Modern Events Calendar Lite


WordPress event calendar plugin is a trending FREE tool used for managing events in websites. Modern Events Calendar is a responsive, mobile-friendly, FREE, and comprehensive events management plugin which is extremely user-friendly and well-designed for displaying the events calendar on the websites, ever easier.

WordPress event calendar

Modern Events Calendar has been created according to trending design methods and latest technology with attractive design based on practical concept of design.
We gathered all features of event calendar as you desire with advanced booking system (Pro Version) and many other useful options which are practical in real world!
Using Modern Events Calendar Lite, you can create different single or recurring events and show them in frontend of your website using many modern skins and styles.

Fortunately, though WordPress doesn’t enable these functions out of the box, there’s a plugin you can use. Modern Events Calendar is an easy way to manage events of all kinds on your WordPress site. As the name suggests, the core benefit of Modern Events Calendar is that it lets you create an events calendar that looks pretty great out of the box. That latter part is important because some popular event calendar plugins require a lot of custom styling to make them look good, which is tough if you don’t know your way around CSS.

Experts Opinions

The Modern Events Calendar plugin combined with Divi’s beautiful layouts are an effective combination both in design and functionality. To start things off I’m going to go through the settings we need to get the functionality we want for our event scheduling and booking. There are a ton of options available which really is empowering when you are trying to perfect the user experience when scheduling or booking events.
Jason Champagne
Elegant Themes Blog

Created to deliver a selection of useful features and a well-designed user experience, the Modern Events Calendar plugin is a tool for publishing events on WordPress websites. With free and paid versions available, whether you simply want to add basic events publishing functionality to your website or you have more demanding needs, there’s a good chance this plugin will meet your requirements.
Joe Fylan
AThemes Blog

Hence the name, Modern Events Calendar Lite is a WordPress plugin that follows all the latest trends and regulations. When it comes to creating the niftiest event calendars, this tool might be the perfect solution for what you are up to. And if you are already using another plugin, but you are not fully satisfied, you can import the data quickly and effortlessly, too. The process of setting up the calendar that you require is simple and swift.
Colorlib Blog

As the name suggests, the core benefit of Modern Events Calendar is that it lets you create an events calendar that looks pretty great out of the box. That latter part is important because some popular event calendar plugins require a lot of custom styling to make them look good, which is tough if you don’t know your way around CSS. Modern Events Calendar lets you create great-looking event displays right out of the box, along with advanced features like ticketing and a custom event display builder. You can even integrate with Elementor for more design flexibility, and WooCommerce for more ticketing/payment flexibility.
Colin Newcomer
WPlift Blog

Many WordPress site owners can benefit from having an online booking system. Integrated online event registration helps your customers purchase tickets, schedule appointments, and sign up for events whenever it’s convenient for them. When it comes to managing events in WordPress, Modern Events Calendar really has it all. From simple calendar displays to personalized bookings with variable tickets, you can create the perfect system to meet your site’s needs.
Will Morris
WPmayor Blog

If you are running an event website or you want to start a WordPress powered website with booking services, you need a managed WordPress hosting that will not disappoint you and a strong and practical plugin that can provide all the required features. The most important factor in such projects is the user-friendly environment the plugin creates. In this regard, both Lite and Pro versions of Modern Events Calendar (MEC) can help you.
Mustaasam Saleem
Cloudways Blog

The Modern Events Calendar plugin says quite a bit in its name, since it’s a high-quality, professional, and modern take on your standard events management layout. You can choose from a wide variety of designs, making it an excellent solution for branding and fitting in your website. It also includes a powerful booking system at only $34. Since this is sold on CodeCanyon you’re also signing up for a year of premium support, beating out some of those free plugins we’ve talked about earlier.
Brian Jackson
Kinsta Blog

