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We have used it in 8 websites and it does what it says. Works nice and the support is fast and good.
Hi, i had the payed version running for 3 years now, but switching to Mailchimp because the lack of support. I’ve send 3 mails and filled the contactform, but no support yet. The plug-in broke upon migrating and no fixed supplied yet. Don’t use it!
I am very happy with Carles, he usually replies within a day and gives an additional help I originally did not ask for. His plugin is very nice and intuitive. I set up a newsletter reply form for my multilingual blog and created a contact page with it apart from creating various newsletters from nice-looking templates you can choose from for free 🙂 This all adapted to a multilingual use!
I have the paid version of the plugin as well as the free version on serveral other blogs. The editor is broken after the latest update and when I filed a support ticket, their admin has posted spam on my site using the admin account provided for troubleshooting and nothing has been done about the problem. I want a refund! Update: Their support has resolved the issue I had raised the ticket for. They are insisting that my blog must be hacked and denying that they posted the spam blogs. I am investigating logs and such further. So far there is no other indication of anything being out of the ordinary. Regardless, the plugin is working as intended at the moment, there has not been any further spam. The issue is resolved. The plugin is useful and does what it says. I have been using it for several years on several blogs without any other major issues.
I have been using this plugin (Pro Version) for over 3 years to send monthly municipal newsletters in French and English. The batch summit has never failed in 3 years! Wow. all 2000 news letters go out every month without a hitch. Its super easy to use and yes somewhat basic but everything is there you would need. Stats on Opens, Clicks etc. Editor works well. no worse than the default WordPress editor. The developer has done an amazing job and is has been there the few times when I need answers to my questions. Features or how-to’s not problems. I just thought I would finally leave a review for a plugin that has made my client happy and me happy too.


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