Legitimate Post Submitter


The Legitimate plugin compliments your profile on www.legitimate.io. This plugin lets you automatically submit your article to Legitimate for indexing as soon as you publish it.

Before using the plugin make sure you:

  • Have a valid Legitimate Creator profile.
  • Add the domain of your WordPress website to your list of approved publishing domains in your Legitimate creator settings.
  • Add your Legitimate Creator code to your user profile in WordPress.

About the Legitimate service and integration with this plugin

www.Legitimate.io is a content platform that shows content based on the creator. This plugin lets Legitimate users automatically submit their articles to their Legitimate profile without the need of having to manually visit the Legitimate website and do it.

When you publish a post on WordPress, the URL will be automatically submitted to Legitimates API (https://www.legitimate.io/api/articles/grab?url=). The Legitimate system will then visit your post and look for the details you added to the Legitimate fields on the edit post page. It will then add a link to the post on your Legitimate profile.

You can visit the site here: https://www.legitimate.io
Our Terms of Service can be viewed here: https://www.legitimate.io/terms
Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: https://www.legitimate.io/privacy

If you would like to contact our team regarding this plugin or anything else, you can do so at this page: https://www.legitimate.io/contact

Please note: Submitting and publishing posts and articles to Legitimate that you’re not the author of will result in your account being suspended.

Finally, thanks to @mrshahrukh123 for designing this plugin. You can hire him here: https://www.upwork.com/fl/mrshahrukh123


  • This shows where you can insert your creator code on your WordPress user profile.
  • This picture shows the fields that are available to populate on your posts edit page.
  • This is the meta data that is added to your posts head section.


How do I create a Legitimate account?

Visit www.legitimate.io and register.

Where do I find my creator code?

Login to your Legitimate profile and navigate to: Edit Profile > Creator Settings

You will then see you unique creator code that you can copy and paste into the creator code field on your WordPress user profile page.

If you are a WordPress admin and publishing an article on a persons behalf you can overwrite the creator code directly within the Legitimate section on the posts page.




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