Some New Features

  • Shortcode For Page Builders – A shortcode which is fully compatible with your Page Builders including: Elementor, Divi Builder, Visual Composer, King Composer
  • Schema Ready – Event Schema markup to a single page and shortcodes, recommended for SEO
  • A particular day of month – Adding a repeat for a particular day in month, for example, the last Tuseday of the month, with the ability to be a never ending event
  • Search Bar shortcode – Place the shortcode in any page you want and the result of the search will be the events along with all their features.
  • Custom Archive Skin Feature – For the category & archives you can simply choose a pre-built skin or a particular skin of the shortcodes just like the archive page.
  • Event Status In Submission Form – It shows the user’s event status in the events list. Therefore, the end users will know about the status of their sent event by the event submission.
  • Breadcrumb – Breadcrumbs for the Single Event Page have the home page link and events archive
  • Multiple Location – Choose several locations for an event and display these widgets in the single event page
  • Import From Meetup – Easily transfer your events from Meetup to MEC, by only a single click.

User Reviews

I moved over from a different calendar plugin and found the import process to be easy and straightforward. MEC worked perfectly out of the box.

This plugin looks very stylish and works great. It is also well supported for updates which is reassuring. My client is very happy with it because it is fairly easy to use once it’s set up. Thanks for your hard work on this plugin!

I love it… design functionality, features, responsive, support and… M.E. Calendar is growing fast and when I see the changelog, I amazed. I would like the reservation system to be free, but it isn’t… But I love it yet…
Thank you for your plugin

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If you are using event-on plugin or the event calendar and you are willing to migrate to WordPress Events Calendar’s best plugin then no need to worry about transferring your current content.
Only by a few clicks in a couple of seconds your current content events will be imported automatically with full details.


We have begun to create practical add-ons. Now, you will have access to a wide range of features using them. Please have a look at these add-ons: (MEC Pro requeired)
Woocommerce IntegrationDocumentation
Elementor Shortcode BuilderDocumentation
Elementor Form BuilderDocumentation
Elementor Single BuilderDocumentation
Event APIDocumentation


WordPress Events Calendar’s best plugin documentation is useful without overstatement for Modern Event Calendar. It starts with simple steps for easy configuration and covers all essential aspects from beginning to the most advanced parts with step by step configuration of the plugin.

You can see plugin demo here
You can see plugin documentation here


  • “The Event Calendar” プラグインからのインポート
  • “EventOn” プラグインからのインポート
  • “Events Schedule WP” プラグインからのインポート
  • “Calendarize It” プラグインからのインポート
  • 内部 XML のインポートとエクスポート
  • 1日のイベント
  • 複数日のイベント
  • 終日のイベント
  • Full Calendar view
  • Monthly calendar view (3 Skins)
  • Daily view
  • Weekly view
  • Countdown view (3 Skins)
  • Grid & cover view (10 Skins)
  • Slider & carousel view (8 Skins)
  • List View (5 Skins)
  • イベントロケーションシステム
  • Event organizer system
  • 複数の主催者
  • Front-end Event Submission
  • イベントを終了しない
  • イベントウィジェットとサイドバー
  • カスタムサイドバー
  • QRcode module
  • 定期的/繰り返しイベント
  • ショートコード生成
  • Direct/Modal link for single event
  • 検索バーの表示/非表示オプション
  • フィルターオプション
  • Google カレンダーの統合
  • レポートダッシュボード
  • 標準時間
  • Notifictions の管理
  • リマインダー通知
  • RSS フィード
  • 単一イベントのスケジュール
  • ICS ファイルのダウンロード
  • ソーシャル共有のアイコン
  • カスタムカラー
  • MEC カテゴリーのフィードサポート
  • Expired Events filter in shortcodes
  • 重複するイベント機能
  • 高度な通貨オプション
  • シングルイベントページでのサポートコメントフォーム
  • 場所およびオルガナイザーのためのイメージを挿入しなさい
  • イベントカウントダウン
  • 動的イベントラベル


  • WPML 対応
  • WordPress Multisite ready
  • Visual Composer addon
  • キャッシュプラグインの互換性
  • SEO プラグインの互換性


  • 完全に開発者に優しい
  • テーマ内のアーカイブと単一のページを上書きする機能
  • テーマ内のスキンファイルを上書きする機能
  • 能力は、ワードプレスのフィルタシステムを使用してプラグインのオプションをフィルタリングする
  • Ability to fire custom functions using WordPress actions API
  • Developer documentation

