implement a custom trigger to open a mobile menu. “Custom mobile menu open trigger”.
  • Add: New setting to set the top gap for the mobile menu “Mobile menu top gap”.
  • Add: Added new action “gm_mobile_main_menu_top”. It allows you to add content to the top of the mobile menu, before the “Mobile menu top gap”.
  • Add: Added the new mobile menu open type, with Close “X” icon.
  • Add: Added the ability to set animated Hamburger and close button for mobile menu.
  • Add: Added ability to choice of Navigation menu to display in preview mode.
  • Add: New appearance style “Animate with scaling” in “General – Submenus – Submenu appearance style” section.
  • Add: Custom scroll speed options for onepage menus.
  • Fix: Scrolling at vertical menu in the mobile version.
  • Fix: Canceled some functions for working with page content if the mobile menu is disabled.
  • Fix: Added style which prevents mobile menu folding at scrolling the main content.
  • Fix: Added styles to prevent showing the mobile menu at page is loading.
  • Fix: Now are correct working custom empty links in the top level menu together with enabled setting opening the sub-menu on mouse click.
  • Fix: Fixed working with the Iconpack at loading and uninstalling the icon font pack in Global settings.
  • Fix: The initialization of the main Groovy Menu modules has been moved to the ‘init’ action. This avoids conflicts with some third-party plugins, and also allows you to dynamically add new integration capabilities with some themes. (include Zephyr 7.x).


  • Add: Ability to add a custom shortcode or HTML to the Action areas of Groovy Menu, direclty in the preset editor. The setting is available in the General preset editor > Custom code.
  • Fix: Fixed a conflict that occurred when some plugins for WooCommerce were working together on Divi product pages and using menu blocks.
  • Fix: Added default styles for displaying items in the mini cart. Prevents style conflicts in some themes.
  • Fix: Added an event to close the mini-cart by clicking outside the mini-cart.
  • Fix: Fixed double transition effect for icons.


  • Add: Added an option for disable Font Awesome.
  • Improve: Additional features to control for Onepage scroll.


  • Add: New feature to set border radius for Dropdown menu.
  • Add: New ability to set gap for Dropdown menu, Sub-menu and Mega Menu.
  • Add: Added new setting for menu dividers “Stretch to all menu height”.
  • Add: Added settings for choosing colors for search items.
  • Add: Added new settings for the mobile menu. Choosing the position of the logo, dividing lines, icons color.
  • Add: Added new settings for “Submenu box border top color”.
  • Improve: Increased dropdown click area at the mobile menu.
  • Improve: All Search settings are moved to their own section.
  • Improve: The section of the “Mobile menu” preset has been reorganized.
  • Fix: Fixed menu items highlighting in case the current single page is included in several taxonomies presented in the menu.
  • Fix: Fixed bug with position of icons in Groovy Menu UI.
  • Fix: Fixed expanding sub-menu for mobile version.


  • Fix: Fixed RTL issue.


  • Added: New feature to add any HTML or Shortcode instead of an Icon. For example you can add JSON animated or SVG icons. Configured in “Appearance > Menus”.
  • Fix: Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.5. Now plugin backend code is also without jQuery dependency.
  • Fix: Bug with colors for mobile menu links, cart icon and toolbar social buttons on pages with WooCommerce together with Divi theme.


