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WordPress Social Comments Plugin for Vkontakte Comments and Disqus Comments

WordPress Social Comments Plugin for Vkontakte Comments and Disqus Comments


If you want to integrate only Facebook Comments, you should install Fancy Comments instead.

This plugin allows you to transform the commenting system of your website. You can enable Facebook Comments, Disqus Comments and/or default WordPress comments simultaneously. You have full control over which of these four commenting systems you want to enable. You can choose between stacked and tabbed interface with re-ordering of the comments.


  1. GDPR Compliant
  2. Compatible with Gutenberg editor
  3. Integrate Facebook Comments
  4. Integrate Vkontakte Comments
  5. Integrate Disqus Comments
  6. Choose between Tabbed and Stacked layouts
  7. Rearrange order of enabled commenting systems
  8. Customize labels for individual comment system as well as combined comment system
  9. Show/Hide comment counts for individual comment system
  10. Options to enable Social Commenting on default post types (posts, pages) as well as custom post types which support comments
  11. Enable Social Comments with/without default comments system
  12. Customizable behavior for individual comment system, like – Target Url, language, width of commenting interface, label etc.

What makes this plugin different and why should I choose this plugin when there are many other similar plugins?

  1. Totally free. You don’t need to pay single penny to use this plugin.
  2. Plugin configuration is kept dead simple. You can configure it with help of an idiot 😉
  3. Plugin loads optimally having minimum possible interference with overall loading of your website
  4. No third party registration. We won’t ask you to register at our website to use this plugin, neither will we ask your email.
  5. We promise to provide best quality among other similar plugins. If you find our plugin is lacking some feature, you can email us and we will do our best to include that feature in our plugin as soon as possible.
  6. Our support team is working 24/7 to answer your queries and assist you. You will find us the quickest to assist you among others.

Benefits of Social Comments

  1. Virality: When people comment at your blog using their Facebook, Disqus accounts, the comment not only shows up at your blog, but it also appears in their news feed. This puts your blog in front of new audience which further adds to the likelihood of you getting a new returning visitor.

  2. Higher Conversations: When you know the person commenting on something, it’s more likely that you will also type out your ideas there, unlike the situation when you don’t know the person involved in the conversation.

  3. Credibility: In traditional comment form, anyone can put any fake name (Bruce Wayne ….. ;)) to comment on your blog. If the same comment is from the original Facebook account of the person who is commenting, you can give credibility to this user and also the people will automatically trust it.

  4. No Spam: You can get rid off the spammers and users, commenting using their fake accounts.

  5. Works for the lazy: Most people are nowadays lazy. To get these people commenting on your blog, it will just require them to login to their Facebook account (which almost everyone does after powering ON computer).

Important links

You can send your feedback or/and testimonial at hello[at]heateor[dot]com


  • Default Comments: Default Comments active in tabbed interface
  • Facebook Comments: Facebook Comments active in tabbed interface
  • Disqus Comments: Disqus Comments active in tabbed interface
  • Stacked Interface: Disqus Comments and Facebook Comments active in stacked layout



  • Download the plugin from this page
  • Navigate to Plugins > Add New section in your website admin panel
  • Click Upload Plugin, click Choose file, upload the plugin zip and click Install Now button
  • Activate the plugin after installation is complete


After installing and activating the plugin, you will see Social Comments menu in the left sidebar in your website admin panel.
You can configure required options there.
There is help available with each option. You can see the help text by clicking the (?) icon before each option.


How much do you charge for the plugin?

This plugin is FREE to download and use. For advanced features and custom solutions, drop an email at support[at]heateor[dot]com

Can you help me set up the plugin at my website?

Yes, we can help you with it. Just drop an email at support[at]heateor[dot]com


more than 1 year this plugin not connecting with my facebook app, so I can not do any moderation and can’t able log/reply comments from comment moderation tools in fb developer tools. please fix this.
2020年6月4日 1 reply
This free plugins makes everything very easy. Others pro plugins with similar features, don’t allow the customizations. Perfect. Thank you!
2019年9月20日 1 reply
Works great and such a useful plugin. Easy to set up and robust so there was something wrong elsewhere when I managed to break it – the developer quickly identified the problem code to look for in someone else’s script and now all is working again. Excellent support!
2019年8月11日 1 reply
Great plugin. Adding multiple comment systems is made easy, just one-page setup.


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  • [Improvement] Updated the Facebook SDK being used throughout the plugin to the version 17.0


  • [Security] Fixed Cross-Site Scripting vulnerability exploit in the shortcode


  • [Bugfix] WordPress post editor was not working with this plugin active
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK being used throughout the plugin to version 15.0
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvements


  • [Bugfix] (?) icon disappeared at the plugin configuration page after updating to WordPress version 5.5
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK being used throughout the plugin to version 8.0


  • [Bugfix] Vkontakte Comments was not working if “Number of comments” option was blank
  • [Bugfix] Vkontakte Comments icon was not appearing with the title of its tab
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement


  • [Bugfix] “Order of Comments” option blanked out after updating to previous version


  • [New] Added Vkontakte Comments


  • [Improvement] Code quality improvement


  • [Bugfix] Admin UI compatible with WordPress 5.1
  • [Improvement] Update Facebook SDK to latest version
  • Removed GooglePlus Commenting as it is deprecated by Google


  • [Bugfix] G+ commenting was not working
  • [Bugfix] Browser console was showing “<fb:comments-count> has been deprecated” error with Facebook Comments and comment counts enabled



  • [Improvement] Compatible with GDPR


  • [Bugfix] Strings were not getting imported for translation at wordpress.org


  • [Bugfix] Link to locale codes for Facebook Comments was broken
  • [Bugfix] Comment count was appearing blank instead of 0 when there were no comments


  • [Bugfix] GooglePlus comments count was not correct in some cases
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement




  • [Improvement] Admin UI compatible with WordPress version 4.7
  • [Improvement] Default plugin options are being saved for every subsite in multisite network on Network Activating the plugin
  • [Improvement] Default plugin options are being saved when a new subsite is created in multisite network
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK version to latest


  • [Improvement] Weird looking white line was appearing below the active tab at plugin options page in admin area


  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement
  • [Improvement] Added “Settings” link below plugin name at “Plugins” page in admin panel


  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK Version to latest – 2.6
  • [Improvement] Added option to save Facebook App ID to be used while rendering Facebook comments


  • [Bugfix] Tabbed commenting layout was not functioning properly when using shortcode


  • [Bugfix] After updating to previous version, enabled commenting systems were appearing stacked (when enabled Tabbed interface) before clicking any of commenting tabs


  • [Improvement] Removed screen jumping on clicking the commenting tabs
  • [Improvement] Updated Facebook SDK to version 2.5
  • [Improvement] Faster loading of comments improving page load time
  • [Improvement] Admin UI improvement


  • [Bugfix] Social Commenting Interface was appearing shrinked on smartphones (thanks Criis87 :))


  • [Improvement] Fixed a few W3C validation errors (thanks again, lifeadvancer :))


  • [New] Added option to specify custom CSS
  • [Bugfix] Default Comment form was not appearing in some cases
  • [Bugfix] ‘ht’ and ‘hsc’ HTML elements used in the plugin were causing W3C validation errors
  • [Improvement] Updated GooglePlus logo


  • [Bugfix] Facebook Comments Email Notification was working only for first comment when posted multiple comments without refreshing the page


  • Initial release of the plugin