Key Features


  • WordPress Event Calendar - Full Calendar view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Monthly view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Slider view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Carousel view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Countdown view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Grid Novel view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - List view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Cover view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Weekly view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Timetable view
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Widgets
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Search Bar
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 01
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 02
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 03
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 04
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 05
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 06
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 07
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 08
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Settings 09
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Import/Export
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Single event edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Single event edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Single event edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Single event edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Single event edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Shortcode edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Shortcode edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Shortcode edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Shortcode edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Shortcode edit page
  • WordPress Event Calendar - Shortcode edit page



Modern Events Calendar Lite


Modern Events Calendar Lite をインストールするには以下の手順に従ってください:

  1. プラグインのディレクトリを介して、またはサーバーにファイルをアップロードすることによって、最新のイベントカレンダー Lite をインストールします。
  2. WordPress の “プラグイン” メニューから有効化してください。


どのように Pro バージョンにアップグレードするには?

You can buy the Pro version from After that uninstall the lite version and install the Pro version on your website. If you want to move the data of lite version to Pro version, make sure that you disable the “Remove MEC Data on Plugin Uninstall” option in M.E. Calendar -> Settings menu before uninstalling the lite version.

How can I create or edit event?

Alright it’s time to create an event. To add an event, go to WordPress menu and navigate to M.E. Calendar > Add Event. Follow this image

1- Set the date and time of your event. Also, you can set up your event during the whole day and without a specific time, or you can hide the end time from single events page; or both the start and end time.
Note: You can set event repeats and end repeat for your events here as well.
2- You can set an hourly schedule for your event. For example, if your event starts at 8 A.M. and continues until 6 P.M., then you can set an hourly schedule from 8 to 10, and specify the plan or content of these two hours. There is no limit for defining hourly schedules.
3- You can specify the venue, plus the name of the place, address, coordinates, etc.
4- Here, you can add external links and/or info links to your event so that when your users click on them, they’ll be directed to another page with extra information on the event.
5- Add your organizer here. You can then fill the form with the information of your organizer. This information includes name, phone number, email address, and website or link.
6- Add your event cost with its currency label here.
7- For more information on total booking limit please click here.
8- Here, you can add tickets for your event. You can create tickets with different titles; if you are going to sell tickets with different prices then this option is what you want.
Note: If you change the title to the name of a particular day, then the user will know on a certain day the price of the ticket is different.
9- Enter the information about Fees/Taxes.

Can I customize the event pages?

Yes, it is possible. In order to see the related documentations, please click here.

Does MEC have default languages or it needs to be translated?

Yes, for some of the languages MEC has the translation file as default. However, since these translations have been done by the users, they may be incomplete, hence updating them might be required. For more information, please click here.

Can I have more than one calendar in one website?

Unfortunately, MEC does not support more than 1 calendar in a single website, however, it will be added in its upcoming updates.

Can I import/export from/to MEC?

Yes, you can get an XML export from MEC data or import the file you’ve exported to MEC. Also, if you are using one of the following plugins (The event calendar, calendarize it, EventOn, Events Schedule WP Plugin), then you can easily transfer your events to MEC.

Do I lose all my data or customization if I update MEC?

If you’ve added a file to the main folder of MEC, this file will be removed after the update. Therefore, please do get a full back up before proceeding with the update process.


Hard to find a clean plugin to show a list of events without the "calendar" presentation of most tools--since often there isn't much happening in some months, especially for a non-profit organization.
Terrible plugin. Payment functionality stopped working altogether and update breaks WordPress, requiring a complete restore from backup. Can't review the PAID version of this plugin here because they removed it from so am reviewing the actual PAID version of this plugin. Don't waste your money!


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開発に興味がありますか ?

