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HD Quiz. The easiest way to create fun quizzes for you site

HD Quiz is a very easy to use plugin to create an unlimited amount of quizzes and embed them onto any page or post. HD Quiz is equally perfect for building strong professional based questionnaires or fun Buzzfeed style quizzes.

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The 1.8.x version is a major upgrade. Your quiz and question data will need to be upgraded if you are upgrading HD Quiz from an earlier version. If you have less than 60 questions this will be done automatically in the background. However, if you have more, you will need to use the manual upgrade tool (don’t worry; it’s just a click of a button).

If you have any issues with upgrading to this version, please contact me on my support forum so I can help you. view the HD Quiz plugin page

Upgrading does not modify or delete your old quiz data in any way, so you can also always revert back to a previous version of HD Quiz here (download link is at the bottom of the page).

Features include 👍

  • Unlimited amount of quizzes
  • Each quiz has individual options
  • Mobile-friendly (responsive design)
  • Touch friendly (each option is coded and designed to make it easy to select on touch devices)
  • Each question can have its own featured image
  • Each question can have its own tooltip
  • Share quizzes across Facebook and Twitter
  • Image based answers
  • Animated gifs as question featured image, or for any answer
  • Quiz Timer – set a time limit to complete the quiz
    • [NEW] Timer per question
  • Multiple question types, including user input
    • [NEW] New question type: Select All That Apply
  • ページ送り
  • Question as title / heading
  • Basic translation features (found in the HD Quiz About / Options page)
  • Add links or images to quiz results
  • Ability to add a small write-up for each question that would be displayed underneath the question on quiz completion.
  • Grab from a pool of questions
  • So, so much more!

Individual Quiz Options are:

  • Results position (above quiz/below quiz)
  • Ability to share quiz results
  • Results checking (highlights right and wrong answers on quiz completion)
    • Option to highlight what the correct answer was
  • Pass percentage
  • Quiz Pass text
  • Quiz Fail text
  • Quiz Timer
  • ページ送り
  • Random question order
  • Random answer order
  • So, so much more!

view the HD Quiz plugin page


Adding A New Quiz

  • Select Quizzes in the left menu.
  • Enter the name of the quiz, then click on Add A New Quiz. This will add it to the list on the right.
  • Click the name of the newly added quiz to set the quiz options such as the needed pass percentage.

Adding New Questions

  • Select Add New Question in the left menu.
  • Enter the question as the title.
  • You can have up to ten (10) answers per question. Make sure to select which answer is the correct one.
  • In the right sidebar, you will see a metabox called Quizzes with a list of all quizzes you have created. Select the quiz that this question belongs to.

Using A Quiz

  • HD Quiz uses shortcodes to render a quiz, so you can place a quiz almost anywhere on your site!
  • To find the shortcode for a quiz, select Quizzes in the left menu.
  • You will now see a list of all of your quizzes in a table, with the shortcode listed.
  • Copy and paste the shortcode into any page or post you want to render that quiz!


I have already taken this plugin farther than I intended, but I’m overwhelmed with joy at how much you are all using and loving HD Quiz!
Because of this, I have no intentions of stopping or slowing down development!

If you have any feature requests, then please let me know via the support tab or by leaving a comment on the HD Quiz plugin page.


  • Quiz styler
  • Global / default quiz options
  • Translation ready (including the admin area)


  • Example Quiz
  • Example Quiz 2
  • Quizzes Page
  • Questions Page



  • HD Quiz


The plugin can be installed like any other.

  1. Log into WordPress
  2. Select Plugins, then Add New
  3. Select Upload Plugin
  4. Choose the zip file, then Install and activate

Once installed, you will need to create your first quiz by going to HD Quiz, then Quizzes.


Using an image already in my library

WordPress will NOT create the new thumbnail size for images that existed before the installation of HD Quiz, only new ones. This is likely because on larger sites, this would take up vast amounts of server resources.

If you do not wish to simply re-upload any desired image from your library, then I would recommend using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin (over 1 Million active installs). It will go through and recreate thumbnails for every single image in your library, ensuring that all images in your library can be used with HD Quiz.

With that said, I do, however, have plans to integrate a solution that will work with images uploaded before the installation of HD Quiz.

What’s the difference between WP Pagination and jQuery Pagination? Which should I use?

Unless you are a unique situation, I’d almost always recommend using jQuery Pagination as it provides more control for you and a better experience for your users. WP Pagination should only be used if you are trying to increase your overall page views for ad revenue or something similar.

More information can be found on the HD Quiz About / Options page.

I have a feature request!

Fantastic! I’m one of those coders who loves a good challenge. Please submit your feature request here by using the support tab or leave a request of the official HD Quiz plugin page.


