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Juicer.io: Effortlessly embed, curate, and aggregate social media feeds into your website

Juicer.io: Effortlessly embed, curate, and aggregate social media feeds into your website


What you can embed with Juicer? Embed Twitter feed, embed Instagram feed, embed LinkedIn feed, embed Facebook feed and many more!

Searching for a seamless integration to showcase all your social media posts in one place?

Meet Juicer, the top-rated social media aggregator plugin for curating social media feeds on your WordPress website.

Juicer makes it easy to curate, embed, and aggregate a brand’s hashtag and social media posts by simply entering social media account names or hashtags. It automatically retrieves the posts from these feeds and effortlessly embeds them into any of your web pages using a straightforward shortcode.

The social media aggregator ensures seamless updates by automatically synchronizing these feeds whenever you create new posts for your social media accounts. With this automated process, you can be assured that your website will always reflect the latest content from your social media channels. Get ready to level up your brand’s online presence by simply curating, and embedding your Twitter feed, Instagram feed, LinkedIn feed, TikTok feed, Facebook feed, and further social networks.

このプラグインを使用するには、wp.juicer.io にアカウントを作成し、フィードを作成してソーシャルメディアのソースを追加する必要があります。

*** LinkedIn and Twitter embed is available only in Pro version.


  • A beautiful social media feed of your social media content from many networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, RSS, Slack, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo, Hashtags and Yelp.
  • 「@username」または「#hashtag」でコンテンツを収集します
  • 不要なコンテンツのリツイートや重複した投稿を自動的に排除するルールとフィルターをセットアップします。
  • ワンクリックでソーシャルメディアコンテンツをモデレートして削除します。
  • SEO 用に最適化された各ソーシャルメディア投稿へのパーマリンク。
  • 動的レイアウト用のレスポンシブグリッド。
  • 無限スクロール: ページの一番下までスクロールするだけで、より多くのコンテンツを読み込みます。
  • すべてのユーザー生成コンテンツを自動承認するか、自動モデレートフィルターを設定します。
  • カスタム CSS: あなたのブランドやサイトに合わせてスタイルを設定します。
  • 高度な分析: 誰があなたのソーシャルフィードを使用しているか、そしてその人がどのようにインタラクトしているかを調べます。

Visit wp.juicer.io for more information

Supported Platforms to Embed Feed:

  • Embed Instagram: Easily create a stunning Instagram feed on your WordPress website with Juicer. Engage your audience with content collected straight from your Instagram profile, and keep your customers up to date on your latest news.
  • Embed Instagram Reels: Take advantage of the latest Instagram trend by showcasing your Instagram Reels on your WP site. You can aggregate Reels based on a specific hashtag, and moderate the video content you share.
  • Embed LinkedIn: (Available with paid subscriptions) Showcase your thought leadership and appeal to your B2B audience with a LinkedIn feed on your blog or business website. Embed all kinds of text, video, and other content straight into your site with Juicer.
  • Embed TikTok: Stay on the cutting edge of the social media market with posts taken straight from TikTok for your WordPress site. You can add as many fast-paced and engaging videos as you like, and show your company’s human side.
  • Embed Twitter: (Available with paid plans): Share news, updates, and information quickly and easily on your own custom social wall. You can post entire Twitter feeds automatically onto your blog and website pages with Juicer’s convenient technology.
  • Embed Facebook: Reach the widest audience online for social media with our Facebook embed for any WP website. Embed your latest posts into your blog, your own custom social media wall, or your business home page.
  • Embed YouTube: Collect more subscribers for your YouTube channel by embedding your best videos automatically onto your WordPress website. The Juicer app will instantly integrate your YouTube videos into an attractive playlist for your audience to enjoy.
  • Embed Tumblr: Share blog posts, content, and more from Tumblr with your own dedicated social feed. Encourage your customers to spend more time on your business website with engaging, informative, and useful posts, specific to your brand.
  • Embed Pinterest: Show your visual side with Pinterest pins placed directly on your blog or social media feed. You can mix and match your various guides, infographics, and collections from Pinterest, to give your customers more content to explore on your site.
  • Embed Slack: Highlight your collaborative content with the Juicer integration for Slack. Ideal for building a community around your business, this integration will help to showcase your latest posts and content straight from your Slack page.
  • Embed Flickr: Running a photography website or a company with a strong focus on visuals? Enhance your website with our Flickr embed. You can pull high-quality photos straight from your Flickr account into any part of your website, including your blog.
  • Embed Vimeo: Share powerful video content on your website homepage or blog with the Vimeo integration for Juicer. You’ll have complete control over which videos you want to include on your video site, and how you want them to look.
  • Embed Yelp: Discover the power of social proof with reviews and testimonials from customers on Yelp displayed on your website. Show customers the trustworthy and credible site of your business with attractive rating scores.
  • Embed Giphy: Have fun with animated GIFs that highlight the personality of your brand, and draw attention to your blogs and social media walls. Juicer works directly with Giphy to give you access to all the animations you need.
  • Embed Soundcloud: Want to share your latest podcasts or musical creations? Leverage Juicer to bring a Soundcloud playlist into your website. You’ll be able to share all of your favorite audio quickly and easily, with no coding.
  • Embed Blog RSS: Highlight your most recent blog posts and encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter subscription with our blog RSS integration. Get more eyes on your most relevant content instantly.
  • Embed Hashtags: Showcase hashtag content from a range of social media channels, to highlight relevant branded tags and industry-focused terms. You can monitor and control all of the content you want to share easily.