コードを閲覧するか、SVN リポジトリをチェックするか、開発ログRSS で購読してみてください。


4.7.5 – 15 October 2019

  • Added: Name field for Stripe gateways (pro)
  • Added: Cancel links and map view to the profile shortcode (pro)
  • Added: Booking fields to the translatable strings for WPML (pro)
  • Added: Show cancellation time for canceled bookings (pro)
  • Updated: Facebook documentation link
  • Fixed: Disabled once to fix some issues on servers with cache (pro)
  • Fixed: Showing dates in grid skin
  • Fixed: Event title has special characters on email
  • Fixed: Referred date option of weekdays and weekend events recurring
  • Fixed: Showing ongoing events on shortcode
  • Fixed: Number of tickets available (pro)
  • Fixed: Hide event feature
  • Fixed: Sorting dates on custom days
  • Fixed: YouTube video on modal view
  • Fixed: Cancelation notification (pro)
  • Fixed: Categories icons view
  • Fixed: Settings fields animations on Firefox
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.7.1 – 02 October 2019

  • Fixed: Register button when booking for ongoing events is disable (pro)

4.7.0 – 01 October 2019

  • Added: CSV Export for Bookings in “Front-end Event Submission” (pro)
  • Added: MS Excel Export for Bookings in “Frontend Event Submission” (pro)
  • Removed: Nonce for iCal export button to be compatible with search engines
  • Improved: Front-end event submission form and list style – hard-refresh is required
  • Fixed: Booking limit message (pro)
  • Fixed: Showing booking module for ongoing events (pro)
  • Fixed: Warnings in RSS feed of events
  • Fixed: Booking verification and booking cancelation pages
  • Fixed: Disable booking button action when is loading – several bookings (pro)
  • Fixed: Exceptional days added actions
  • Fixed: Search in published events
  • Fixed: Full calendar archive filters
  • Fixed: Double click to open popup in map view on mobile/tablet (pro)
  • Fixed: Long title in list view > Accordion style
  • Fixed: Ticket availability (pro)
  • Fixed: Countdown module in Available Spot shortcode (pro)
  • Fixed: PHP errors.

4.6.5 – 24 September 2019

  • Added: Add mec-past-event for expired events in different skins
  • Added: Event publishing notification for frontend event submission system with guest users
  • Added: An interval option to display booking module at certain times before the start of the event (pro)
  • Added: Countdown module enhancement for considering the event end time when “Hide Event” method is set to “On Event End”
  • Changed: Moving the frontend event submission message from bottom to top
  • Fixed: No displaying Modal Booking on mobile and tablet (pro)
  • Fixed: Modal booking style on mobile and tablet (pro)
  • Fixed: Flip Countdown on mobile and tablet
  • Fixed: Full width archive events page
  • Fixed: Search bar in settings menu
  • Fixed: Conflict between Ultimate GDPR Plugin and niceSelect
  • Fixed: Toggle Messages in settings
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.6.0 – 18 September 2019

  • Added: Billing info to booking details page in backend (pro)
  • Added: An option to enable booking while event is on going (pro)
  • Added: Ticket time compatibility for 24 hours (pro)
  • Improved: Admin dashboard styles (Settings, Shortcodes, Add event – hard-refresh required)
  • Changed: Modern Events calendar icon in backend
  • Fixed: NiceSelect on frontend event submission
  • Fixed: ACF plugin conflict on shortcode page
  • Fixed: Event bulk edit
  • Fixed: Time dropdown in search form
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.5.1 – 11 September 2019

  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.2.3
  • Fixed: Showing multiple names and emails in backend booking form (pro)
  • Fixed: Date field in backend of booking form (pro)
  • Fixed: Local time module regarding hour
  • Fixed: Maximum year number in date fields in frontend and backend forms (pro)
  • Fixed: Location, saving latitude and longitude
  • Fixed: Send emails to all attendees instead of main attendees (pro)
  • Fixed: Displaying Google Recaptcha in modals
  • Fixed: Showing registration form data in backend (pro)
  • Fixed: Ticket filter in booking management menu (pro)