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Great features. A plugin made with true passion for quizzing. Had a problem not being able to skip the social share buttons at the end of the quiz. If you are not handy with FB developer apps, a click on the share button leaves with the unreadable scrap FB plucks from your page. And some difficulty with the pagination but that'll work. All in all, a nice piece of work.
This quiz plugin is absolute joy to use compared to the previous one that I used, which although very widely used, is nowhere near as refined. The HD quiz interface is entirely uncluttered and therefore easy to use. It sets a new standard for others to follow and makes it a breeze to write quizzes. The support is also very good and timely.
Simple to use, a good selection of answer types, displays well on both desktop and mobile, and social media sharing. This is an amazing plugin especially as it is free. The developer is also amazingly helpful and responds very quickly to requests, I've seen a lot of paid for plugins which take longer to respond than this developer! Great job and we look forward to seeing new features as this grows.
The plugin has a variety of useful features and is really user friendly. The support is amazing. I recommend the plugin 100%.


HD Quiz はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。


“HD Quiz” をあなたの言語に翻訳しましょう。

開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。



  • Minor updates
  • Security Update


  • Various bug fixes, enhancements, optimizations
  • Better admin interface for users with LOTS of questions
  • New feature – hide questions on quiz completion
  • Introduction to the Save Results Pro addon


  • Various bug fixes, enhancements, optimizations, and overall more polished UX
  • New question type: Select All That Apply
  • Quizzes are almost fully WCAG compliant (keyboard navigation work still needed)
  • More easily rename a quiz from “Advanced” tab
  • New on init filter
  • Better settings page
  • More translation options
  • New “auto scroll” functionalty (enable Legacy Scroll if you want to use the old system)


  • Various bug fixes and enhancments related to 1.8.0


  • Too many changes to list, but here are some of the major
  • New question type – text / input based answers (user types answer)
  • New timer feature – per question
  • Quizzes hidden behind a “start” button if a timer is set
  • Quiz and question meta now hookable (for developers)
  • Significantly faster
  • Basic AMP detection to direct users to non AMP version
  • Basic loop detection if more than one quiz is on a page at a time to improve compatability
  • Ability to add basic formatting such as strong and sup to questions and answers
  • various bug fixes and enhancements
  • a whole lot more


  • minor bug fixes and updates
  • [feature] only allow answers to be selected once
  • [enhancments] custom actions for developers
  • [addon] Release of HD Quiz Save Results Light (view addons page)


  • minor big fixes and updates
  • ability to add score percent
  • ability to allow authors access to edit or add quizzes / questions


  • complete admin UI overhaul
  • additional bug fixes and enhancments
  • integrated custom question ordering
  • too many updates to remember


Massive rewrite of almost the entire plugin. Please do not hesitate to ask for support if needed, but upgrading should not be an issue.
* much cleaner admin area
* improved quiz design
* significantly optimized quiz code
* increased security and efficiency
* removal of results.php – all calculation done client side now


  • various bug fixes and compatability increases
  • Quiz option to grab from a pool of questions
  • Quiz option to allow the custom question text to appear even if the user selected the correct answer


  • various bug fixes and compatability increases
  • the word ‘question’ (that’s prefixed before every question) is now translatable in the HD Quiz options page along with ‘Next’ and ‘Finish’.
  • More power over the quiz results pass/fail text. You can now embolded, italicize, and linkify the text.
  • Each question can have a small write up explaining what the right answer is. This would only show if entered and if the user get’s the question wrong. You can also add links to this sections if you wish.


  • Added in the more powerful jQuery pagination feature
  • Added ability to use a question as a title or heading
  • added option to randomize the question answer order
  • revamped quiz options page to make features more clear and even more accessible.
  • added FAQ to readme.txt


  • Added two new global options to About / Options page
    • Next Button Text
    • Finish Button Text
  • NEW: Added quiz option to randomize the order of the questions
  • NEW: Added quiz option to highlight the correct answers on completion
    • in addition to the default that only shows if your selected answers are right or wrong
  • Speed and compatibility improvements
    • HD Quiz jQuery and CSS files will now only load if the page actually has a quiz on it
  • improvements to quiz pagination
  • General code cleanup and optimization


  • Added new Timer option
  • Added Pagination (experimental)
  • Massive rewrite of the results function. Much more optimized and stable
  • Added Quiz filter to the Questions list admin page
  • New reskinning of Quiz options page
  • Updated about / options page


  • bug fixes to admin area.


  • advancements to featured images for questions
    • images will upscale if you upload a small image
    • each answer can have it’s own featured image.
  • code cosmetics, minor bug fixes, and code optimizations


  • New option to share via twitter.
    • You can set up your twitter handle to have each share mention you.
  • Extended Facebook share.
    • If you create a Facebook App (don’t worry, it’s easy to do!), then HD Quiz can actual share a users score and results instead of Facebook grabbing content from your page as if the content were static.
    • If you do not wish to create an app, then HD Quiz will revert to the old facebook share.
  • These options are global options and can be found under HD Quiz -> About / Options