Benefits of Juicer Social Media Aggregator

Juicer is a streamlined, straightforward, and powerful tool for social media aggregation. The convenient low-code environment makes it easy for any business owner to create stunning, customized social media walls and feeds for their WordPress websites. Juicer helps businesses make the most out of their social media content with benefits like:

  • Customized Curation: Choose exactly which social media posts you want to showcase on your feed, social walls, and website. You can moderate posts without custom coding, set up automatic moderation filters, and choose whether to allow/disallow user-generated content. You can even use hashtags and meta data to define which content you want to show.
  • Endless Aggregation: With more than 15 social media sources to choose from, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, you can connect all of your posts from different environments into one stunning social feed. You’ll be able to easily aggregate both brand-generated and user-generated content from any social channel you like by @Username or #hashtag, and add your own moderation.
  • Design the Perfect Feed: The responsive grid structure of the Juicer application means you can customize your social feed to match the style of your website. There’s infinite scrolling support to help you showcase as much content as you like. Plus, custom CSS is available if you want to dive into the details to make the perfect feed.
  • Analytics: Gain in-depth insights into how people connect and engage with your social media feed using built-in reports and metrics. You’ll be able to track powerful metrics like impressions and engagement, to help guide your marketing strategies, and facilitate opportunities for future growth, all without the need for an extra app.
  • SEO: Juicer takes search engine optimization seriously. Permalinks available for each of your social media posts are optimized for SEO. Additionally, Instagram even allows you to add image alt titles to your photos, helpful for boosting accessibility, and strengthening your positions with the search engines.

Get Quick Support From Us

Having issues with your new social media wall? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our dedicated team of experts are always on-hand to assist with technical guidance and troubleshooting. If you’re having a hard time with your WordPress plugin, or you want tips on how to set up your social feed correctly, we’re here to offer all the assistance you need.

There are plenty of ways to get in touch. You can contact us directly through our WordPress Plugin support problem, and we’ll work to answer your questions as quickly as possible. Alternatively, you can reach out through our available contact page.

Send Us Feedback & Follow Us on Social!

We’re always looking for ways to improve the Juicer experience. We’d love to hear from you about your interactions with the WordPress plugin, so please reach out with your feedback and reviews. You can get in touch to request new features, and follow Juicer on your social platforms for updates on the latest features, rollouts, and news.

What are the Benefits of Our Pro Plans?

Want to take your Juicer experience to the next level? Invest in one of our high-value premium plans. Juicer premium plans are available for a range of business types and budgets, so you can find something specific to suit your needs. With Juicer premium plans you can:
* Embed more feeds: Connect more social media accounts to your online feed, so you can share insights from multiple channels in one location.
* Import posts faster: Rapidly import new posts automatically from all of your chosen channels, without having to worry about manual updates.
* Choose more source accounts: Select from a range of source accounts and hashtags for each feed, so you can completely customize your social wall.
* Leverage deeper insights: Learn more about which social posts are really generating the best results for your business with our in-depth insights.
* Remove Juicer Branding: Eliminate the Juicer brand logo so you can focus on showcasing just your own business brand.
* Collaborate: Pull more people into your Juicer account from your social media team to work together on creating the ultimate wall.
* Moderate and filter: Unlock new options for moderating and filtering your posts, so you can showcase only the most valuable content from your social feeds.
* Access our API: Leverage access to our API system to make more granular connections and changes to your social media wall.
* White Labeling: Use our white labeling functionality to create fantastic social media walls and feeds for your customers and clients, all with your own branding.


  • 提供されたテンプレートを使用した Juicer フィードの例
  • カスタム CSSを使用した Juicer フィード
  • 使用可能なすべての機能を備えた Juicer Dashboard Edit。
  • A Juicer feed aggregating YouTube and Instagram
  • A Juicer feed embedded in a hero slider
  • Another Juicer feed with custom CSS


プラグインの zip ファイルをダウンロードして解凍し、「/wp-includes/plugins directory」にある自分の WordPress サイトにアップロードします。

Sign up via wp.juicer.io and create a feed for free

これを行うとショートコードが使用できるようになります: 投稿またはページで「juicer name='YOUR_FEED_NAME'」

Juicer のフィード名の取得:

  • Sign into your account on wp.juicer.io
  • Navigate to juicer.io/feeds
  • 埋め込むフィードの「編集」をクリックします
  • https://www.juicer.io/feeds/juicer のような URL に移動するはずです
  • URL の「’juicer’」の部分は自分のフィード名です。
  • 埋め込みフィードでショートコードを使用するには、「juicer name='juicer'」を試してください
  • 上記のフィード名は自分のフィード名に置き換えてください。

または、PHP を使用したい場合は、フィードをテンプレートに直接追加できます。例: <?php juicer_feed('name=juicer'); ?>


さらに表示する投稿の数を制限できるようにするショートコード /php 関数に追加できる変数がいくつかあります。

peris the number of posts you want to show up on a page. Default is 100

pages is the number of times you want the feed to add more posts as you scroll (This is known as infinite scroll). By default there is no limit to the number of pages, it will keep going until you've seen all the posts in your feed. If you only want it to add more posts once as you scroll, set this to "2" for example.