4.5.0 – 4 September 2019

  • Added: SCA compatibility for Stripe Payment Gateways (pro)
  • Added: Google Maps option in list and Grid skins (pro)
  • Added: A feature to update booking dates when event date is updated (pro)
  • Updated: Stripe API to the latest version (pro)
  • Upgraded: Stripe Element (pro)
  • Fixed: Global limit for bookers (pro)
  • Fixed: Twin search strings in backend

4.4.9 – 27 August 2019

  • Fixed: Ajax live search
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

4.4.8 – 22 August 2019

  • Fixed: Disabling Schema option
  • Fixed: Some minor issue

4.4.7 – 21 August 2019

  • Added: Modern style search bar
  • Added: Auto set cronjobs for synchronization
  • Added: An option to not open current day in MEC widget
  • Added: ID column and sort by ID in booking menu
  • Added: Filter by ticket name in bookings menu
  • Added: Advanced clustering feature for Google Maps
  • Added: Duplicate link in event action links
  • Added: An option for disabling Schema
  • Fixed: Double tap feature for monthly calendar (simple skin)
  • Fixed: Advanced repeat type
  • Fixed: Countdown in module view and Countdown skin
  • Fixed: Carousel view and “load more” button in Internet explorer

4.4.6 – 13 August 2019

  • Added: Ajax live search to search bar
  • Added: Filter before wp_mail (Booking Notification) for developers
  • Fixed: Simple monthly calendar style
  • Fixed: Daylight saving
  • Fixed: Multiple days events
  • Fixed: A two-year limit for filtering events
  • Fixed: Yearly view search filter
  • Fixed: Displaying total attendees in Booking Confirmation email
  • Fixed: Displaying invoice link in booking when the invoice is disabled
  • Fixed: Booking module in some themes (Lity popup)
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.4.5 – 3 August 2019

  • Added: Stripe Connect gateway to divide the booking payment between organizer and site owner
  • Added: Ability to insert new speakers from “Frontend Event Submission”
  • Improved: Only the role of administrators can see the license
  • Fixed: Agreement field type
  • Fixed: Booking Limit per user email option
  • Fixed: General search function in WordPress Media, Pages, Posts and all custom post types caused by Search Bar feature
  • Fixed: Show “Sold Out” badge in monthly skin when an occurence is sold out completely
  • Fixed “Load More” button at the bottom of the events page
  • Fixed: Import from EventOn (when organizer “tel” field contains an email)
  • Fixed: The mec_button and tiny_mce in FES form (JS error)
  • Fixed: Popup image src on some of the themes
  • Fixed: Back to Taxonomy Items when editing items (Organizers, Labels, Locations, Speaker)
  • Fixed: Unclickable settings menus
  • Fixed: Slider and Carousel view when events don’t have featured images
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.4.0 – 15 July 2019

  • Added: Search bar shortcode
  • Added: Organizer payment options
  • Added: MEC shortcode element for the Divi builder
  • Added: A new option to disable invoice
  • Added: An option to limit maximum tickets that someone can book for all the tickets
  • Added: Imperial units to weather module in addition to metric units
  • Added: An option to toggle between imperial and metric units in weather module
  • Added: The developer documentation link
  • Fixed: “New Window” in more info link when booking is disabled
  • Fixed: Load more button
  • Fixed: Saving the changes in registration form builder
  • Fixed: Not showing other events due to a problem in exceptional days
  • Fixed: Masonry view by returning to Isotope library (hard-refresh required)
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.3.6 – 2 July 2019

  • Added: Limit option to full calendar skin in order to show more than 12 events per day
  • Added: Recurring rule to the ICS export on event details page
  • Added: End repeat option for advanced repeat type
  • Fixed: Attendee module on showing count of tickets
  • Fixed: “Invalid Request” notification in Booking form
  • Fixed: Frontend submission advance repeating style
  • Fixed: RTL settings
  • Fixed: Addon notifications style
  • Fixed: Countdown mobile/tablet style

