Best Plugin Ever

I am using this Plugin from last year but there was only 1 problem. Image is not loading in UC Browser.

But just 3-5 days ago they updated this Plugin.

After This Its become one of best plugin for me.

Thanks to Developer.


It was not possible to validate with a serious Error

Website hacked after installing plugin

I installed this plugin and with no doubt it is the better lazy load plugin I have tried the few hours I enjoyed. However, my website was hacked a few hours later after installing plugin. I do not know if this is due to the way this plugin works or if its because it has a vulnerability or it its becuase it has not been updated in 5 months, but my website was hacked. No big deal, I recovered it really fast, however, taking into consideration what happened to my website, I can no longer take this risk with this plugin.

I honestly have to say that some of my security plugins were disabled and that my website security was lower because I was performing some tests in my website at the moment of the attack. However, taking into consideration that my website was hacked a few hours later after installing this plugin, I am almost 99% sure it was due to this plugin.

However, as stated on first paragraph, this appeared to be the fastest lazy load plugin I have tried. I am not able to confirm this since I tried the plugin for a very short period of time.

Because of the positive and negative things that happened to my website after installing this plugin to my website described above, I am giving a 2 starts review so this plugin could be furthered improved.



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