[juicer name='YOUR_FEED_NAME' per='15' pages='1']


<?php juicer_feed('name=juicer&per=15&pages=1'); ?>



Juicer とは何ですか ?

Juicer は、すべてのソーシャルメディアアカウントの埋め込み可能なフィードを作成できるサービスです。ブランドの認知度とエンゲージメントを高め、わずかな手間で自分のサイトに新鮮で興味深いコンテンツを供給するのに最適です。毎日自動更新され、新しい投稿が取り込まれるので、あなたのフィードが常に最新のソーシャルメディアの投稿で新鮮になります。

それはいくらですか ?

Juicer は永久に無料です。本当は違います ! ソーシャルメディアアカウントの追加、複数フィードの作成、ソーシャル分析の詳細の取得などの追加機能を利用できる有料アカウントがあります。ただし、自分のサイトのフィードだけでいい場合は永久に無料です !

巨大なフィードではなく、投稿をいくつか表示したいだけです !

大丈夫です ! これの対処法がいくつかあります。

ウィジェットの使用: Juicer アカウントにログオンし、フィード用の「編集」をクリックします。次に、「フィード設定」をクリックして、「フィードスタイル」を「ウィジェット」に変更します。この規定スタイルは、一度に1件の投稿のみの表示でスライド表示します。これはシンプルで美しく、サイドバーやフッターに入れるのに最適で、通常の juicer のフィードほどにはスペースを取りません。

投稿数の制限: 通常の Juicer フィードを使用したいけれどもスーパーロングにはしたくない場合は、ページごとに短いコードまたは関数に渡すことができる追加の属性があります。

per is the number of posts you want to show up on a page. Default is 100

pages is the number of times you want the feed to add more posts as you scroll (This is known as infinite scroll). By default there is no limit to the number of pages, it will keep going until you've seen all the posts in your feed. If you only want it to add more posts once as you scroll, set this to "2" for example.


[juicer name='YOUR_FEED_NAME' per='15' pages='1']


<?php juicer_feed('name=juicer&per=15&pages=1'); ?>


ご理解いただけましたか ? そうでない場合は、お問い合わせくださればサポートいたします。

それは私の役に立っていません !


サイトに jQuery が含まれている場合は、バージョン1.7以上を使用していることを確認してください

すべての Javascript エラーが解決済みであることを確認してください。


2024年6月30日 1 reply
The free version looks very much like you’re presenting a big design mistake… it’s prominently and intentionally stripped of any feature at all that helps your site look professional… it’s amateur hour on steroids.
2024年5月22日 1 reply
I use Juicer to bring in my pins from Pinterest. I use it for my audience to curate new looks. The plugin is simple and works. I get comments from my audience all the time about the great images that Juicer pulls in from Twitter and Pinterest.
JUICER has been so helpful!! We can’t live without this platform now, and support has been so friendly and knowledgable getting set up and continuing to use it. We really love the customization options, and setup was so simple / thought through. Way to go guys!!


Juicer.io: Effortlessly embed, curate, and aggregate social media feeds into your website はオープンソースソフトウェアです。以下の人々がこのプラグインに貢献しています。




  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Added feedback notice.


  • Fixed a bug with Juicer branding.


  • Improved UI design of the admin page.


  • Improved UI design
  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Fixes an issue with loading the juicer-admin-css


  • Improves the accessibility of the embedded feeds.
  • Added a setup guide accessible from the plugin settings page under “Settings/Juicer”.


  • Fixed security vulnerability.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • Plugin behaviour is unchanged.


  • 1.9との互換性


  • ショートコードにデータ属性を入力した場合でも機能するようにします。


  • 終了の修正

tag on paid accounts


  • 引数配列にキーがあるかの確認


  • 有料ユーザーに Juicer Branding を表示しない


  • 属性のより良いマッピング、コードのクリーンアップ、古いバージョンの php のサポート


  • 動的生成


ul> 渡された属性に基づきます。


  • 「after」コールバックの追加


  • 無限スクロールのバグを修正


  • ショートコードがページの適切な場所に戻るようにします。


  • バグ修正


  • Juicer Script が見出しのトップに呼び出されるようにする


  • 列の数を指定する必要がなくなりました。代わりに、自分の Juicer フィードエディターでこれを制御します。


  • 埋め込まれた jsに jQuery がなくなり、代わりに WordPress によってテーマにエンキューされます。


  • juicer_feed php 関数のバグの修正


  • デフォルトフィードの更新


  • 初期バージョン