4.3.5 – 27 June 2019

  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.2.2
  • Added: advanced repeat type.
  • Added: Speaker name to notifications
  • Added: Functions to display widgets separately (For using in custom single event page)
  • Added: do_action(‘mec_{skin_name}_skin_head’); at top of each shortcode
  • Added: M.E. Calendar blocks to make it compatible with WordPress Block editor
  • Added: Change settings styling to tabs
  • Fixed: Page not scrolled to booking section when the button is clicked
  • Fixed: Speaker popup in Divi theme
  • Fixed: Display speakers in modal view
  • Fixed: W3 validation for shortcodes
  • Fixed: Full calendar search form
  • Fixed: Sticky in settings
  • Fixed: saving issue of categorized setting options in backend.
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.3.2 – 17 June 2019

Fixed: Notification tabs in settings

4.3.1 – 17 June 2019

  • Added: “Number of Days” and “Week Start Day” options to clean style of timetable skin
  • Added: Instagram to speakers
  • Added: Search form to the clean style of timetable skin
  • Added: All search options to full calendar skin
  • Added: Event status in Frontend Event Submission views
  • Added: Button in WordPress editor (TinyMCE) to insert shortcodes directly from editor
  • Improved: MEC settings mobile /tablet view
  • Removed: “Google +” social network
  • Fixed: Active day issue on daily view
  • Fixed: Block editor compatibility for category and speaker taxonomies
  • Fixed: Displaying ticket when booking is added from backend
  • Fixed: Title color issue on styling options for all shortcodes
  • Fixed: Additional locations in single event modern skin
  • Fixed: Responsive issue in Monthly view (simple style)

4.3.0 – 10 June 2019

  • Added: Booking cancellation notification
  • Added: New feature to disable admin notification
  • Fixed: Not showing the event when it is on current day and it is not started yet
  • Fixed: Issue in booking module regarding dates
  • Fixed: Issue regarding showing day title when only 1 day is added
  • Fixed: Some PHP notices

4.2.5 – 3 June 2019

  • Improved: Tooltip notifications in the admin panel
  • Improved: Notifications tab in settings
  • Added: Breadcrumb in the single event page
  • Added: %%book_time%% place holder to notifications to show start time of the event
  • Fixed: Displaying events in Masonry categories
  • Fixed: Use read more title in the register button when it is working as read more link
  • Fixed: Display the register button in the modern layout when the organizer is hidden
  • Fixed: “Load More” button in skins
  • Fixed: Google Calendar Export in email notifications

4.2.4 – 28 May 2019

  • Improved: slider skin by printing the feature image directly
  • Fixed: Showing only upcoming events of The Events Calendar for import
  • Fixed: Schedule when the event starts at 00:00
  • Fixed: Wrong month and year in weekly view search
  • Fixed: Search of monthly, daily and weekly skins by searching in the next 6 months if no event found for the current month
  • Fixed: PHP notices on weekly, daily and monthly skins
  • Fixed: Notifications and booking module

4.2.3 – 21 May 2019

  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.2.1
  • Added: link to masonry image
  • Added: Gutenberg editor to event edit page
  • Added: Getting started section to dashboard
  • Added: filter to increase/decrease excerpt lenght
  • Fixed: Calculating end date of “Certain Weekdays” events using occurrence count
  • Fixed: Frontend Event Submission
  • Fixed: Adding a new occurrence date when event reached the end date
  • Fixed: Adding wrong end date when event is past
  • Fixed: Scheduler for generating start time and end time
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.2.2 – 13 May 2019

  • Fixed: Tag filtering issue
  • Fixed: Displaying attendee email in attendees module
  • Fixed: Google export link to include event description in addition to event title

4.2.1 – 7 May 2019

  • Added: “attachment_url” to MEC RSS
  • Added: Offers (event price) to schema structure
  • Fixed: Displaying comment form on MEC pages when comment is disabled
  • Fixed: Displaying wrong content and title on the event detail pages
  • Fixed: Next event module
  • Fixed: Booking form in the modal window
  • Fixed: Google Maps module in the modal window
  • Fixed: Displaying Total attendees, name , email in notifications
  • Fixed: CSV export “unknown” field
  • Fixed: Displaying extra fields in booking system
  • Fixed: Email in woocommerce paymant
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