  • Added: Added the opportunity to enable scrollbar for Minimalistic menu type.
  • Added: SEO improvements. Added the ability to select the alt text for the logo.
  • Added: Added option “Mobile menu” – “Show Woo minicart” that will be enable to show the Woocomerce minicart on the mobile.
  • Improve: Added “Fade in out” effect for “Submenu appearance style”.
  • Improve: Setting “Submenu appearance style” is now available for all menu types except Minimalistic.
  • Fix: Improved visibility of content sizes in the menu block for JavaScript calculations. Rarely is there such a need for complex content in menu blocks.
  • Fix: Increased priority of CSS rules for links in menu items. It is prevents color overwriting when Groovy Menu is integrated using the Divi builder.
  • Fix: Fixed cart opening issue that appears when quickly move mouse between the menu item and the cart icon.
  • Fix: Added changes to the styles for the mini cart. Most styles now have the! Important property. These changes are aimed at preventing overwriting styles of cart by the theme styles.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with appearance the mega menu content that created with Divi builder, which occurred on Woocommerce product pages only.
  • Fix: Added the fadeout effect for submenus “Submenu appearance style” – “Animate from bottom” that has missed before
  • Fix: The “Submenu hover style” – “Shift right” setting has been fixed for the Expanding sidebar menu on the right.
  • Fix: Bug with “Change Top level menu background color” when submenu is opened”, there were cases when the color did not return to the default after closing all submenus.
  • Fix: Added default styles for all menu links that remove the underline style for links in all states as hover, active, focus, visited.
  • Fix: Added an additional check of the preset options for number type in order to exclude operations with values ​​outside the minimum and maximum values. This also improves compatibility with presets created in the earlier versions of Groovy Menu Free.
  • Fix: Preventing early closing of dropdown items for search and Woocomerce minicart.
  • Fix: Fixed dropdown behavior when “Show submenu – On click” option is enabled.
  • Fix: Added minor changes in CSS styles, that is allowed to resolve an issue when the submenu is out of the screen.
  • Fix: Fixed calculation of the height for a scroll object. That occurs in some cases when the “Submenu appearance style”: “Animate from bottom” preset setting was active.


  • Added: Added new feature the “Scrollbar”. That allows scrolling for long lists of submenus and mega menus.
  • Added: New option “Mega menu background color”.
  • Added: New option “Change Top level menu background color when the submenu is opened”.
  • Improve: Optimized opening/closing submenus and mega menus for all types of menu. Added time delays to close dropdown menus. This will allow the site visitors to improve the experience with menu interaction and move on smoothly to adjacent drop-down menus diagonally.
  • Improve: New option “General > Mega menu > Add Mega menu columns padding”. Enabled by default.
  • Improve: Settings for “Submenu” and “Mega menu” has been moved into own sections
  • Improve: Added the Element (widget) for Elementor builder.
  • Fix: Fixed the flicker effect when you click on the active anchor link.
  • Fix: The issue with overlapped mega menu blocks
  • Fix: Added minor fixes that help in some cases prevent changes Groovy Menu styles through WordPress templates.
  • Fix: Hidden Groovy Menu options button for “Appearance > Menus” section.


  • Improve: Plugin performance improved for “Appearance > Menus” section.
  • Improve: Groovy menu settings in “Appearance > Menus section” has been moved to modal window.
  • Improve: Recommended system requirements for value PHP max_input_vars is reduced from 10000 to 1000 (Is a standard settings for a shared hosting).
  • Improve: Added the ability to disable the mobile menu.
  • Improve: Added module for Divi Theme Builder.
  • Improve: Design of integration section.
  • Improve: Added the possibility to set different logo URLs for WPML.
  • Fix: Increased priority of the handler of admin nav_menu in WP Dashboard -> Appearance -> Menus. This eliminates conflicts with some plugins.
  • Fix: Resolved conflict caused by Composer autoload (dependency manager for PHP) with some other plugins in some cases.
  • Fix: Removed the menu overlapping on content during page editing in Elementor with the “Enable Groovy menu to overlap the first block in the page” option enabled.
  • Fix: Added compatibility with Avada theme through automatic integration.
  • Fix: Anchors highlight for centered logo menu style.


  • Fix: Fixed bug with sub-menu icon.


  • Fix: Fixed fonts issue that appears while editing a preset and displaying a previously saved font in some cases.
  • Fix: Hide title by “-” symbol.
  • Fix: Improved work with caching plugins. A case with multiple saving preset styles has been fixed.
  • Fix: Auto integration will be applied only once on the page, immediately after the HTML tag .
  • Improve: Additional characters are allowed in the rename a preset name


  • Fix: Fixed fit on the screen of search icons and mini-cart for iOS.
  • Fix: Preset preview fix.


  • Fix: Fixed php notice: “Undefined variable isCustom”.


  • Improve: Added setting for choosing background color to search screen in fullscreen mode.
  • Fix: The search query now is considering the language setting, with installed and active the multilanguage WPML plugin.
  • Fix: “Global settings” button not working on the “Integration” section.
  • Fix: Bug with assignment and deleting presets of the menu.
  • Fix: Bug with RTL issue.


