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Easy to connect with Moosend account and very simple to create subscription forms. We are still working on styling to follow the client's brand but the integration is straightforward.
Easy to incorporate, nothing fancy, but definitely does the job. You can create a form even with custom fields, just doesn't offer an extreme variety for the form fields. But it is just a subscription form after all!
Sadly, I am having to use two newsletter providers right now. Why? To integrate well with my website. This plug-in worked okay for a while and all of a sudden it started to look bare bone ugly. I tried to fix it but nothing worked. I believe that Moosend integration with WordPress needs a hella lot of improvement. I wish they would put more emphasis on WP and integrations in general because they are no good. I hope to see it grow over the next few years but it's been very slow.
Why one star, let's see. Large company with money creates a plugin that... 1. Doesn't work at all, embedding a shortcode outputs nothing. 2. Doesn't interact with WordPress at all, why did they bother making a plugin? 3. Admin images for their brand are broken 4. No API security Don't install this, I would never use moosend to send emails.
I can't seem to get any response to emails on their website. The plugin hasn't been updated in years. Plus the inability to subscribe with an ajax call is a deal breaker. So I'll be leaving this platform before I ever really got started with it, as it just doesn't seem to be a real option any more.


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