4.2.0 – 30 April 2019

  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.2
  • Added: Additional Location feature
  • Added: MEC_Name and MEC_Email field to edit booking form
  • Added: Rearrange ability for booking form fileds (even email or name)
  • Added: Date field to booking form
  • Added: Upload file field to booking form
  • Added: Upload file option to manage MIME types and maximum upload size
  • Added: %%event_link%% tag to the notifications
  • Added: Norwegian (Bokmål) language
  • Fixed: Some issues in RSS feed of events regarding showing content and excerpt
  • Fixed: Attached image in frontend submission form
  • Fixed: Exporting custom day events to Google Calendar in manual export and automated synchronization

4.1.0 – 22 April 2019

  • Added: Tag and Speaker filter to shortcodes
  • Fixed: Sold out ticket notification
  • Fixed: Modal view when Youtube video is in event content
  • Fixed: Social network displaying when option is disabled
  • Fixed: Search box displaying in shortcodes when all items are disabled
  • Fixed: %%event_note%% tag in email
  • Fixed: Displaying QR code widget when is deactivate
  • Fixed: Displaying variations in booking details page
  • Fixed: Conflict on end date and custom days events
  • Fixed: Label issue on daily schedule
  • Fixed: Undefined issue on custom days for “Frontend Event Submission”
  • Fixed: Creating custom days events from frontend
  • Fixed: Displaying events of end day of the month on daily, monthly and weekly skins

4.0.0 – 14 April 2019

  • Refactored: Search system completely
  • Improved: Search speed
  • Reduced: Number of queries to have better performance
  • Fixed: Showing multiple day events till end of event
  • Fixed: Occurrences on booking module
  • Fixed: Next occurrence date module for multiple day events
  • Fixed: Rendering data of some events
  • Fixed: Regarding table charset and collate on some hosts
  • Fixed: MEC uninstallation
  • Fixed: Checking existence of needed tables
  • Fixed: Showing all days of multiple events
  • Fixed: Import Facebook Image
  • Fixed: WPML compatibilty in ajax
  • Fixed: Widgets position in single event page
  • Fixed: Sticky infobar in settings
  • Fixed: Speaker box
  • Fixed: Monthly Calendar/Novel responsive
  • Fixed: Some PHP notices
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

3.5.2 – 21 March 2019

  • Fixed: Slider view

3.5.1 – 20 March 2019

  • Fixed: Issue in saving settings
  • Fixed: Issue in disable google font
  • Fixed: Issue in frontend event submission of custom days event

3.5.0 – 16 March 2019

  • Added: Facebook events importer
  • Added: Activation box in welcome page and removed activation tab from MEC settings
  • Added: Ability to define date period for custom days
  • Added: Event Schema markup to single page and shortcodes
  • Added: Custom Archive Skin feature
  • Added: Custom Category Skin feature
  • Added: Carousel skin type 4
  • Removed: old support page and added new one
  • Updated: spanish language from lite version repository
  • Fixed: Modal booking
  • Fixed: link for image in countdown view type 3
  • Fixed: Checkout button style

3.4.5 – 27 February 2019

  • Added: Disable Google Fonts options due to GDPR
  • Added: Search field for settings
  • Added: Settings import/export feature
  • Added: New Monthly Skin (simple)
  • Added: Deactivate MEC lite when Pro is activate
  • Changed: settings styles
  • Improved: Styling Options
  • Fixed: Global ticket variations
  • Fixed: Showing end time in local time widget when end time or event time is/are hidden
  • Fixed: Showing shortcodes in event excerpt
  • Fixed: Not showing event title in novel style of monthly calendar
  • Fixed: Ticket time in notifications
  • Fixed: CSV export for custom fields
  • Fixed: Notifications for full attendee info
  • Fixed: Social icons when occurrence is set
  • Fixed: Next event module
  • Fixed: Showing booking tickets.
  • Fixed: Some PHP notices.