  • Fix: Fixed a bug when the option “Top level links with align center must considering logo width” has been ignored.
  • Fix: Text size for social icons in the toolbar now also depends on the preset option “Toolbar social icon size”.
  • Fix: Fixed a bug when Woocommerce mini-cart aren’t displayed in the mobile version.


  • Fix: Fixed minimalistic menu bug with centered logo.


  • Fix: Fixed text color for active top-level menu item.
  • Fix: Mega menu wrapper padding.
  • Add: Added a smooth transition between dropdowns of the 3rd level.


  • Fix: Issue with minimalistic menu type.
  • Fix: Styles for Woocommerce mini-cart.
  • Fix: Issue with preview mode.
  • Add: Created a separate stylesheet for RTL. Increased performance during transition from LTR to RTL and back.


  • Fix: Mobile menu button click issue after window resize.
  • Fix: Some preset editor style fixes.
  • Fix: Fixed display of WP AdminBar in cases when Groovy Menu Z-index is set more than WP AdminBar.
  • Add: Added styles for menu items without a link (with an empty URL).
  • Add: An animation that shows the process of saving a preset.


  • Fix: Save preset defaults when value is 0.
  • Fix: RTL support.
  • Fix: The multilevel menu for the mega menu will be displayed as a flat list with indentation.


  • Fix: Error when used location for the integration.


  • Fix: Error in determining preset ID in some cases of manual integration. This error affected the possibility to show the dropdown menu.
  • Fix: Improved compatibility of created presets in the free version with the premium version of the plugin.
  • Fix: Fixed display of multi-level menus that did not fit the width of the screen.
  • Fix: Logo centering when a search and a WooCommerce mini-cart were simultaneously displayed in a menu block.
  • Fix: Added some minor fixes from the previous premium version 1.8.x and 1.9.x.
  • Add: Added CSS setting for z-index in the presets settings
  • Add: Added the ability to display another navigation menu for the mobile version.
  • Add: New Actions that can be called immediately above menu, under the menu, and after the menu layout.
  • Fix: Minor CSS changes have been made to fix the appearance of the text at the social links.
  • Fix: Bug with the cutting the Logotype appearance in the Global settings
  • Add: The ability to disable the internal pre-cache for presets.
  • Improve: Added reset styles feature for better compatibility with different themes.
  • Improve: Implemented cache for displaying and processing nav_menu items.
  • Improve: Removed files that were added to support older versions of the plugin.
  • Improve: The minimum value for the setting “Mobile version switch” is can set to 0 for disabling the appearance of the menu on mobile devices.
  • Improve: Minor appearance changes for the Dashboard> Appearance> Menus page
  • Updated: NPM modules.


  • Add: Added an option “General” > “Submenu” > “Show Mega Menu titles as regular menu items” to the preset settings. Which will allow you to display the links and badges for Mega Menu titles.
  • Add: Integration into the “Theme Locations”
  • Fix: Now the output of echo when the Actions from Header.php are working will be displayed in the markup location match to the action.
  • Add: Added 4 new actions for working in the toolbar.


  • Fix: check empty nav_menu list when get Global settings translations.


  • Add: ru_RU language
  • Fix: Fixed an error that did not allow translating phrases in the Global settings.


  • Fix: Cancels the display of the menu in maintenance mode when auto-integration is enabled.
  • Fix: Prevent conflict with cornerstone plugin.
  • Fix: Anchor tracking for one page scrolls now works with any id.
  • Fix: Output buffer conflict with some plugins.
  • Fix: Overlay submenu of submenu with multi level dropdowns.
  • Fix: Social icon link text font size.
  • Add: Option for preset: social icon link text hide on mobile.
  • Add: Target and rel options for social links.
  • Add: New social icons default font pack.
  • Add: The ability to display custom text in the social media link.
  • Add: Preset option: Top level links with align center must considering logo width.


  • Fix: Added an additional check on errors when getting the Groovy Menu metadata on WooCommerce product pages.


  • Updated: plugin Welcome page.


  • Fix: dropdown menu not closing while hovering on simple menu links.


  • Initial release.