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I tried this plugin, but it doesn't work at all. When I try to export, the result is the page "This site can’t be reached."
I needed to migrate my forums after having to start a new website due to rediculous amounts of spam on my old one! After manually nuking the database, this plugin quick and simply exported a csv and re-imported again without any fuss (bar 1 setting tweak which didn't take long to find!)
I was very pleased to find the bbPress Import & Export plugin. In my case, I had made a number of improvements on my development site which I wanted to migrate over to my live site. But, I didn't want to lose the forums, topics, and replies from my live site. So, I: 1) Used bbPress Import & Export to export all my forums, topics, and replies from my live site; 2) Then I migrated my development to my live site; 3) I then reset all the forum data, wiping it all out; 4) Then I used bbPress Import & Export again to import all my forum data. My live site was then back up and running, with the enhancements moved over from my development site, but without losing any of my forum data. The bbPress Import & Export plugin was fast and easy to use. I did have one problem, and I opened a support ticket. The plugin author replied promptly and worked with me to fix the issue. OUTSTANDING SUPPORT!


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