3.4.0 – 23 January 2019

  • Added: Profile shortcode to show user bookings’ details
  • Added: Import from Meetup
  • Added: Auto sync for importing meetup events
  • Added: Ability to remove hourly schedule days
  • Added: Ability to change ticket price per date periods (Pro)
  • Fixed: Issue in Meetup and Stripe API
  • Fixed: Daily view in mobile and tablet
  • Fixed: Custom color in masonry category
  • Fixed: Masonry in Elementor tab
  • Fixed: Typography issues
  • Fixed: Google reCaptcha in Frontend submission form
  • Fixed: Booking smooth scroll (Pro)
  • Fixed: Event information displaying order in single event page (default skin)
  • Fixed: Date-picker in backend
  • Fixed: Display Grid clean and Monthly View when search box is enable
  • Fixed: Load languages in Lite version
  • Fixed: Load speaker in accordion toggle view
  • Fixed: Alt tag for images in Masonry view
  • Fixed: Modal view when click on thumbnails
  • Fixed: Console error (colorBrightness when no event exists)
  • Fixed: HTML tags in paragraph field of booking form both in backend and frontend (Pro)
  • Fixed: Invalid occurrence date in single event pages
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

3.3.5 – 8 December 2018

  • Compatibility: WordPress v5.0
  • Improved: WPML Compatibility
  • Fixed: Stripe gateway
  • Fixed: Exporting custom days events to Google Calendar
  • Fixed: Time issue on Google calendar import
  • Fixed: Some minor issues

3.3.0 – 19 November 2018

  • Added: Category filter to the full calendar skin
  • Added: Featured and Canceled styles for events with certain labels
  • Added: Speakers taxonomy
  • Added: Option to disable the speakers feature
  • Added: Speakers section to the frontend event submission
  • Added: Speakers module to show in default and modern layouts of single event
  • Added: Multiple days functionality to the Hourly Schedule
  • Added: Speakers option to the hourly schedule
  • Added: Global ticket variation options (Pro)
  • Added: Ability to change ticket variations per event (Pro)
  • Added: Ability to order ticket variations per ticket during booking (Pro)
  • Added: Monthly Novel style
  • Added: Select monthly style option (Novel and Clean) to Full calendar view
  • Added: Select toggle month divider option to List > Accordion view
  • Added: Modal feature option to booking in single event page
  • Changed: Display of hourly schedule in frontend
  • Optimized: The event data rendering
  • Fixed: Showing fees and variations meta box when booking module is not enabled (Pro)
  • Fixed: URL issue
  • Fixed: HTML content of Frontend Event Submission.
  • Fixed: Auto update feature for lite version
  • Fixed: Month divider issue on list and agenda skins
  • Fixed: Ticket availability issue (Pro)
  • Fixed: Showing ticket name in booking details page in backend
  • Fixed: Typo on exports

3.2.0 – 1 October 2018

  • イベントのデータレンダリングの速度の最適化を改善しました。
  • 改善: 次のイベントモジュールの速度の最適化
  • 改善: データベースの速度の最適化
  • 追加: チケットの開始/終了時間 (Pro バージョン)
  • 追加: iCal ファイルのダウンロードリンクの電子メールの設定 > 通知 (%% ics_link%%)
  • Added: Google Calendar link in email in settings > notification (%%google_calendar_link%%)

3.1.6 – 10 September 2018

  • 修正: PRO バージョンの自動更新

3.1.5 – 9 September 2018

  • 修正: 繰り返しが年次に設定されている場合、不要な月の複数のイベントを表示する問題
  • グーテンベルクエディタの準備

3.1.4 – 28 August 2018

  • Added: VK social sharing
  • 修正: 電子メールで共有しているときに ‘ & ‘ を含むタイトル
  • 「0」がチケット番号に設定されている場合、完売メッセージを修正しました。

3.1.3 – 21 August 2018

  • 修正: 言語パック-あなたはこのバージョン (Lite 版) でプラグインを再度有効化する必要があります

3.1.2 – 31 July 2018

  • Fixed: Update from WordPress (Lite Version)

3.1.1 – 30 July 2018

変更: 管理者スタイルが変更されました: MEC Pro は、新しい URL へのリンク

3.1.0 – 19 July 2018

  • Lite バージョンがリリースされました!